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The Thought Tree is the creation of our Co-Founders who wanted to set up a platform that offers a wide range of courses and coaching services all under one roof. We aim to make today’s generation more employable in the corporate world. Our vision includes everything from cutting-edge upskilling classes to IAS and RAS training. Our goal is to provide the country’s young people with more skills.

To improve their employability in the corporate world, persons of all ages and fields can benefit from upskilling courses that focus on the industry-required talents and knowledge. Along with courses, The Thought Tree also provides the finest placement opportunities. As everyone today has an ultimate goal of getting placed, we help you fulfil that goal.

Placement Opportunities are discussed below.

1.Digital Marketing Course

Our Digital Marketing Course is divided into 8 modules where we teach everything from beginning to advanced level. This includes Social Media Marketing, SEO, PPC, etc. The course comes with a total of eight globally recognised certifications.

Besides this, for the following year, as part of your The Thought Tree Membership, you’ll be able to attend an infinite number of batches. In other words, you may take the Certified Digital Marketing Course Online as many times as you like throughout your subscription period.

Placement Opportunity

Currently, digital marketing is the trendy term in the job market across the country. The explanation for this is rather obvious. Due to its rising popularity, there seems to be an increasing number of people who wish to pursue this career path. This is significant for not just the nation but the entire World.

For the same reason, we have tie-ups with many top corporations and firms that eases the process of placement for our students. We regularly provide contact details of recruiters to our students and help them get placed either with our partner firms or with us.

2.Content Writing Course

In our Content Writing Course, you get to learn 40+ types of content writing. You’ll learn about the freelance market, academic writing requirements, technical writing, proposal writing, and other content writing alternatives, as well as how to publish a book.

Since the course is designed for both novices and working professionals, and businesses, it’s a win-win. Because of the extensive expertise of the mentors and instructors, the trainees can confidently apply what they’ve learned.

Placement Opportunity

Having tie-ups with different corporations, we provide our students with placement opportunities. Students who enrol in the course expect jobs after course completion. Thus placement help is offered to them. In addition to helping students find jobs, the placement aid involves advising them on building a successful and secure career as a qualified professional content writer.

3.Stock Marketing Course

If you are searching for the best Stock Market Course in Jaipur Rajasthan, it is undoubtedly the Diploma Course in Stock Market given by The Thought Tree. We provide as many as 8 Stock market courses. Apart from the Diploma Course in Stock Market, The Thought Tree provides various additional courses on the stock market that cover the basics and advanced strategies utilised when trading in the stock market.

It’s only at The Thought Tree where students may take advantage of a wide range of stock market courses while also receiving high-quality instruction and hands-on trading experience. Along with providing well-equipped classrooms and cutting-edge training technologies, we provide our students access to the latest live trading practice to get a glimpse of the stock market on a real-time basis.

Placement Opportunity

We provide you with an opportunity to get placed with The Thought Tree or other firms. We assist you throughout the process and help you until you get placed either with other firms or us. Now, if you’re interested in working in the stock market but prefer a more traditional career, you have a wide range of options like Stock Broking Firms, Stock Exchanges, Mutual Funds, etc.

Suppose you’re interested in pursuing a career in finance or the financial services industry. In that case, you may start by looking at positions with firms like investment banking firms and research institutions like the ones listed above. Stock market jobs aren’t just for investors and traders. There are a variety of positions available. Aspirants have the option of pursuing careers in a variety of different fields. We help our students in providing opportunities in whichever stock marketing field they would like to apply to.

4. Numerology Course

We provide a comprehensive Numerology Course curriculum comprised of thirteen modules. These thirteen modules contain about everything there is to know about numerology courses. From the

fundamentals to the professional level, this course will teach you to name analysis, medical numerology, compatibility, remedies, etc.

After completing the Numerology Course, your T3 Membership allows you one year of unrestricted participation. In other words, you may retake the course as many times as you like throughout your membership year.

Placement Opportunity

Just like all other courses, the Numerology course also comes with an amazing placement opportunity. Since it is obvious that if you are doing this course, you will utilize the skills and knowledge somewhere. So why not get paid for it? We will help you getting placements with us at The Thought Tree or with our partner firms.

5. Vastu Shastra Course

The Vastu Shastra Course consists of an extensive curriculum that helps you learn home Vastu, Commercial Vastu, Pyra Vastu, Fault Analysis, etc. This course will also help you in learning how to rectify the faults that are at your place. Besides this, as a part of your practical training, we would take you for visits to archaeological sites. This would help you in learning the science of architecture. Just like other courses, you can repeat this course throughout your membership with us.

Placement Opportunity

After completing the Vastu Shastra Course, we provide you with an amazing placement opportunity. Vastu Shastra has been gaining importance from ancient times to the present day. It has an excellent scope to build up your career. Vastu is important for offices, houses or any buildings, etc. We help you in getting placements for the same. We also have tie-ups with other firms that would ease the placement process.

6. Ayadi Vastu Shastra Course

Ayadi calculations are secret Vastu Shastra mathematical methods. You may determine the precise degree of cosmic vibration in everything in your environment by mastering their utilisation.

It also gives you the option to arrange your home and possessions according to your natal nakshatra using this software. During our course, we will cover everything from the basics to advanced topics, such as Vedic Vastu, house Vastu, and land selection. During the membership period, you will be able to repeat the course unlimited times for one year. You will receive a globally recognised certification upon completing the course, confirming your competence in the subject. Students will explore archaeological sites in Jaipur with lecturers to discuss principles and science as part of the practical experience.

Placement Opportunity

Similar to the Vastu Shastra placement opportunity, Ayadi Vastu Shastra also comes with similar placement opportunities. Although it is somewhat similar to the Vastu Shastra, it is more like astrological and architectural calculations. Therefore we provide separate placement opportunities after completion of this course.


1. What kind of assistance do students get when it comes to job placement?

The placement team helps students all year long by organising various events. It exposes the students to industry professionals who educate and improve their abilities in line with the industry. Students can improve their abilities through courses tailored to the firm and online aptitude assessments.

2.Are any certifications or courses that are certain to land me a job?

Nothing on the employment market, not even a course or qualification, is guaranteed! Yes, several institutions have a 100 per cent job placement guarantee. Certifications and courses certainly add value to your resume, but where you’ve studied and how much you’ve also learned matters.

3. Do I have to pay extra for helping me get placed?

No. The Thought Tree believes in empowering every youth of this nation. For us, your dream and your goal are more important. Therefore, we have included placement opportunities in our course itself. We believe that all of our students should flourish through their careers and utilise their skills to make money from the courses learnt.