DetailsShare Market Course
Share Market Course Fee INR 45,000 INR 25,000 + GST
Duration of Course3 Months
Certifications 6+ Certifications
Batch Strength10-15
Fees Installment FacilityAvailable
Online Share Market Course Available
Special Discount5% Additional Discount for Females
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Note: Examination fee of NSE & SEBI certification is extra

Curriculum of Share Market Course 2021

Module 1: CAPITAL MARKET (NCFM Certification)
  • Basics of Economy- Micro & Macro

  • Overview  of Indian financial market

  • Impacts of Monetary Policy, Fiscal policy, and Budget

  • The key indicator of the securities market

  • Product and participants 

  • Reforms in Indian securities markets

  • Trading membership

  • Investors service cell and arbitration 

  • Code of advertisement

  • Trading system, order and trade management, auctions 

  • Clearing, settlement, and risk management 

  • Legal framework 

  • Fundamental valuation concepts 

  • Case studies

Module 2: Fundamental Analysis (NISM Certification)
  • Introduction of fundamentals analysis 

  • Step in fundamentals analysis 

  • Basic definitions 

  • Financial statements analysis 

  • Intermediate Financial ratio

  • Intermediate Valuation methodologies 

  • Special case of Valuation 

  • Introductory Du – point Analysis

Module 3: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS (NISM Certification)
  • Introduction of technical analysis 

  • Strengths and weaknesses of technical analysis 

  • Dow theory 

  • Candlestick pattern 

  • Support resistance 

  • Head and shoulders 

  • Double top bottom 

  • Gap theory 

  • Wave theory 

  • Indicator and oscillators 

  • Moving average 

  • Trading strategies 

  • Risk management 

  • Discipline

  • Basic of derivatives 

  • Market participants 

  • Understanding of index 

  • Introductions to forwards and futures 

  • Introduction to options 

  • Options greeks 

  • Basic Options strategies 

  • Trading system 

  • Clearing and settlement process in the derivatives market

  • Legal and regulatory framework

  • Accounting and taxation 

  • Basic of options 

  • Payoffs 

  • Options strategies 

  • Practicals

Why you Should Choose The Thought Tree for Best Share Market Course in India

Share Market Course

Experienced Teachers

Job Opportunity

Option Writing Course

Live Trading

Share Market Course

Variety of Courses

Best Share Market Course in Jaipur

Guaranteed Internship

Option Writing Course


Option Writing Course

1-Year Membership 

Option Writing Course

Library Facility

Reasons to Choose The Thought Tree?

Variety of Courses

There are more than eight different types of BSE Share Market Courses offered by The Thought Tree, and each course offers certifications. These certificates are well-acknowledged in the industry and work as a stepping stone in your career in the share market.

Internship Opportunity 

The Thought Tree provides internships, along with the Share Market Trading Course. The main objective of providing internship opportunities to students is to help them explore the share market using the credibility and skills taught by The Thought Tree’s exclusive teaching faculties. Secondly, they develop basic skills under professionalism.

Live Trading 

Experience Live trading facilities along with the latest technology. The Thought Tree is well equipped with the latest technology to cover the communication gap between the teacher and the student. Live trading helps the student grasp the market more easily and quickly and hence increases the student’s practical knowledge.


The Thought Tree offers various certifications under their Share Market Course. These certificates will help students in acquiring the best jobs in the market. 

Job Opportunity 

Job opportunities are one of the best stuff included under the Share Market Trading Course. The Thought Tree commits to providing the best placements to their students.


One-to-one guidance has always been the main objective of The Thought Tree. Our mentors here believe in motivating students to open up and clear all their doubts and queries without any hesitation.

Library Facility

Open library facility is also available in The Thought Tree. Students can feel free to read any book they want. They can even borrow these books for reading at home or even read them in the coaching premises while having a refreshing and energizing cup of coffee, discussing the content of books with mentors and teachers.

Experienced Teachers

The Thought Tree has some of the best teaching faculties in Jaipur, well known for their experience in the industry. The Teachers here are devoted to guiding every student personally; whenever a student finds difficulty in any of the subjects, the teachers are readily available. Most importantly, each student gets mentorship under the Share Market Course.

Your Mentor

B.Com & LLB| 9+ Years Experience | Financial Modelling Certified Specialist | Portfolio Management Expert | Financial Planner| ALGO Trader | Worked on ALGO Desk in Kotak Securities | Trained in Digital Marketing & Import-Export| Director at Rudra Consultancy

About the Share Market Course in Jaipur

The 3 Months Share Market Course is one of the best trading courses offered by The Thought Tree. We provide both offline and online share market course. Under Share Market Course, students will get complete knowledge about the share market from scratch. In the 3 months duration, students will learn about the basics of share market, Capital Market, Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Derivative Market, Advance Option Trading Strategies.

The Thought Tree provides mentorship under the 3 Months Share Market Course so that students don’t doubt their minds. Students also get 1 Year Membership, 5 Certificates, and Live Trading Practice under the 3 months share market course

Who Can Join Share Market Course at The Thought Tree?

Share Market Course is not limited to any particular educational qualification or anything. This is a very basic course, and anyone willing to learn about the share market should take this course first. The Thought Tree will start from the scratch and make you pro in the share market.

About The Thought Tree

The Thought Tree is the best Share Market Trading Institute in Jaipur that provides more than eight types of share market Trading courses. We also offer our students the best live trading practice to have a real-time share market trading experience. The Thought Tree has well-equipped classes and the latest technology for training students.

The Thought Tree has always worked for the well being of society and will always keep working for the same. Keeping this thought in mind, The Thought Tree offers many trading courses at pocket-friendly prices. When you buy Share Market Course offered by The Thought Tree, you also get a box full of benefits and future opportunities. You won’t regret buying it.

Our Approach

  • Perfect balance between Theoretical and Practical knowledge at The Thought Tree.
  • Extensive Curriculum approved by renowned share experts across India. 
  • Live-trading practice for students.
  • Teachers with more than seven to ten years of trading experience. 
  • Opportunity to work on real-world assignments, portfolios, trading, debates, and case studies involving various markets to study practical elements of trading and investment.
  • Students learn operations, performance measurement, analysis, sovereign systems, attribution and risk assessments of pension funds, and sections of the share market in stockbroking companies by our faculty members who are experts in their fields.

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More About the Options Trading Strategies Course in Jaipur

What is Share Market?

A Share Market is where buying, selling, and issuing publicly-held companies’ shares and other securities occur between individuals and institutional investors. In other words, it is the collection of markets and exchanges where share buyers and sellers regularly meet.

Why You Should Join the Share Market Course

Before exploring the world of share and trade markets, it is critical to be educated. To be successful in this field, you must have an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. When it relates to the share market, it’s a business where you can make money and lose money, and the chances of losing money are higher if you’re not well-versed in the market or can’t accurately predict it based on the available data.

Many people mistake investing money in the share market based on their desire to make money rather than their knowledge and ability to understand it. As a result, there was a significant loss and a small profit. There are a plethora of trading platforms available on the share market, allowing investors to trade whenever and however they want.

Because of this, anyone considering getting involved in trading must be fully informed about the risks inherent.

Professionals Who can join the Optional Writing Course in Jaipur

There is no educational qualification required for doing this course. Anyone who is in their 10+2 or pursuing any undergrad or postgrad course like B.A., B.Com., B.Sc., etc., can enroll in this course.

What is the Future of Option Trading Strategies?

India is one of the fastest evolving economies globally and will probably touch the mark of more than 5 trillion dollars in just a decade ahead. India has a very young and ambitious population with a growing average income, and India’s growth rate has increased every decade since independence.

The share market’s future is very bright and enterprising without hesitation, but to create a better future, one must start working on it from the very start. The Thought Tree works on the same principle and is the best share market training institute in Jaipur. We have trained numerous people, making people aware of the scope and benefits of the share market.

The Thought Tree is persistently spreading awareness by organising forums to educate more and more people about the importance of trading and its effect on GDP. We provide offline and online Share Market Courses, and the courses are easy to understand. So one can easily enter a new world of the share market and be a part of it, even if he has never even heard about the share market. The more people become aware of the share market and join it, the brighter the future of the share market in India will be.


1. I have no financial or share market knowledge. Is the share market course open to me?

Our program is open to everyone, from beginners to experts, and we’ll be focusing on one-on-one teaching, which is a huge benefit to students.

2. When I finish your course, what could I expect? Will it be possible for me to trade?

It is possible to trade and engage in the share market on your own after completing our Complete Share Market course. You’ll get hands-on experience with real-time market monitoring in our course.

3. What are some of the most prevalent pathways to success in the share market sector?

Stockbroker and market analyst are the most prevalent job descriptions in the share market business. A stockbroker is expected to make daily trading calls in these basic profiles. Investor advisors are the next step in the career path for share market brokers who have worked hard for years. A career in the share market world can be obtained purely via academic study.

4. What can I do through T3 to learn about the share market?

T3 Institute is the greatest place to learn about share market trading. The institute offers a choice of interesting share market trading 3-month course, which is job-related. For the first time, we devised a course on the share market to meet the needs of non-financial service workers.

5. Will T3 provide me guidance post-completion of the course?

Yes definitely! T3 is always there to help you. You will also be provided with the employers’ email and contact details, which would help you if you want to make your career in this field. 

Check What our Students Say About the Best Share Market Course in India

Prashant Bhatt

I was a little apprehensive to join the T3 institute because frankly they have recently opened and not much was known about them. But truthfully, this was one of my smartest decisions. The trainer was deeply knowledgeable and supportive. He covered all the technicalities of the financial and share market course and made our group practice each and every topic. We would not continue further unless each one of us gave at least 50 screenshots of charts, so I must say before the course was over, I became very confident and felt like an expert in detecting patterns & making strategies. Truthfully, best technical analysis course online in India. Also, we were shown live trading throughout the course and allowed to stay back & practice with the teacher even after the class.


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