Scholarship for IAS and RAS Preparation | RPSC & UPSC Coaching Scholarship

THE THOUGHT TREE is an educational institute based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The organization’s primary goal is the skill development of the students and helps them achieve their dreams. In a short span of time, The Thought Tree(T3) has achieved tremendous success in shaping the career of the students. With this, we are happy to announce a Scholarship for IAS and RAS exam preparation. Our scholarship scheme is mainly for the people belonging to the EWS category for our UPSC and RAS preparation courses, including IAS Foundation Course and RAS Foundation Course.  

With the Pandemic Outbreak on the horizon, every person is economically affected widely across the nation. This obstructs the aspirations of any person with little resources. We at The Thought Tree have launched a Social Initiative to assist UPSC and RAS aspirants in their preparations and contribute to the cause. We provide financial scholarships for Prelims Cum Mains GS Foundation Course to eligible students.

It is often said that “Innovation is the resolution to deal with the present changes and challenges we face”. With this note, we have fortunately supported the UPSC and RAS aspirants with their preparation. We provide Scholarship for IAS and RAS aspirants based on 3 criteria.

Criteria for IAS and RAS Scholarship

1. Scholarship for IAS and RAS Aspirants from the EWS Category

The Thought Tree provide scholarship to the UPSC and RAS aspirants belonging to the EWS category, i.e., the Economically Weaker Section category of the society. 

Under the current definition of the EWS category, 3 conditions are there:

  • The student’s annual family income must be less than Rs. 2 lakhs per annum. 
  • Their family must not own the agricultural land of more than 5 acres.
  • The residential area of the house should be less than 1000 sq ft.

So, the student who has these 3 criteria fulfilled is eligible for RAS and IAS coaching scholarships.

2. Scholarship to the UPSC and RAS Aspirants who lost their parent/s due to COVID

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19, it has become difficult for a lot of people to get back to their everyday lives. Many students have lost their parents due to this pandemic.

This scholarship is solely for those who have lost their bread earner in the COVID-19 crisis. The primary purpose of this is to ensure that the dream of a UPSC and RAS aspirant is not hindered.

This will be a performance-based scholarship which means that the more marks you score, the more amount of scholarship you get. You have to pay the first installment. This scholarship test will be taken after 1-2 months of starting the course, and based on your marks; you will get a scholarship from your 2nd installment.

3. RAS and IAS Scholarship Test for All

This scholarship will be solely based on your merit regardless of your financial status. In the RAS and IAS scholarship test, the student has to pass the SET, i.e., the Scholarship Eligibility Test. SET is a general knowledge and aptitude test-based test.

Those who clear SET will get upto 50% of scholarship in their annual fees of the IAS and RAS coaching.

Process for UPSC and RAS Scholarship

The process of applying for the RAS and IAS scholarships is straightforward. You have to contact the experts of The Thought Tree and show your EWS certificate. Based on this, you will be eligible for the scholarship.

You can contact us through Email or WhatsApp. Both are available on our website. Besides this, you can come to our office during working hours, i.e., Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm.

If you don’t have the certificate and are not able to pay the fees, you have to go for the Scholarship Eligibility Test

The Thought Tree also provides the facility of payment in installments. You have to pay your installment after every three months. In this case, you have to pay the first installment for the first 3 months from your joining date.

After completing classes for 1-2 months and before paying the second installment, you have to give a scholarship test. Based on your performance in the test, you will get a scholarship. So, the more you score, the more scholarship you get.

The test will be based on what you have studied in the initial 2-3 months.

Educational Qualification

We believe in the saying that it is never too late to start learning. On this note, there are no such educational qualification criteria. We provide RAS and IAS coaching to everyone from school students to undergraduate aspirants to anyone. The scholarship eligibility and criteria apply even-handedly to anyone who has enrolled with our course.

UPSC Course Details

The Thought Tree is the best IAS Coaching in Jaipur. Our IAS Foundation course helps candidates prepare for the Civil Services Examination by guiding them from the beginning to help them understand the fundamentals of Civil Services. IAS Classroom Course consists of study material, lectures, UPSC mock exams, and interview preparation. 

Keeping the dynamic nature of the exam in mind, we keep revising our modules according to the requirements of the exam. Additionally, we have a library where students can read anything over a cup of coffee or borrow any book. 

The online IAS courses is designed, keeping the needs of UPSC candidates in mind. Students may also use the LIVE CHAT option to ask questions and have them answered during class. The characteristics of the best IAS Online Coaching are as follows:

  • UPSC aspirants preparing from distant regions would significantly benefit.
  • Working Professionals may save time by learning IAS online.
  • Affordable.


Question: How can I determine whether or not I am qualified to apply for the Scholarship?

Answer: You may determine whether you are qualified to apply for a scholarship by reviewing the eligibility requirements. The scholarship is based on certain criteria. People who belong to that criteria are eligible to apply.

Question: Is it possible for me to apply for a scholarship before I get admitted to a university?

Answer: Yes, of course. Anyone enrolling in our UPSC course or RAS course can apply for the scholarship. This does not depend on your university status. You can even apply if you are a school student willing to prepare for the UPSC and RAS exams or if you graduated from any recognized university/college.

Question: How do I get my EWS Certificate?

Answer: Your local government body may provide you with an EWS certificate. The document is referred to as an ‘Income and Assets Certificate,’ and it serves as evidence of eligibility for the EWS reservation.

The government does not specify an online procedure for obtaining an EWS certificate. You must make an appointment with your local Tehsil and other such local government body. Including the Income and Assets Certificate, you will need other records like an Aadhar Card, a Pan Card, bank statements, and a passport-size picture.