DetailsOption Trading Strategies
Opting Writing Course Fee INR 15,000 INR 8,999
Duration of Course3 Weeks
Certifications Certification of Options Trading Strategies Course from The Thought Tree
Batch Strength10-15
Fees Installment FacilityAvailable
Special Discount5% Additional Discount for Females
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Curriculum of Option Trading Strategies 2021

  • Basic of derivatives 

  • Market participants 

  • Understanding of index 

  • Introductions to forwards and futures 

  • Introduction to options 

  • Options greeks 

  • Options strategies 

  • Trading system 

  • Clearing and settlement process in the derivatives market

  • Legal and regulatory framework

  • Accounting and taxation 

Why you Should Choose The Thought Tree for Best Option Trading Strategies in India

Best Option Writing Course in India

Experienced Teachers

Job Opportunity

Option Writing Course

Live Trading

Option Writing Course

Variety of Courses

Guaranteed Internship

Option Writing Course


Option Writing Course

1-Year Membership 

Option Writing Course

Library Facility

Reasons to Choose The Thought Tree?

Variety of Courses

There are more than eight different types of BSE Stock Market Courses offered by The Thought Tree, and each course offers certifications. These certificates are well-acknowledged in the industry and work as a stepping stone in your career in the stock market.

Internship Opportunity 

The Thought Tree provides internships, along with the Option Trading Strategies Course. The main objective of providing internship opportunities to students is to help them explore the stock market using the credibility and skills taught by The Thought Tree’s exclusive teaching faculties. Secondly, they develop basic skills under professionalism.

Live Trading 

Experience Live trading facilities along with the latest technology. The Thought Tree is well equipped with the latest technology to cover the communication gap between the teacher and the student. Live trading helps the student grasp the market more easily and quickly and hence increases the student’s practical knowledge.


The Thought Tree offers various certifications under their Option Trading Strategies Course. These certificates will help students in acquiring the best jobs in the market. 

Job Opportunity 

Job opportunities are one of the best stuff included under the Option Trading Strategies Course. The Thought Tree commits to providing the best placements to their students.


One-to-one guidance has always been the main objective of The Thought Tree. Our mentors here believe in motivating students to open up and clear all their doubts and queries without any hesitation.

Library Facility

Open library facility is also available in The Thought Tree. Students can feel free to read any book they want. They can even borrow these books for reading at home or even read them in the coaching premises while having a refreshing and energizing cup of coffee, discussing the content of books with mentors and teachers.

Experienced Teachers

The Thought Tree has some of the best teaching faculties in Jaipur, well known for their experience in the industry. The Teachers here are devoted to guiding every student personally; whenever a student finds difficulty in any of the subjects, the teachers are readily available. Most importantly, each student gets mentorship under the Option Writing Course.

Your Mentor

Mukul Singh - Option Writing Teacher - The Thought Tree (T3) Stock Market Course Teacher
Mukul Singh – Option Writing Teacher – The Thought Tree (T3) Stock Market Course Teacher

Full-time Risk Defined Equity & Currency Option Writer | APMC Trader | Portfolio Management | Well-known identity on Twitter among Indian Fintwit community as (@Mukul_INC) | Option Writing Trainer having tutored close to 1000 participants till now.

About the Option Trading Strategies in Jaipur

Options trading is the purchase or sale of stocks that offer you the right to buy or sell certain securities at a particular price on a given date. Options are contracts that are tied to underlying assets, such as stocks or other securities. Option contracts are valid for a specific period, which can range from a few hours to several years.

Students, traders, investors, and anybody interested in option writing should take an option trading strategy course. Novices in options writing should take this course. This course is the first step to familiarise yourself with the vocabulary and ideas that are fundamental to Option Writing.

Who Can Join an Options Trading Strategies at The Thought Tree?

Option Trading Strategies course is not limited to any particular educational qualification or anything. This is a very basic course, and anyone willing to learn about option writing should take this course first. Options Trading Strategies is the basics of Option Writing. 

About The Thought Tree

The Thought Tree is the best Trading Institute in Jaipur that provides more than eight types of stock market courses. We also offer our students the best live trading practice to have a real-time stock market trading experience. The Thought Tree has well-equipped classes and the latest technology for training students.

The Thought Tree has always worked for the well being of society and will always keep working for the same. Keeping this thought in mind, The Thought Tree offers many trading courses at pocket-friendly prices. When you buy Option Trading Strategies Course offered by The Thought Tree, you also get a box full of benefits and future opportunities. You won’t regret buying it.

Our Approach

The Thought Tree is one of the leading Option Trading Strategies Course in India. We offer beginners a thorough knowledge of Option Trading Strategies and make them experts in the field. Our Advanced Option Trading Strategies at The Thought Tree is for beginners and professionals.

We offer a plethora of courses, and the students get various opportunities along with the course. Our faculty consists of top experts who have many years of experience in trading. We teach our students how to read and use various types of charts, and then based on that, they will be able to evaluate the market and develop a strategy. We offer undivided attention and guidance to every student. Our mentors are dedicated and always ready to help students and solve their queries.

Along with the live trading practice, we also offer internship opportunities, making us different from other institutes. In this way, the students will understand how the stock market works in the real world.

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More About the Option Trading Strategies Course in Jaipur

What is Options Trading Strategies?

It is possible to purchase or sell a security at a predetermined price using options, which are conditional derivative contracts. There is a “premium” that option purchasers must pay sellers to get the right to do so.

“One-legged” trading techniques may be found in options trading, as well as more complex “multi-legged” tactics that seem like something out of a fantasy tale. Regardless of how sophisticated or basic a strategy is, it is built on two fundamental option types: calls and put options.

It is possible to acquire an asset at a specified price with a call option, known as the “exercise” price or referred to as the “strike price.” An option to sell an underlying asset at a certain price in the future is known as a put.

Benefits of Option Trading Strategy Course

Options Trading Strategies can provide investors with three significant perks (in no particular order):

  • They may be able to save money in the long run.
  • Traders can learn the basics of Option Writing under the Option Trading Strategies Course. 
  • Higher Returns. 

Option trading allows investors to lock in the stock price at a predetermined level (the strike price) for a predetermined length of time. Investors are guaranteed to purchase or sell the stock at the strike price at any moment before the option contract expires.

It’s easy to see how individuals who have been utilising choices for some time could be perplexed as to why they aren’t more popular

Professionals Who can join the Optional Writing Course in Jaipur

Option Trading Strategies course is not limited to any particular educational qualification or anything. This is a very basic course, and anyone willing to learn about option writing should take this course first. Options Trading Strategies is the basics of Option Writing. 

What is the Future of Option Trading Strategies?

Option Trading Strategies, considering its advantage, can be one of the best trading options in the coming years. Due to its less volatility, a significant amount of people are engaging in this. Options allow investors to benefit from trading stocks and bonds in various ways, including through the use of options. Options, underlying securities, as well as other derivatives can be used in several ways. Selling call options and purchasing protected puts are among the most common techniques for novices. Trading options instead of underlying securities have advantages, such as guaranteed returns and leveraged gains. So if you want to become a pro in Option Trading Strategies, then join The Thought Tree.

Option Writing Course Vs Option Trading Strategies

Option Trading Strategies acts as a ladder. It is a basic course for reaching the advanced level. Options Trading can be used in multiple ways and generate various trading strategies, both good and bad. Traders who think that the market is going up will buy calls and buy the stock at a certain price. Puts are bought when the market is going down.

Options are for traders who want to make quick money in the market. Options writing is not a difficult concept; one needs to have a basic understanding before entering the world of trading. Learning options writing strategies at T3, students will learn how to purchase puts and calls correctly. Option writing can also manage risks, maintain your profile, and generate an income stream.

Check What our Students Say About the Best Option Trading Strategies Course in India

Prashant Bhatt

I was a little apprehensive to join the T3 institute because frankly they have recently opened and not much was known about them. But truthfully, this was one of my smartest decisions. The trainer was deeply knowledgeable and supportive. He covered all the technicalities of the financial and Option Trading Strategies course online and made our group practice each and every topic. We would not continue further unless each one of us gave at least 50 screenshots of charts, so I must say before the course was over, I became very confident and felt like an expert in detecting patterns & making strategies. Truthfully, best Option Trading Strategies course online in India. Also, we were shown live trading throughout the course and allowed to stay back & practice with the teacher even after the class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I meet the teachers before joining?

Yes, you can visit the institute for counselling and meeting the teachers. However, many of our teachers are also guest lecturers in universities, so please inform us before to set up a meeting with the faculty.

Is there any Fees Installment Facility?

Yes, please contact the front desk for more details.

What if I miss a class?

We strongly recommend you not to miss any class. However, in case of emergency, you can attend the missed class with another batch.

What is the procedure for enrollment?

1. Contact our front desk to know batch availability.
2. Fill up the enrollment form
3. Pay Fees
4. Collect Batch details and show up for classes.

What is the mode of Payment for fees?

We accept all types of payment. You can choose Cash Payment, Card Payment, Net Banking, and other types of payment.

Can I fill the enrollment form without visiting the office?

Yes, Call +91 9999090136 for completing the enrollment process online.


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