Course Certifications

Post-completion of the course receive a globally acclaimed certification exhibiting your achievement of learning in the field. Also, an additional Certification at the end of the internship to use as a symbol of your expertise to help you develop a loyal customer base.

Experienced Faculty (Practicing Experts for 15 Years)

T3 has a very careful & strict regime for hiring teachers for any course. The faculty for this Ayadi Vastu Shastra Course has been selected based on teaching experience of Vastu classes and expertise in Vastu Consultancy.

Famous Archaeological Site Visits

As part of practical training, famous archaeological sites of Jaipur will be visited with the faculty to discuss the concepts and the science of architecture. Also, other famous sites of India & the World would be discussed.

1-Year Membership Benefits

As part of your Membership with T3, you have the facility to attend unlimited batches for the next 1-Year after the completion of your Ayadi Vastu Shastra Course. This means you can have unlimited repetitions of the Course during your membership period.

Monthly Bootcamp for Concepts Revision

Special Bootcamp Sessions are held every month for the next year for revising concepts and practicing skills with the experts in the field specifically targeted to make you industry-ready.

Guaranteed Internship & 24/7 Lifetime Support

100% Internship guaranteed with the Vastu Experts of T3 as an opportunity to work on Live Projects in this Ayadi Vastu Shastra Course. This is to ensure that our graduates not only learn the concepts but also undergo 100% practical training experience.

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ISO Certification
ISO Certification

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Course Fee
Course Highlights
Importance of Vastu Shastra Course

INR 35,000 INR 31,000 + GST
• Installment Options

2 Months of Ayadi Vastu Shastra Course

Earn a certificate of successfully completing a course from The Thought Tree upon completion.

• Become a leading Vastu Shastra Expert in only a few months. 
• Perfect Balance of Theory and Practical.
• A comprehensive classroom training program.
• Extensive Curriculum endorsed by leading Vastu Experts across INDIA.
• Practical learning through visiting famous archaeological sites of Jaipur.
• Teaching Faculty includes Vastu Maestro with more than 15 years experience under their belt in Vastu Consultancy.
Case Study discussions on other archaeological sites of India and the world.
• Learn how to make a successful living and regular earnings through practicing Vastu Shastra.
• In case of class missed, the students can attend other running batches.
• 24/7 Lifetime support
• Take unlimited repetitions of your Vastu Shastra course for the next year.
• 1-6 months Internship option with Vastu experts.

The requirement for a house brimming with positive energy or an office space that means increased profitability and revenues is one that is never going to stop. Thus, this is the place where the modern-day Vastu Techniques work! The Vastu techniques aim to make a living space full of positive energies, which holds a lot of importance in the modern-day world. From our homes to business structures and buildings, a Vastu compliant setting brings in a lot more prosperity and bliss than a non-Vastu compliant home/building. 

As a lifelong choice, being the Best Vastu Expert in India is an amazing career opportunity that can open ample growth possibilities for one. Since it works in tandem with Architecture, Vastu Shastra is a fantastic learning opportunity for architects and those in the employment of building homes and office spaces.

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Curriculum of Ayadi Vastu Shastra Course 2021

Module 1: Vastu Science
  • Introduction of Vastu Science

  • Importance of Vastu

  • Core principles of Vastu Shastra

  • Effect of Universal Energy

  • Relation of Vastu and Gravitational Force

  • Relation of Vastu and Magnetic Force

  • Relation of Vastu and Solar Energy

  • How many types of houses are there

  • Use of Magnetic Compass

  • How to measure all directions with a compass

  • Five elements of Vastu Shastra

  • 8 and 16 directions according to Vastu

Module 2: Vedic Vastu
  • History of Vastu and Vastu Purush

  • The scientific definition of Vastu Purush Mandal

  • Vastu Purush Mandal & 45 Gods

  • Books/Texts (Granth) related to Vastu

  • Vastu Chakra – An introduction and its types

  • 9×9 Grid

  • Lords, Directions and their relation

  • How many directions are there?

  • Planets

  • Nature of Planets

  • Relationship of planets with directions

  • Significator of Planets

  • Auspicious and inauspicious Energy places

  • Sensitive and Highly sensitive places

  • Different constructions at Highly sensitive places and their impact

Module 3: Selection of Land
  • Direction analysis of Plot

  • How to create the energy field of a plot

  • 32 effects & solutions according to Vastu

  • The atmosphere around the land

  • Types of Soil

  • Soil testing

  • Different types of land testing

  • Result of objects found during digging the plot

  • Land purification

  • Shape of Land

  • Soil & Land Selection

Module 4: Vastu Vedh
  • Different types of obstruction of the main gate

  • T-Point

  • Tree

  • Shadow

  • Building

  • Temple

  • Hospital

  • Cemetery

  • Pole

  • Result of Vastu obstruction (Vastu Vedh)

Module 5: Home Vastu
  • Introduction of Home Vastu

  • Open Space

  • Floor levels

  • Slope & its result

  • Height – Weight factors and result

  • Home Vastu according to 16 divisions – impacts & solutions

  • Living Room

  • Kitchen

  • Reading Room

  • Master Bedroom

  • Toilet

  • Verandah

  • Balcony

  • Basement

  • Septic Tank & Water Tank

  • Underground Water Tank

  • Sewage & water flow

  • Parking & Garage

  • Doors & Entrance

  • Worship Room – Sequential explanation of worship room as per each direction and importance of these

  • Best Place for Stairs

  • Vastu for internal equipments of the house

Module 6: True Vastu Special curriculum
  • Main Vastu Doshas

  • How to select your lucky place for money

  • Main Gate

  • The exact location of the main gate as per Vastu chakra

  • Result of the main gate, as per Vastu chakra

  • Location of the main gate, as per zodiac sign

  • Location of the main gate, as per income

  • Special consideration regarding the doors

  • Place for window

  • Focus on the height of the building

Course Schedule

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    Starts every 15 days

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    INR 35,000/- INR 31,000/-

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Shikha Rathore

I have thoroughly understood the art and science behind Ayadi Vastu Shastra and Numerology. I opted for the combo course of Ayadi Vastu Shastra & Numerology and was delighted when I got to know that the Chinese Numerology Course was free with the combo course. Manvendra Sir has been doing Vastu and Numerology consultation for years now and his vast experience helped me learn a lot. It was fantastic and it has opened a whole new dimension in my life and career.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I meet the teachers before joining?

Yes, you can visit the institute for counselling and meeting the teachers. However, many of our teachers are also guest lecturers in universities, so please inform us before to set up a meeting with the faculty.

Is there any Fees Installment Facility?

Yes, please contact the front desk for more details.

What if I miss a class?

We strongly recommend you not to miss any class. However, in case of emergency, you can attend the missed class with another batch.

What is the procedure for enrollment?

1. Contact our front desk to know batch availability.
2. Fill up the enrollment form
3. Pay Fees
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What is the mode of Payment for fees?

We accept all types of payment. You can choose Cash Payment, Card Payment, Net Banking, and other types of payment.

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