We all are well aware of the importance of reading newspapers for the UPSC exams. The Hindu newspaper, for instance, is the most popular and well-concocted daily newspaper that every aspirant must read while appearing for the exam. However, The Hindu newspaper can’t be just read casually. In this article, we will talk about How to read the Hindu for UPSC so that you can wrap each part of the newspaper with proper precision. Let’s begin by dividing the newspaper into 7 different parts. 

All these parts are very important to read as they contain valuable information and data from different sectors like business, national and international affairs, sports, science, etc. We will also try to cover these sections from the prelims, mains, and interview viewpoints. This will help you make notes or mark important points in the newspaper. A day has 24 hours, and it is not wise to invest the maximum of your time in just reading newspapers. It becomes really important to understand the UPSC syllabus and pattern so that minimal time is wasted and you can focus more on reading only the required stuff.   

So it is always advised to understand the syllabus pattern before flipping through a newspaper. Now for beginners appearing for the UPSC for the first time, you need to understand that though you are new, it might take some time to read the newspaper and point out important issues. The best thing you can do to improve your command in reading newspapers is to join The Thought Tree. We at The Thought Tree provide the best IAS coaching and have expert faculty members who have years of experience and know what the things that you need to read for the UPSC are. We also provide mentorship to our students so that they can understand the things they are doing wrong. So coming back to the topic, let’s see how to read The Hindu for UPSC exam. 


 How to Read The Hindu for UPSC: Step by Step Guide 

First Page   

The front page of any newspaper is the most important part and mainly embodies important news. Aspirants must mark these news and read them. Some news related to those on the first page is also continued on other pages; try to find and mark these news by giving them respective numbers. 


A link above leads to Hindu’s front paper. Now, as you can see, there is a bunch of important news here, but you don’t have enough time to spend reading all the news given on the first page, so try segregating news and try to eliminate local news as they are not that necessary for prelims as well as for mains exam. However, local news comes in handy when appearing for the interview rounds. The interviewer will always ask you things about your locality so you can mark local news for just reading and not for studying. Now move forward towards the next part of the newspaper. 

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National News Page

The national news is very important as they are asked in all three formats of the UPSC exams. So try to focus more on terminologies and concepts. As you can see, these were some important terms in the newspaper. If you know these terms, it is really good that you have kept yourself updated. But if you don’t understand these terms and concepts, try to find their meaning from reference books or google and note them down so that you don’t forget them in the future. Try to match these terminologies and concepts according to different syllabus sections. If you keep practicing the method of finding new terminologies and writing them down, then surely you will master the art of reading the newspaper in an efficient and precise manner. 

International News Page 

International news is also as important as national news, So you need to follow the same routine as in the national news section. Don’t just waste your time analyzing every news mentioned in the section. Try to analyze only important news where India is concerned and leave the rest to just reading. Again try marking important terminologies. Try to read most of the international sections and analyze only what is important according to the syllabus.  

Economics and Business News  

Economics is a static subject. You can simply say that a person must possess a basic understanding of economic concepts. So before getting into this section of the newspaper, make sure you are well versed with the economic and business terminologies and concepts, or else you won’t get anywhere in this section. This part is a bit conceptual so take special care while studying the subject. 

The Thought Tree is the best place where you can start learning and understanding economics and business concepts. They have expert mentors and teachers to look after your weaker section and help improve them within a few months of teaching. Hence, you can join us at The Thought Tree for guaranteed results. 

Opinion and Editorial Pages 

The Editorial and opinion page is the most important section of the Hindu newspaper. As a beginner, an aspirant might find problems understanding the opinions delivered in the section. You have to increase your grasping power. Try to keep yourself in the place of the issue and question how you would manage or clear that particular issue in the news. This will help develop your perception and awareness of things going around in society. By the time you master your comprehension skill, you will surely be able to read an entire newspaper within minutes. 

When reading the editorial section, make sure that you have a pencil in your hand to mark important statements and information that you feel is important from the UPSC point of view.

Even though it may take some time to extract relevant points from the newspaper, always believe in yourself and enjoy the process. 

Science, Development, and Agriculture Section 

In this section, make sure to read the latest scientific developments taking place within the country, for example, the Indian Space Programs by ISRO and India’s contribution towards science, Communication technology, and Biotechnology. Biotechnology is, however, a new field growing at a pace that mainly involves the application of various technologies in biological processes, so make sure you get concepts and try to grasp them quickly. Try to focus on reading international discoveries in this section, Stick to what is necessary, and cover important news related to the UPSC syllabus. 

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Sports Page 

This page is not of much use but can’t be completely neglected. Try to look for the latest controversies and issues in various sports. Remember, you need to be very specific while selecting news to read in the sports section. I’m saying read, which means you don’t need to get into details; just skim through the section. Reading the sports section is just to make yourself ready for surprise googly’s from UPSC as they ask unexpected questions from this section that often leave unprepared aspirants in complete turmoil. 

These were all the sections of the Hindu newspaper that aspirants must focus on while preparing for the UPSC exam. I hope now you understand how to read The Hindu for UPSC. Moving forward with the article, let’s see some tips on reducing your newspaper reading time without leaving important points. 

Tips on How to read The Hindu for UPSC Exam for Effectively 

1. Before reading the newspaper, make sure you are well versed with the syllabus because whatever you read in the newspaper must infer from the UPSC syllabus. This will certainly help in reducing the reading time as you can classify news according to topics in the syllabus. A major time-saver tip! 

2. Don’t throw unnecessary light upon the local political news as it is not essential to cover. So I would recommend skimming over this section of the newspaper and suggesting moving towards the next section. 

3. Don’t waste your time reading the obituaries in the newspaper. If you have enough time, then consider reading editorials which is the most important section of the newspaper. Don’t prioritize news related to sports and awards; just peek through the section. 

4. High court and supreme court verdicts are something one must not miss as these are very important from the UPSC viewpoint. Try to note them down or highlight them in the newspaper itself. Make sure you don’t miss out on the news with topics related to your syllabus.

5. Just note down the news you don’t understand. You can search for the meaning later after you have finished reading, and this will help you reduce some time. The best thing you can do is start understanding concepts according to the UPSC syllabus before reading the Hindu newspaper. 

These were a few tips on how to read the Hindu newspaper for UPSC. Before ending the article, let’s see another best way to bolster your chances of getting through the UPSC exams. 

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The Thought Tree  

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Current affairs, as we know, is an important aspect of the UPSC exam, and we at T3 have well revised and formulated study material by expert faculty every year so that students get to learn updated and important topics as prescribed by the UPSC. 

Here at The Thought Tree, we understand the significance of reading newspapers and current affairs for the UPSC examination. Keeping that in mind, we have formulated a unified strategy to prepare and help students by providing extensive news coverage through our IAS course


So far, we have seen how to read The Hindu for UPSC exam. We divided the entire newspaper into different sections to read: Frontpage, National and International news page, Editorial and opinion page, Economic and business page, and finally, the sports page. We have also seen some tips on how to read the Hindu newspaper; try to follow these points as these can help in saving your precious time and improve your reading and analysing skills. If you are still struggling to prepare for the exam, you know where to go. We at The Thought Tree are always there to help you.

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