The world of content writing has attracted many fresh talents of the delinquent, Freshers, and pungent professionals, who aspire for a prominent profession in writing content. Content writing carries several perks. 

Content writing is among those fields where learning never tends to cease. Instead, it would heighten your knowledge and broaden your intellect. It is natural to have plenty of questions in your mind regarding what could be asked in the interview. 

In this article, we’ll discuss some common content writer interview questions that one should be familiar with before appearing for the interview. Before we start with the article, The Thought Tree offers the best content writing course. You can join this course to become a pro in content writing. Moving on with the article, let’s begin without wasting further time. 

Questions can be asked in three ways: Basics, Intermediate, and Advanced. We will see questions asked in all three formats.

Basic Content Writer Interview Questions

1.According to you, What must be some critical elements of decent content? 

Numerous elements can make your content look impressive and outstanding, but the interviewer only expects the key aspects indispensable for write-ups. 

Let’s take a look at some of the key aspects of writing outstanding content. 

a. Organising the article is the most crucial thing which makes your content look authentic and neat. This includes elements like Headlines, colour scheme, pictorial representation, and so on. 

b. Credibility and utility is also an important point to note down, Writers need to provide content according to the needs of people. Information being provided should be from a plausible source. 

c. Plagiarism is a serious crime to commit in the world of content writing. An excessive amount of Plagiarism can cost the company and your image into dust.

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2.How will you differentiate an article from a blog?

This is a common interview question asked to content writers. The main motive of the interviewer is to measure the amount of skill a writer has. Focussing on the question, the article requires a formal approach to writing. The writers can include some facts and information based on personal research work. 

Whereas a blog uses an informal approach of writing here, writers can casually talk to their audience and provide information and other stuff more comfortably in a relaxed state.

3. Things that amuse you while writing content? 

This is a question that is always inclined towards the content writer in the interviews. The answer to the question is personal, so you can answer the question genuinely without any assistance or copying other interests. 

If you are just a mere beginner in content writing, you should begin with what makes you inspired to write. Express your abilities and inner talents. 

And if you’re already a professional content writer, you should underline various skills taken up by you while writing for your previous firm. You can also disseminate with the interviewer about your years in the content writing field and skills acquired by you during these years.

Intermediate Content Writer Interview Questions

1.How would you apprehend our company’s vision? 

It is a usual impression for you to possess your style of writing. The interviewer expects that you can write rousing content by keeping in mind the motives and statement of their organization. This is why you should be familiar with the company’s objectives and perception before appearing for the interview.

2. What types of content management tools or systems have you used?

Depending on a company’s particular needs, The company might be looking for a writer who can post content instantly on your site. The company wants someone who knows their way around some major content management systems like WordPress or Magento in such cases.

This question is completely based on your experience as a content writer and the credibility to use content management systems. If you don’t have any experience or knowledge of content management systems, you can refer to content writing courses under The Thought Tree for a fresh start. 

3.What is your way of using keywords while writing content to create an impact on the audience?

A content writer needs to be effective while writing content, especially while using keywords. Keywords should not be used anonymously; Rather it should be used correctly only when it fits in the right. When it comes to “Creating an impact on the audience”,. It completely depends on one’s ideas and creativity while writing an outstanding, exceptionally and interesting reading type.

Advance Content Writer Interview Questions

  1. What are the paths through which you can incorporate SEO into your content? 

This is one of the content writer interview questions to analyze your Google algorithms and on-page SEO tactics. Hence, it is too important to know about the sophistication of SEO. 

● Meta Tags 

● Keyword density 

● Structure of the URL 

● Body Tags 

These are some on-page SEO strategies that content writers must be aware of. 

2. How will you supervise criticism and feedback in this working environment? 

The main motive of the interviewer to ask such a question is to check your behaviour, patience and devotion to work. Well, You can answer this question by saying, “Making mistakes and learning from them is a human thing”.

Try being flexible towards improving your mistakes only when you think you are wrong. You can also ignore such feedback and criticisms if you think you’re doing it right.

3. Do you retain a reasonable work ethic? 

The reason behind asking such a question in the interview, the basic purpose of the interviewer is to examine your discipline towards your career. Always practice vigilance while answering such a question as the answer delivered by you can either tag or smash your reputation in front of the interviewer. 

While answering this question, always try to disseminate your ability to maintain your work plan without jeopardizing the content’s quality. You may commence your answer by referring to daily chores where you relish maintaining discipline.

After that, inaugurate the implication of planning in your daily work plan. This would undoubtedly cast a positive picture in the interviewer’s mind. You can also inform the interviewer about the phases of planning you commonly commit while writing high-quality content. 


In this article, we’ve seen some really interesting content writer interview questions. We have divided these questions into Basics, Intermediate and advanced level to realize the depth of questions being asked in the interview. I’ve also mentioned content writing course that “The Thought Tree” offers just if you’re new to this content writing world.

As I’ve mentioned above, let’s wish that content writer interview questions would help you pass the interview with flying colours. Also, keep your past work file with you just in case the interviewer asks for it. I hope you found this article informative enough to help you find some most commonly asked content writer interview questions.

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