About The Thought Tree – Best Sociology Optional Coaching for IAS Preparation

The Thought Tree (T3) is the promising and leading IAS coaching institutes in Jaipur, Rajasthan. We provide the Best Sociology Optional Coaching in Jaipur. Many aspirants from various states of India come to register in our coaching center to acquire the best coaching experience with an extensive range of study materials and up-to-date course modules, hands-on learning experience, best sociology optional strategy, mock tests, and top mentorship of the supreme faculty of The Thought Tree.

Our sociology expert combines academic theory with practical experience and industry knowledge, thus providing quality learning experiences and sharing their knowledge with the students.  We offer individual mentorship and guidance to our students in the Sociology Optional Course. We believe in life-long learning, and our objective is to guide and provide assistance to each of our students on a personal level so that we can achieve victory with collective efforts.

Programme Highlights of Sociology Optional Coaching for UPSC

1. Live Classes for Online Sociology Coaching

In today’s times, Online/Live classes are mostly favored to prepare for the exams. Our Live Sociology Classes are planned in accordance with the need of the UPSC aspirants. The students can get their doubts and queries cleared during the class by using the LIVE Chat Option.  

The key takeaways of Live Classes for Online Sociology Coaching are:

    • Aspirants who are preparing from remote areas will get the benefit.

    • Working professionals can save time.

    •Obtain knowledge from anywhere and at any time.

2. Classroom Sociology Coaching in Jaipur

Our Classroom course is a solid course where we guide aspirants from ground zero and help them build their concepts of the Civil Services Examination. The classroom sociology course comprises study materials, lectures, sociology optional notes, and mock test series.

The duration of the Optional Sociology course is 4 months for completing the syllabus. The duration of each class is 2-2.5 hours, 5-6 days a week (Classes can be held on Sundays too, if the need arises).

Sociology Optional for UPSC Fee Structure

DetailsOnline Sociology Optional Coaching Offline Sociology Optional Coaching Online and Offline Coaching  (For enrolled students of IAS foundation course batch)
Duration of the course4 months4 months4 months 
Fees ₹35,000 + 18%GST = ₹41,300₹35,000 + 18%GST = ₹41,300₹30,000/- inclusive of GST
Duration of Class2-2.5 hours, 5-6 days a week (Classes can be held on Sundays too, If the need arises)2-2.5 hours , 5-6 days a week (Classes can be held on Sundays too, If the need arises)2-2.5 hours , 5-6 days a week (Classes can be held on Sundays too, If the need arises)
Batch Strength25 Students25 Students25 Students
Fees Installment FacilityAvailableAvailableAvailable
For More Details Contact+91 9999090136 +91 9999090136+91 9999090136

What Makes The Thought Tree Best Coaching for IAS

Sociology Optional Coaching

Experienced Teacher

Sociology Optional Coaching for IAS

Mentorship and Guidance

Sociology Optional Coaching for upsc

Scholarship Options

Current Affairs & Mock Tests

Answer Writing Practice

Regular Revisions

Sociology Optional Coaching

Up-to-date Course Module

Personal Attention

Why Choose The Thought Tree for Sociology Optional Coaching?

Thorough Coverage of Both Sociology Paper I & II

We ensure that you are taught from ground zero to grasp all the concepts taught in the class quickly. We believe in gradual progress more than an expeditious one as we want you to remember everything that you will learn in the class.

Updated Course Notes & Modules

Our Optional Sociology notes have perceptive information. The content provided to the aspirants ensures that they learn concepts quickly and insightfully. You can refer to the modules while studying, and also it contains various examples to help you understand and absorb information in a better way.

Personal Attention

Students from several academic spheres prepare for the IAS exam. So, the approach to studying is different for every student. We give personal attention to every student to keep track of their progress. We ensure that your learning experience is similar to that of private training. We ensure that the training process is smooth and that undivided attention is given to each student for the Best sociology optional coaching in Jaipur.

Individual Assessments

We provide students with personalized, regular tutorials, test series, weekly tests. After completing the tests, we assess the tests, provide feedback individually, and give curative measures for revamping their exam performance.

Experienced Faculty

Our sociology expert has years of experience in this field. You don’t have to worry about your sociology optional once you join our institute. We will guide you until your selection takes place and prepare you for your optional exam. 

Lifetime Support

We at The Thought Tree are ardent about your preparation and selection. Our alliance with our aspirants is not restricted to the Optional Course Preparation but is carried on for a lifetime. We support our aspirants through study material, exam assessment, interaction with faculty, and mentorship.

Mock Tests

Our students are provided with mock tests to assess their strengths and weaknesses. The mock tests are conducted in a unique style, and it will make you feel as if you are in the same place, feel the pressure before appearing for the real exam.

Answer Writing Practice

The important section of optional paper is answer writing. We make sure that you get substantial practice for writing answers to get a good score. You will be proficient in writing answers with the help of the sociology mock tests. Regular tests ensure that you get a good amount of practice and develop a habit of answer writing. 

Sociology and GS Papers Link

We ensure that our students get a lot of writing practice as the IAS exam is descriptive and the examiner checks their analytical, critical, and communicative abilities. Without enough practise in writing answers, it would not be easy to clear the exam.

Regular Revisions

We understand the importance of regular revisions of the syllabus that needs to be done at frequent intervals to avoid memory from getting evaporated from your brain. Additionally, The Thought Tree’s teaching method ensures that the course is completed in time, giving students enough time to get their revision done. We also conduct discussions that address the difficult sections of the exam and guide our students on how to prepare for them.

About Your Sociology Mentor

RAS Coaching Online

Shrawan Sir is the CMD of The Thought Tree. He has an M.A. in Sociology and is a Sociology Expert. Shrawan Sir’s sociological perspectives are excellent and fresh, and the teaching method is exam-focused and straightforward. Under his professional expertise, many students have succeeded in the civil services exam.

Why Sociology as an Optional?

The correct optional course will help you excel in mains, which will allow you to score maximum marks, and it needs to be the one which brings out the best in you. Hence, it is super important to research and check which subject sparks an interest in you. It is also necessary to check if there are any good courses in the market to assist students who are entirely new to this subject. Although, UPSC aspirants have a hard time selecting the correct optional subject.

One of the reasons why sociology is the most favored is because of its short syllabus. Sociology is a scientific and analytical subject. There are 2 sociology papers – Paper 1 is Fundamentals of Sociology which is for the concepts connected to society developed mainly through western scholars. Paper 2 is for the study of Indian society.

Benefits for Joining The Thought Tree for Sociology Optional Coaching in Jaipur

  • Our students are offered guidance from the top educators who have many years of experience in sociology.
  • We present our students with the latest study materials, books, and personal Study Notes of Faculty.
  • The Thought Tree provide a nice and comfortable ambiance for studying. 
  • We provide umbrella coverage of every topic.
  • Our coaching center is a complete set as we offer both online and offline batches.
  • Learn collaboratively with our experts and fellow aspirants via Community Forums.
  • We also conduct special Interactive Classes where students can get all their queries and doubts cleared.

Our Unique Approach for Sociology Optional

  • Our unique approach to teaching and learning is different for every student as everyone has different capabilities.
  • A counseling procedure is done, and after assessment of your capabilities, you will be assigned a mentor. 
  • We follow a strict schedule as our target is to complete the syllabus on time. 
  • Our teachers will guide you around the preparation through weekly tests and daily revisions of all topics.
  • Once you join us, you will become our responsibility.
  • We will be with you to guide you until the selection takes place. 

Background Required for Sociology Optional

There is no need for an academic background in this subject; anyone can choose Sociology as an optional subject. If you have an arts background, you should choose Sociology. Although, if you have a background in science or commerce, you will have to research the subject.

In any case, you should be interested in learning more about the subject either with the help of coaching classes or books. If a suitable approach and a good plan are adopted during preparation, you can quickly get a good score.

Sociology Optional Advantages

Sociology plays a vital role in the General Studies paper and the optional paper in Civil Services Mains Examination. As Sociology is one of the easiest optional subjects, many aspirants choose Sociology as their optional subject for UPSC IAS Mains Exam. The syllabus of sociology optional subject for UPSC IAS Mains can be handled if approached with correct strategies.

1. Scoring Subject 

Sociology is deemed as a scoring subject, and this is the principal cause of its popularity. Its success rate is very high. 

2. Abundant Study Material

There is abundant study material available for this subject.

3. No Background Needed

Aspirants with any academic background can opt for sociology optional and get a good score easily. Aspirants should have somewhat of a basic idea of the concepts of sociology. Sociology is often considered a fascinating subject.

Sociology Optional Syllabus for UPSC


1. Sociology – The Discipline

2. Sociology as Science

3. Research Methods and Analysis

4. Sociological Thinkers

5. Stratification and Mobility

6. Works and Economic Life

7. Politics and Society

8. Religion and Society

9. Systems of Kinship

10. Social Change in Modern Society


A. Introducing Indian Society

(i) Perspectives on the Study of Indian Society

(ii) Impact of colonial rule on Indian society

B. Social Structure

(i) Rural and Agrarian Social Structure

(ii) Caste System

(iii) Tribal Communities in India

(iv) Social Classes in India

(v) Systems of Kinship in India

(vi) Religion and Society

C. Social Changes in India

(i) Visions of Social Change in India

(ii) Rural and Agrarian Transformation in India

(iii) Industrialization and Urbanisation in India

(iv) Politics and Society

(v) Social Movements in Modern India

(vi) Population Dynamics

(vii) Challenges of Social Transformation


Q1. Will my Mock Exam papers be checked?

  • Yes. Your exam papers will be checked thoroughly, and you will get scores, and comments will be given so that you can upgrade the answer presentation. 

Q2. Is answer writing practice a part of the Sociology Optional Course?

  • Yes, answer writing is a part of Sociology Optional course. We conduct weekly tests to keep track of your progress and assess your preparation for every topic in the syllabus. 

Q3. Can I choose Sociology as my optional subject if I have an academic background in Science? 

  • Yes. Sociology is a common subject, and it does not require any previous knowledge. The subject is super engaging. 90% of IAS aspirants who chose sociology as their optional subject did not have an academic background in it, and they also cleared the exam.

Q4. Which books should I refer to for Sociology Paper 1 and Paper 2?

  • For Paper 1– Essential Sociology by Seema & Nitin Sangwan and Sociology Themes and Perspectives by Haralambos & Holborn.
  • For Paper 2- Essential Sociology by Seema & Nitin Sangwan and Sociology of Indian Society by CN Shankar Rao. 
  • Refer to these books along with your class notes.