DetailsFundamental Analysis Course
Fundamental Analysis Fee INR 15,000 INR 5,999-/
Duration of Course3 Weeks 
Certifications 1 Certificate of The Thought Tree
Batch Strength10-15 Students
Fees Installment FacilityAvailable
Special Discount5% Additional Discount for Females
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Note: Examination fee of NSE & SEBI certification is extra

Curriculum of Fundamental Analysis Course 2021

Module 1: Fundamental Analysis
  • Introduction of fundamentals analysis 

  • Step in fundamentals analysis 

  • Basic definitions 

  • Financial statements analysis 

  • Financial ratio

  • Du – point analysis 

  • Valuation methodologies 

  • Special case of Valuation 

Why you Should Choose The Thought Tree for Fundamental Analysis Course in India

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Experienced Teachers

Job Opportunity

Option Writing Course

Live Trading

Option Writing Course

Variety of Courses

Guaranteed Internship

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Option Writing Course

1-Year Membership 

Option Writing Course

Library Facility

Reasons to Choose The Thought Tree?

Variety of Courses

There are more than eight different types of BSE Stock Market Courses offered by The Thought Tree, and each course offers certifications. These certificates are well-acknowledged in the industry and work as a stepping stone in your career in the stock market.

Internship Opportunity 

The Thought Tree provides internships, along with the Fundamental Analysis Course. The main objective of providing internship opportunities to students is to help them explore the market using the credibility and skills taught by The Thought Tree’s exclusive teaching faculties. Secondly, they develop basic skills under professionalism.

Live Trading 

Experience Live trading facilities along with the latest technology. The Thought Tree is well equipped with the latest technology to cover the communication gap between the teacher and the student. Live trading helps the student grasp the market more easily and quickly and hence increases the student’s practical knowledge.


The Thought Tree offers certification under the Fundamental Analysis Course(Online and Offline). This certificate will help students in acquiring the best jobs in the market. 

Job Opportunity 

Job opportunities are one of the best stuff included under the Fundamental Analysis Course. The Thought Tree commits to provide the best placements to their students.


One-to-one guidance has always been the main objective of The Thought Tree. Our mentors here believe in motivating students to open up and clear all their doubts and queries without any hesitation.

Library Facility

Open library facility is also available in The Thought Tree. Students can feel free to read any book they want. They can even borrow these books for reading at home or even read them in the coaching premises while having a refreshing and energizing cup of coffee, discussing the content of books with mentors and teachers.

Experienced Teachers

The Thought Tree has some of the best teaching faculties in India, well known for their experience in the industry. The Teachers here are devoted to guiding every student personally; whenever a student finds difficulty in any of the topics, the teachers are readily available. Most importantly, each student gets mentorship under the Fundamental Analysis Course.

Your Mentor

B.Com & LLB| 9+ Years Experience | Financial Modelling Certified Specialist | Portfolio Management Expert | Financial Planner| ALGO Trader | Worked on ALGO Desk in Kotak Securities | Trained in Digital Marketing & Import-Export| Director at Rudra Consultancy

About the Fundamental Analysis Course in Jaipur

The 3 Weeks Fundamental Analysis Course is one of the best trading courses offered by The Thought Tree. Under the Fundamental Analysis Course, students will get complete knowledge about fundamental analysis from scratch.

The Thought Tree provides mentorship under the 3 Weeks Fundamental Analysis Course so that students don’t doubt their minds. Students also get 1 Year Membership, 1 Certificate, and Live Trading Practice under the Fundamental Analysis Course.

Who Can Join Fundamental Analysis Course at The Thought Tree?

Bankers, Traders & Investors, Dealers, Sub-brokers, Relationship Managers, Asst. Relationship Managers, Professional Stockbrokers, Investment Consultants, Portfolio & Fund Managers, Wealth & Treasury Managers, Researchers, etc. 

Newly graduated students who want a good job in finance are highly suggested to do fundamental analysis course and the technical analysis course as it increases your chances and credibility in the corporate world. 

Professionals looking to discover more of their potential and seek a different position can join the best fundamental analysis course in Jaipur at The Thought Tree. 

About The Thought Tree

The Thought Tree is the best Trading Institute in Jaipur that provides more than eight types of trading courses. We offer our students live trading practice to have a real-time trading experience. The Thought Tree has well-equipped classes and the latest technology for training students.

The Thought Tree has always worked for the well being of society and will always keep working for the same. Keeping this thought in mind, The Thought Tree offers many trading courses at pocket-friendly prices. When you buy Fundamental Analysis Course offered by The Thought Tree, you also get a box full of benefits and future opportunities. You won’t regret buying it.

Our Approach

  • Perfect balance between Theoretical and Practical knowledge.
  • Extensive Curriculum approved by renowned stock experts across India. 
  • Live-trading practice for students.
  • Teachers with more than seven to ten years of trading experience. 
  • Opportunity to work on real-world assignments, portfolios, trading, debates, and case studies involving various markets to study practical elements of trading and investment.

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More About the Fundamental Analysis Course in Jaipur

What is Fundamental Analysis?

Fundamental Analysis in finance and accounting examines a company’s balance sheet (typically used to analyze the company’s assets, liabilities, and profits), status and position, and competitors and markets.  It also considers the general state of the economy, Gross Domestic Product, and factors such as interest rates, production, income, employment, housing, manufacturing, and management.   There are two basic approaches that can be used: bottom-up analysis and top-down analysis.

The foundation for fundamental analysis was supposedly laid down by the father of value investing – Benjamin Graham and David Dodd. (Around 1930s)

Why Fundamental Analysis is Important?

Fundamental analysis of a company stock helps you evaluate its intrinsic or fair value. Furthermore, with fundamental equity analysis, you can gauge the health and performance of any organization with the help of stats and figures and important economic indicators.

Fundamental Analysis of Stocks will help you forecast a particular security’s future price movements and determine whether a security is undervalued or overvalued. Simultaneously, it will help you analyze a company’s strength and ability to beat its competitors or its competitive advantage.

Why You Should Join the Fundamental Analysis Course

Before exploring the world of stock market, it is critical to be educated. To be successful in this field, you must have an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. When it comes to share market, it’s a business where you can make money and lose money, and the chances of losing money are higher if you’re not well-versed in the market or can’t accurately predict it based on the available data.

Many people mistake investing money in the stock market based on their desire to make money rather than their knowledge and ability to understand it. As a result, there was a significant loss and a small profit. There are a plethora of trading platforms available on the share market, allowing investors to trade whenever and however they want.

Because of this, anyone considering getting involved in trading must be fully informed about the risks inherent.

Benefits of Fundamental Analysis

Long-Term Benefits – Greater Yield

Long-term investors look for investment opportunities that offer a great likelihood of maximizing return on investments over a longer period. This usually means at least a year, although many financial experts recommend a time frame of at least five to ten years or more. 

Finding Quality Stock

The biggest benefit of Fundamental Analysis is that it helps you understand and find quality stocks while having a good future and can give you higher returns. 

Solid Base for Investment

People can face a huge loss in the stock market if they don’t have the proper knowledge. Fundamental analysis plays a significant role in analyzing the quality of stocks with the help of important metrics like a company’s balance sheet, assets, liabilities, profits, and many more things.

So, if you want to become a pro in Fundamental Analysis, then join the best fundamental analysis course in Jaipur.

What are the Types of Fundamental Analysis?

Qualitative: A study that involves company value, management efficiency, the financial position and performance of the corporation over a given period, and many other relative factors.

Quantitative: A strictly number-based analysis considers the organization’s financial reports and concludes the share value from these observations.

While the two types are unalike, they are equally important for a thorough analysis of its stock price. 

There are also two main fundamental analysis processes: one is top-down, and the other is a bottom-up approach. 

The top-down approach first looks at macroeconomic factors and then the specific firm. On the other hand, the bottom-up approach first analyzes the company and then verifies the effect of macroeconomic factors on the company’s performance.

What is the difference between Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis

Fundamental AnalysisTechnical Analysis
Fundamental analysis examines the economic and financial factors that influence a business.Technical analysis examines the price movement of a stock according to the graphical data given and the patterns in the stock market.
The fundamental analysis begins with a company’s financial reports and macroeconomic factors.Technical analysis begins with studying and reading charts.
Fundamental analysis attempts to determine the value of a company by comprehending and analyzing its income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.Technical investors focus on analyzing the stock chart or graph to get clues as to where the price might be heading (a pattern).
Fundamental analysts and investors often wait a long time for a company’s fair value to be reflected in the stock market, if at all.Investors who follow technical analysis do not have to wait long to get the results. Their potential profit can change every second.
Fundamental investors are in it for the long run. Meaning that they invest in the stocks and reap the benefits after years.Technical analysts are the ones who trade daily and profit off of every movement of the stock price.

How to learn Fundamental Analysis? 

Join the best fundamental analysis course (online and offline) in India – The Thought Tree. We will make you a pro in Fundamental Analysis. 

Best Books for Fundamental Analysis

  • The Intelligent Investor
  • One Up on Wall Street
  • Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits
  • Learn to Earn


  1. Why is it called “Fundamental Analysis”?

It focuses on the fundamentals (i.e., basic financials and operations). It is a test of how good the foundation of a company is because if the basics of a company are not good, how will it function overall?

2. What do we obtain after Fundamental Analysis?

We obtain many things while performing a fundamental analysis on a company – there are many ratios, figures, forecasts, and the net present value of future cash flows. But, most importantly, we obtain what is known as the company’s intrinsic value. This intrinsic value tells us the real future of any organization, and it is also known as fair value.

3. What is Intrinsic Value?

It is the true or fair value of any organization’s share. It is obtained after analyzing years of performance, data, news, and any company stats. It usually differs from the market price of the company. It represents the true value of any company’s asset. If intrinsic value is greater than the CMP, the stock price will increase over time. If intrinsic value is smaller than the CMP, the stock price will decrease over time, and the company won’t perform.

4. Who do Fundamental Analysis of Stocks?

Most investors use fundamental analysis as they have long-term and more stable goals. This does not mean that traders cannot use fundamental analysis. Although traders rely heavily on technical analysis – fundamental analysis is also used by traders to get a more accurate prediction.

5. Which is better – Fundamental or Technical?

It depends on what your need is. If you are looking to invest long-term, Fundamental Analysis is the answer. But, if you want to make profits quickly over a short period, technical analysis. Do not let anybody’s personal preferences influence yours, since it all depends on your necessity.

Check What our Students Say About the Best Fundamental Analysis Course in India

Prashant Bhatt

I was a little apprehensive to join the T3 institute because frankly they have recently opened and not much was known about them. But truthfully, this was one of my smartest decisions. The trainer was deeply knowledgeable and supportive. He covered all the technicalities of the Fundamental Analysis Course and made our group practice each and every topic. We would not continue further unless each one of us gave at least 50 screenshots of charts, so I must say before the course was over, I became very confident and felt like an expert in detecting patterns & making strategies. Truthfully, best Course online in India. Also, we were shown live trading throughout the course and allowed to stay back & practice with the teacher even after the class.


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