Ayadi Vastu Shasta Course Details

DetailsAyadi Vastu Shastra Course
Vastu Shastra
Course Fee
INR 35,000 + GST
INR 31,000 + GST
Duration of Course2 Months
CertificationsCertification of Ayadi Vastu Shastra Course from The
Thought Tree
Batch Strength10 - 15
Fees Installment
Special DiscountAvailable for Limited Time. Hurry Up!
Online ClassesAvailable
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Why you Should Choose The Thought Tree for Best Ayadi Vastu Shastra Course in India

Experienced Teacher
Experienced Teacher
Mentorship and Guidance
Mentorship and Guidance
Scholarship Option
Scholarship Option
Current affairs and Mock Test
Current affairs and Mock Test
Guaranteed Internship
Guaranteed Internship

About the Best Ayadi Vastu Shastra Course in Jaipur

Vastu Shastra is a combination of nature and the science of architecture to channelize the transfer of positivity in a building. It uses traditional Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. After completing Vastu Course from The Thought Tree, one can drive negativity and allow people to live better lives. The Vastu Shastra allows good use of space; therefore, the house's interior is designed to allow the building to have good vibes and a positive environment.  

After completing the Vastu Shastra Course, you will learn to acquire success, good vibes, health, and inner peace in houses, company offices, and buildings. A building constructed following Vastu has ample living space, air, sunlight, and good ventilation. T3's Vastu Shastra Course will help you become a Vastu Expert who will use certain methods and foolproof techniques to develop a successful, happy, fresh, and useful living environment around the living space. Our Vastu Shastra course is designed under the guidance of the top tutors in India.

Reasons to Choose The Thought Tree?

Practical Training

At The Thought Tree, we give our students practical training and theoretical knowledge in our stock market course. Vastu Experts generally work as consultants, so we teach students how to handle clients and help them in the best possible way. This makes us the best Vastu Shastra institute in India.

Internship Opportunity

The Thought Tree provides internships, along with a Vastu Shastra Course. The main objective of providing internship opportunities to students is to help them explore the market using the credibility and skills taught by The Thought Tree’s exclusive teaching faculties.

Variety of Courses

The Thought Tree offers a variety of courses. Along with the Vastu Shastra course, you can join a numerology course, stock market course, or any other course.


The Thought Tree offers various certifications under the Vastu Shastra course. These certificates will help students in acquiring the best jobs in the market.

Job Opportunity

Job opportunities are one of the best features of the Vastu Shastra Course. The Thought Tree commits to providing the best placements to its students.


One-to-one guidance has always been the main objective of The Thought Tree. Our mentors here believe in motivating students to open up and clear all their doubts and queries without hesitation. This unique feature makes T3 the best institute to learn Vastu Shastra.

Library Facility

An open library facility is also available in The Thought Tree. Students can feel free to read any book they want. They can even borrow these books at home or even read them on the coaching premises while having a refreshing and energizing cup of coffee, and discussing the content of books with mentors and teachers.

Experienced Teachers

The Thought Tree has some of the best teaching faculties in Jaipur, well known for their experience in the industry. The Teachers here are devoted to guiding every student personally; whenever a student finds difficulty, the teachers are readily available. Most importantly, each student gets mentorship under the Vastu Shastra Course.

Our Approach

Counselling & Registration
Counselling & Registration

Get FREE Counselling with one of our counsellors and then register for the Vastu Shastra Course.

Attend Classes
Attend Classes

Attend the Vastu Shastra Classes. Recorded Classes will be provided if classes are missed. Ask your mentor if you have any doubt.


Work on Live Projects with experts. Practical knowledge is more important in Vastu Shastra. 


Post Completion, earn the certificates from T3. Add these to your profiles such as LinkedIn, and showcase your talents. Grab an internship and a job.

Know Your Mentor

Manvendra Singh
Manvendra Singh

Vaastu Shastra Expert | Numerology Expert | Vaastu Manishi 2011 | Ankjyotish 2011 | Pyra Vastu Expert 2012 | Advance Remedial Expert 2015 | Ayadi Vaastu (Sthapatya Veda)2015 | Vaastu Shastra Teacher | Numerology Teacher | Chinese Numerology Teacher | 10+ Years of Experience


Pawan Kumar

The Thought Tree has highly qualified professionals teachers. They provide umbrella coverage of every topic. This coaching academy is exceptional and different from other coaching institutes, and their Vastu Shastra c… read more

The Thought Tree has highly qualified professionals teachers. They provide umbrella coverage of every topic. This coaching academy is exceptional and different from other coaching institutes, and their Vastu Shastra course is available at a affordable price. They provide online as well as offline classes.

Dhruv Sharma

The Thought Tree is the best institute to learn Vastu Shastra in Jaipur, with a supreme faculty and top educators. T3 offer complete guidance and individual mentorship. I will recommend them to all my friends to join… read more

The Thought Tree is the best institute to learn Vastu Shastra in Jaipur, with a supreme faculty and top educators. T3 offer complete guidance and individual mentorship. I will recommend them to all my friends to join T3 if you want to learn Vastu Shastra.

Tanmay Singhal

The Thought Tree offers the best Vastu Shastra coaching in Rajasthan! I am grateful to you and your dedication towards students. T3 is bound to make many students successful. Thank you, The Thought Tree ! I would reco… read more

The Thought Tree offers the best Vastu Shastra coaching in Rajasthan! I am grateful to you and your dedication towards students. T3 is bound to make many students successful. Thank you, The Thought Tree ! I would recommended them to every person who wants to learn Vastu Shastra.


Earn Your Certificate 

The Thought Tree provides certifications after completing the Upskilling Courses. This will be proof that you have developed a skill working on projects and case studies. This will set you ahead of the competition. 

Worldwide Recognised Certificate

The certificate provided by The Thought Tree is ISO certified. This certificate will be valid all over the world. You can share this certificate on Linkedin or your Resume to boost your authenticity. 

Benefits of Certificates: 

  1. Validation of Knowledge
  2. Increased Earning Power
  3. Competitive Advantage
  4. Improved reputation
  5. Boost Self-Confidence
  6. Respect from Peers

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Vastu Science
  • Introduction of Vastu Science

  • Importance of Vastu

  • Core principles of Vastu Shastra

  • Effect of Universal Energy

  • Relation of Vastu and Gravitational Force

  • Relation of Vastu and Magnetic Force

  • Relation of Vastu and Solar Energy

  • How many types of houses are there

  • Use of Magnetic Compass

  • How to measure all directions with a compass

  • Five elements of Vastu Shastra

  • 8 and 16 directions according to Vastu

Module 2: Vedic Vastu
  • History of Vastu and Vastu Purush

  • The scientific definition of Vastu Purush Mandal

  • Vastu Purush Mandal & 45 Gods

  • Books/Texts (Granth) related to Vastu

  • Vastu Chakra – An introduction and its types

  • 9×9 Grid

  • Lords, Directions and their relation

  • How many directions are there?

  • Planets

  • Nature of Planets

  • Relationship of planets with directions

  • Significator of Planets

  • Auspicious and inauspicious Energy places

  • Sensitive and Highly sensitive places

  • Different constructions at Highly sensitive places and their impact

Module 3: Selection of Land
  • Direction analysis of Plot

  • How to create the energy field of a plot

  • 32 effects & solutions according to Vastu

  • The atmosphere around the land

  • Types of Soil

  • Soil testing

  • Different types of land testing

  • Result of objects found during digging the plot

  • Land purification

  • Shape of Land

  • Soil & Land Selection

Module 4: Vastu Vedh
  • Different types of obstruction of the main gate

  • T-Point

  • Tree

  • Shadow

  • Building

  • Temple

  • Hospital

  • Cemetery

  • Pole

  • Result of Vastu obstruction (Vastu Vedh)

Module 5: Home Vastu
  • Introduction of Home Vastu

  • Open Space

  • Floor levels

  • Slope & its result

  • Height – Weight factors and result

  • Home Vastu according to 16 divisions – impacts & solutions

  • Living Room

  • Kitchen

  • Reading Room

  • Master Bedroom

  • Toilet

  • Verandah

  • Balcony

  • Basement

  • Septic Tank & Water Tank

  • Underground Water Tank

  • Sewage & water flow

  • Parking & Garage

  • Doors & Entrance

  • Worship Room – Sequential explanation of worship room as per each direction and importance of these

  • Best Place for Stairs

  • Vastu for internal equipments of the house

Module 6: True Vastu Special curriculum
  • Main Vastu Doshas

  • How to select your lucky place for money

  • Main Gate

  • The exact location of the main gate as per Vastu chakra

  • Result of the main gate, as per Vastu chakra

  • Location of the main gate, as per zodiac sign

  • Location of the main gate, as per income

  • Special consideration regarding the doors

  • Place for window

  • Focus on the height of the building

Commonly Asked Questions

Q1. Can I make money through Vastu Shastra?

There are very few people who want to make their career in Vastu Shastra. You can earn a decent income through Vastu Shastra as it is not the sort of career choice which many people choose. As industrialization is multiplying in the country, building offices are developed in various parts of the city, be it residential or domestic properties. In this manner, it develops numerous opportunities for those who have been trained in the field of Vastu shastra.

Q2 What are the various career prospects of Vastu Shastra in India and also out of India?

Vastu Shastra has various career prospects in India and also in different countries. Because of this, there has been a high demand for professional experts in this field. Hence becoming a Vastu Shastra is a good decision for making a career and a living.

Q3. Why Should I learn Vastu Shastra from The Thought Tree?

Vastu Shastra plays a crucial role in our lives. All you need is sound knowledge and correct guidance for becoming a Vastu Shastra expert. If you want to become a very successful Vastu Shastra Consultant, The Thought Tree’s Vastu Shastra Course will offer you valuable insights, professional expertise, tips, mentorship, and practical experience. We offer a certificate at the end of the course, and you will also be gain experience during the internship. And with all this, you can offer services to people with honest and good advice, and grow your career as well known Vastu expert.

Q4. I don’t have any previous experience or knowledge of Vastu Shastra, then can I join the course?

Yes, we teach everything from ground zero and then move towards the advanced level. The Thought Tree offers the best Vastu Shastra coaching to the students for making them the best Vastu consultants in India.

Q5. Can I become a professional Vastu Expert post the completion of the course?

Yes, post the completion of the Vastu Shastra course, you can start the practice on a professional level and earn money.

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu is an old Indian shastra of architecture that helps make compatible living spaces for living, working efficiently, and using the advantages of the elements of earth for good health, money, success, and bliss. The Vastu is the shastra of direction, an amalgamation of the five elements of nature, and keeps a balance between human beings and matter. Also Vastu Shastra is a combination of astronomy, science, astrology, and art. The Vastu Shastra eradicates negativity from our lives and prevents blunder.

How to Learn Vastu Shastra?

Join Vastu Shastra Course at The Thought Tree (T3) for learning Vastu Shastra. Our course is designed and planned with the help of expert professors from all over India. The features of the program are:

  • Our course is a correct mix of theory and practical. With that, you will get to visit India’s well-known archaeological sites with the faculty members, which will allow you to understand the methodologies used in the Vastu Shastra.
  • We aim to offer our students the best study material, and our faculty consists of highly qualified teachers who have more than 15 years of experience in Vastu Shastra.
  • We also conduct monthly boot camps, mainly for revising the concepts and preparing you for the industry.
  • The duration of the Vastu Shastra Course is 2 months and is available at an affordable price. Both Offline and Online modes are available.
  • We provide our students with a globally acclaimed certification.
  • We offer 24/7 Lifetime support.

What you will get from the Vastu Shastra Course?

  • Our course will allow students to understand the process of Vaastu from a technical and creative perspective.
  • The Vastu Shastra Course will allow the student to think and develop new designs.
  • The students will be taught the significance of developing a layout and how to make them happy and peaceful.
  • After completing the course, students will be able to use Vaastu Shastra techniques professionally.

Who can Join the Vastu Shastra Course ?

The Vastu Shastra Course is for Students, Working Professionals, Architects, Interior Designers, Housewives, and those who are genuinely interested and want to learn about designing the space as per the rules of Vastu Shastra. The Vastu Shastra course at The Thought Tree doesn’t require an academic background in the field of architecture.

Benefits of Vastu Shastra in Life

1. Money and Prosperity

Many people believe that they don’t have good luck in terms of money and prosperity. On numerous occasions, the luck factor works after people use Vastu Shastra techniques in their houses.

2. Creates a Strong Bond between Family Members

Vastu Shastra can help and strengthen the bond between family members by eradicating the negativity.

3. Professional Growth

After using Vastu Shastra, students will become more confident and see immense growth in their career choice. Vastu Shastra helps to protect the hourse from the evil eye, and so because of that, there will be various opportunities and good luck coming along the way for you to grow and prosper in your studies and profession.

4. Energies from the Cradle of Nature

There are numerous energy sources such as electricity, sun, light, wind, heat, cosmic, magnetic, which mother nature has given to humans. By using Vastu Shastra techniques, a person can blend all the powers and get the full advantage for maintaining inner peace and good health.

Career Opportunities after completing the Vastu Shastra Course?

With the growing industrialization, Vastu Shastra has risen and become one of India’s most lucrative career options. Join the best Vastu Shastra Course to become a successful Vastu consultant. After completing the course, you will be able to work with any company as a verified and professional Vastu expert.

  • Vaastu consultants create a comfortable and vibrant living space in domestic as well as commercial properties.
  • Vaastu consultants are also appointed by TV channels that showcase programs about Vaastu Shastra.
  • Construction companies and builders appoint Vaastu consultants to develop their projects, be it hotels or commercial, residential buildings.
  • Immense growth, development, and major investments have made Vastu a popular and favored career for the Millenials.
  • Vastu Shastra opens the door for more opportunities and brings in good luck in life.
  • Vaastu consultants offer their expertise and knowledge to their close friends or family to create peace and harmony in their community.