With the rapid growth in internet usage, it has become compulsory for every person to be updated with tools and software. It becomes more important when you are connected with any online field like content writing.

Are you a content writer? Do you work manually on your project? Don’t you get assistance from any tool? You are making a big mistake that you might realize soon. It is common now to use different tools for various purposes in the writing field to get assistance and work.

Almost every third writer is using a few tools in their work. If you aren’t familiar with the tool’s usage and want to learn more, keep reading. We will share a comprehensive guide here that will show you where you can use online tools in your writing as well as enlist the 3 best tools for you.

Where Can You Use the Tools As a Writer?

Before you go and check the list of best tools, you should first understand where you can use these tools and others. No doubt, you can choose many tools available on the internet for various purposes. But the main sections where you can get benefits from them are mentioned below.


Being a writer, you must be familiar with the research process and know the importance of this task. Without research, you can’t even write a single page or a blog as a content writer. But it takes a lot of time and effort to explore different websites to know the expert views about a topic.

As it is a hectic task, many writers just quit this type of research and write what is in their minds. In turn, they can write a useless piece of content that won’t attract the attention of the readers. With the help of tools, you can easily overcome this problem and perform deep research regarding your main topic.

You can check what people are looking for, what is in their minds, and how they want you to respond to their queries. Also, you can easily get the point of view of many experts on a single window. So, you won’t have to invest your time to explore different sites and check different sources for information.


With every passing day, freelance writing is becoming more common. This growth is making it hard for a writer to sustain their position among other writers in the community. What if we say that there is only one thing that can guarantee a safe career in the writing field?

It will be amazing, Right? The thing we are talking about is time management. Many writers feel it is hard to manage their tasks and are unable to meet deadlines. In turn, they will not be able to retain the clients and lose the potential of the market.

If you are suffering from such situations, don’t worry now. You can pick some workflow management or reminder tools from the internet. Those tools will help you in managing your tasks and let you complete your work within the given time limit. In turn, you can automate the process of writing and keep it in a proper flow.


Another important benefit of using the tool in your writing tasks is the optimization of the content. Without proper optimization of your text, you will not be able to get the attention of the reader as well as make your content visible on the internet.

So, you should have to optimize your text properly to make it readable, understandable, and simple. Doing this task manually will take a lot of time but you can do this within minutes just by using an effective tool. You only have to understand the working of the tool and follow its instructions to perform this task.

3 Tools for Content Writers

With the above discussion, you have got an idea of those sections where you can get aid from tools as a content writer. Now, let us show you some tools that you should keep on your list to be a successful writer.

Online Paraphraser

Writing may be an easy task but writing with uniqueness must be hard. Do you know why? It is because of excessive data availability on the internet. For a writer, it is hard to be creative enough to write without plagiarism detection.

The only way is through rewriting which is also a difficult task for almost every writer. In this regard, the best way is to use a paraphraser that has been designed for this purpose. It is an AI-based tool that will reword your given text without changing the core meaning.

Using this tool, you can rewrite as much text as you want to remove or reduce plagiarism. This tool will help you in resolving this problem within a few seconds. You only have to insert the text in such a tool and the rest of the procedure will be completed by it automatically. Yes, you won’t need to do anything manually when you are using an advanced paraphrasing tool.

Hemingway Editor

As mentioned earlier, optimizing the content is the main task you should focus on for getting a higher rank and audience. But the problem is you may not be able to understand those factors that should be kept in mind for this.

Thanks to Hemingway Editor that can help you in this regard. It is an advanced tool that has been programmed to check the optimization of your given content within seconds. This online tool will help you in checking whether your content is optimized according to Google’s guidelines or not. Also, it will help you in checking whether your text is readable or not.

By using this tool effectively, you can make your content readable for every visitor. It will also show you those words that it thinks are difficult to read for a person. Lastly, it will also help you in completing other guidelines to make content optimize by showing suggestions.

Answer the Public

Another effective online tool is offered by Answer the Public. Being a writer, you must know that you are writing for people, not for machines. So, you should cover everything related to your topic that can come to their minds.

To make sure that you have all those questions that can come to a human’s mind, you should pick this tool. It will help you in finding all possible questions related to your main keyword or topic. In turn, you can pick the questions that are suitable according to the intentions of the main title of your article.


The above-listed tools are just a few from the whole list. You can find hundreds of tools to get assistance in your writing tasks just according to their intent. It will be pretty simple to use such tools because of their simple interface.

But the main thing is you should adopt the usage of these tools instead of opposing them. You will find multiple benefits and beyond-expectation results while using them. It will help you in becoming a professional writer with a secure future in this career.

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