Best Stock Market Course in Jaipur 

Stock Market Course

Option Writing Course

• Duration: 5 weeks
• Fee: INR 21,000/-
• Option Writing Course Certification
• Daily Live Trading + Intensive Trading Practice

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1 Year Diploma Course In Stock Market

• Duration: 1 Year
• Fee: INR 85,000/-
• 15+ Certifications
• 100% Guaranteed Internship & Job Support

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6-Months Diploma Course

• Duration: 6 Months
• Fee: INR 60,000
INR 50,000/-
• 9+ Certifications
• 100% Guaranteed Internship & Job Support

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Stock Market Course

Technical Analysis Course – 3 WEEKS

• Duration: 3 Weeks
• Fee: INR 15,000 INR 8,999/-
• Free Demat A/C with discounted brokerages
• Daily Live Trading + Intensive Trading Practice

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• Duration: 3 Weeks
• Fee: INR 10,000 INR 6,999/-
• Free Demat A/C with discounted brokerages

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• Duration: 3 Weeks
• Fee: INR 15,000 INR 8,999/-
• Free Demat A/C with discounted brokerages

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• Duration: 2 to 2.5 Months
• Fee: INR 30,000 INR 20,000 + GST
• Free Demat A/C with discounted brokerages
• Daily Live Trading + Intensive Trading Practice

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• Duration: 4 Months
• Fee:  INR 40,000
INR 30,000 + GST
• Free Demat A/C with discounted brokerages
• Daily Live Trading + Intensive Trading Practice

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Before you start investing in the market, you must be familiar with the ins and outs of the stock market. The stock market course plays a vital role in providing efficient knowledge and understanding about the stock market. At The Thought Tree, we provide various stock market courses to help young investors and beginners invest actively in the stock market. There are several courses on the stock market. So, you can choose a course that suits you well.  

The Thought Tree, most popularly known as T3, is one of the best stock market institutes in Jaipur. If you are looking for the best stock market courses in Jaipur Rajasthan, it is undoubtedly the 1-Year Diploma Course in Stock Market offered by The Thought Tree. Apart from the Diploma Course in Stock Market, The Thought Tree offers several other courses on stock market that cover the basics and advanced techniques used while trading in the stock market. The Thought Tree is the only institute that offers these many share market courses with high-quality teaching and provides live trading experiences to students.

About The Thought Tree

The Thought Tree is the best trading institute in Jaipur that provides more than eight types of stock market courses. We also offer our students the best live trading practice to have a real-time stock market trading experience. The Thought Tree has well-equipped classes and the latest technology for training students. 

The Thought Tree has always worked for the well being of society and will always keep working for the same. Keeping this thought in mind, The Thought Tree offers many stock market courses at affordable and pocket-friendly prices. When you buy these stock market courses offered by The Thought Tree, you also get a box full of benefits and future opportunities. You won’t regret buying it.

What Makes The Thought Tree Best Stock Market Course in Jaipur?

Experienced Teachers

Stock Market Course in Jaipur

Job Opportunity

Live Trading

Trading Institute in Jaipur

Variety of Courses

Trading Institute in Jaipur

Guaranteed Internship

Share Market Course in Jaipur


Share Market Course in Jaipur

1-Year Membership 

Library Facility

Why should you choose The Thought Tree for Best Stock Market Course in Jaipur?

Variety of Courses

There are more than eight different types of BSE Stock Market Courses offered by The Thought Tree, and each course offers certifications. These certificates are well-acknowledged in the industry and work as a stepping stone in your career in the stock market.

Internship Opportunity 

The Thought Tree provides internships, along with a Stock Market Course. The main objective of providing internship opportunities to students is to help them explore the stock market using the credibility and skills taught by The Thought Tree’s exclusive teaching faculties. Secondly, they develop basic skills under professionalism.

Live Trading 

Experience Live trading facilities along with the latest technology. The Thought Tree is well equipped with the latest technology to cover the communication gap between the teacher and the student. Live trading helps the student grasp the market more easily and quickly and hence increases the student’s practical knowledge.


The Thought Tree offers various certifications under their stock market courses. These certificates will help students in acquiring the best jobs in the market. 

Job Opportunity 

Job opportunities are one of the best stuff included under the stock market courses. The Thought Tree commits to providing the best placements to their students


One-to-one guidance has always been the main objective of The Thought Tree. Our mentors here believe in motivating students to open up and clear all their doubts and queries without any hesitation.

Library Facility

Open library facility is also available in The Thought Tree. Students can feel free to read any book they want. They can even borrow these books for reading at home or even read them in the coaching premises while having a refreshing and energizing cup of coffee, discussing the contents of books with mentors and teachers.

Experienced Teachers

The Thought Tree has some of the best teaching faculties in Jaipur, well known for their experience in the industry. The Teachers here are devoted to guiding every student personally; whenever a student finds difficulty in any of the subjects, the teachers are readily available. Most importantly, each student gets mentorship included with each stock market course they select.

About The Stock Market Courses

The Thought Tree provides various offline and online stock market courses with live trading experience. 

1. One Year Stock Market Course

The Thought Tree provides the best trading course in Jaipur. In our 1- year diploma course in the stock market, we offer 15 plus certifications. We also offer internship opportunities after the course completion and 100% job support. So you don’t need to worry about your future career as The Thought Tree has got your back covered through the best Stock Market Course.

The Thought Tree sets a suitable platform for personalized training and practical exposure to the stock market so that you can experience the depths of the stock market. You also get a free Demat account under the 1 Year Stock Market course with daily live trading and intensive trading practice. We can assure you that you can call yourself an active investor by the end of this 1-year trading course and start your journey as an investor without any doubts and queries in your mind.

2. Six Months Diploma in Stock Market Course

6-Months Trading course is the second stock market diploma course offered by The Thought Tree. The best part is you can learn more about the stock market in a small amount of time. Here you get more than nine certifications and 100% job support for sure, as the 6-month diploma course is entirely job-oriented. Here you are provided with a free Demat account and that too with discounted brokerages, and as usual, you get to practice live and intensive trading. This feature is one of the best features offered by The Thought Tree.

3. Stock Market Technical Analysis Course

Technical analysis is a method of evaluating and foreseeing price movements in the stock market; technical analysis uses price charts and market statistics to estimate the direction of the price movements. The idea here is, if an investor or trader can comprehend the previous price movement patterns, then he can easily construct a fairly detailed prediction of future price movement.   

Here at The Thought Tree, we have divided the market analysis into two separate courses. In the Stock Market Technical Analysis Course, you get to know the practicalities and methodology of using technical analysis while investing in the stock market. This course takes up to 3 weeks to complete. Again you get a free Demat account included in this course for live and intensive trading practice.

4. Stock Market Fundamental Analysis Course

Fundamental Analysis is the second stock market analysis method followed by the Technical Analysis, which we have already mentioned earlier. Fundamental Analysis is a method of calculating the intrinsic value of a stock that stirs financial statements, events, and industry trends. This intrinsic value of a particular stock does not change overnight. However, Fundamental Analysis helps traders identify key characteristics of the company and then examine the company’s actual worth, considering the macro and microeconomic factors. 

Fundamental Analysis uses the following data:

1. Historical data of the company to check the company’s past performance. 

2. Publicly perceived information on the company includes statements made by the administration; what people think of that company is equally an important set of data. 

3. The company data that is not known publicly is also useful—data like how the company owner handles crises and the company’s financial losses. 

So this is what Fundamental Analysis is all about. This is just the basic knowledge we have provided you to get a basic idea about stock analysis methods. But in these both Technical and fundamental analysis courses offered by The Thought Tree, you will get in-depth knowledge on these both types of analysis methods. The Thought Tree also makes you practice these techniques in the live market so that you won’t face difficulties in using these techniques in the future while investing in the stock market.

5. Option Writing Course

An option is an agreement that is based on the security value. The customer has the right but is not compelled to buy/sell an asset underlying at a set price before or on a particular date. There are two options, call and put. A contract where the customer has the right to buy an asset at a pre-set price within the date of passing is a call option. These assets could be bonds, stocks, or additional securities. A put option provides the seller with the right to sell a particular asset at a pre-set price on a specific date. Both these agreements are no obligations for both the buyer as well as the seller. 

Now that you have understood the terms like call option and put option let’s see what The Thought Tree offers in their Option Writing Course. There are numerous things that you will get to know under this advanced option writing course. Other details about the Option Writing Course are: 

  1. The Option-writing course certificate from The Thought Tree.
  2. The modules offered by the best experts of The Thought Tree. The teaching faculties of The Thought Tree are the best in the Jaipur and have years of experience in the option writing field.
  3. A year’s membership at The Thought Tree. At the end of the option writing course, you get access to unlimited batches, which means you can repeatedly attend classes till the very end of your membership period.  

Our Expert Team

RAS Coaching Online

Shrawan Yadav


Rajan Stock Market Course Teacher

Rajan Tiwari

Financial & Stock Market Trainer

Mukul Singh - Option Writing Teacher - The Thought Tree (T3) Stock Market Course Teacher

Mukul Singh

Option Writing Teacher

Our Approach

The Thought Tree is an outstanding Stock Market Training Institute in Jaipur, Rajasthan, providing offline and online stock market courses. Our unique approach to tutor novice investors and shape them into better professionals and expert investors through our stock market courses.

The stock market courses we offered at The Thought Tree are for beginners and professionals. With a variety of courses, students get many advantages with each course they select. Students are trained under best-skilled stock market experts and professionals after choosing a course at The Thought Tree(T3). 

Each student at The Thought Tree is a special one, so we make sure they get full attention and guidance from our side too. Mentors here at The Thought Tree(T3) are always ready and determined to clear your doubts. You can bring in doubts and queries whenever you get one, and we are ready to clear them all for you. 

The classes are well equipped with the latest technology and gadgets. We are trying our best to reduce the problems of understanding concepts faced by today’s youth. Secondly, we believe that practical knowledge is more important than just reading books. Keeping that in mind, we provide live trading facilities to grasp facts and concepts more easily and systematically. 

The internship opportunities that we provide are something you can’t get anywhere. Students can seek the market with a more detailed and positive approach. Most importantly, students get exposure to the actual stock market world and get to know various job opportunities in the stock market nowadays.

After completing an internship under The Thought Tree’s guidance, you also get job opportunities and placement offers. There is one more thing we can assure you without any questions; we commit to offer the best placements to our students so that they don’t feel tremendous pressure of finding a job on their own in the stock market.


What is Stock Market?

A Stock Market is a place where buying, selling, and issuing publicly-held companies’ stocks and other securities occur between individuals and institutional investors. In other words, it is the collection of markets and exchanges where stock buyers and sellers regularly meet.

The two terms – stock market and stock exchange are generally used interchangeably. However, they are not the same. Ordinarily, the stock exchange is a subset of the stock market. If an individual is trading in the stock market, then it means that he is buying/selling shares on one of the stock exchanges that are a part of the overall stock market.

Why Invest in the Stock Market?

Investing is a way to earn surplus money from the money you have. It is a smart way to earn some extra income while you are busy with your professional life. There are many places where you can invest your money.  Now the question is ‘Why should one Invest in the Stock Market?’. Here are three solid reasons to explain why investing in the stock market is so profitable.  

1. Investing in the stock market has become much easier than ever. Various online platforms are there, making trading easy and simplified. All you need to do is create a Demat account, verify your account by completing the KYC process, and start investing in the stock market. But you need to have the proper knowledge, and we at The Thought Tree can help you in your investments. You can join our stock market course, and we will teach you the Stock Market from basics and make you a pro. Once you start investing, you can easily make huge profits from small investments if invested correctly and with proper analysis.  

2. Compounding plays a huge role in multiplying your investments and can act as a powerful weapon for multiplying your profits. Again if compounding is used appropriately and effectively, then only you attain something out of it. Let your investments in your account and then let interests compound your investments; this is how basic compounding works. You can make huge profits using compounding.

3. Long-term investments in the stock market have always been effective. Don’t imagine that the Stock Market investments will turn a lakh into crores. Still, it will undoubtedly serve as a terrific tool for multiplying your money to the maximum extent feasible if you hold it for a long time. If you invest in the Indian Stock Market and hold it for a longer period, the stock market’s function will assist you in achieving long-term retirement goals. Before investing, do take our Share Market Course to avoid any difficulties while investing in the market. 

Some voids are still left behind even if you think you know well enough to invest in the stock market. You need expert guidance because you are investing the hard-earned money of your entire life.  However, these voids can only get filled by taking up a stock market course. A stock market course helps you in understanding the core concepts of Stock Market Investing. The Thought Tree provides the best Stock Market Course in Jaipur, to begin with, as we will teach you the basics and make you a pro trader.

What are the various Career Opportunities after completing the Stock Market Course?

The stock market is not just limited to buying and selling stock. There are various career opportunities available in the Stock Market. You can rely on the fact that many sub-industries under the financial industry get jobs based on niche opportunities. Now let’s discuss one by one the career opportunities available in the Stock Market.   

1. Stock Broker

As the name suggests, Stockbrokers are brokers dealing with stocks traded in various stock exchanges. Thus, stockbrokers act as intermediaries who buy or sell securities on behalf of investors on exchanges—a trading platform for investors where trades can be made and tracked. A stock market course usually covers the ground concepts required to become a stockbroker. 

The Thought Tree’s trading course explains everything that you need to know about the stock market in detail, covers in-depth concepts, and provides the best-discount brokerage accounts to start investing in the stock market. These brokerage accounts are available for free with The Thought Tree’s stock market courses.

2. Financial Advisor

A financial advisor is one’s financial planning partner. A financial advisor’s job is to provide information on the latest and best ways of investing money. The financial advisor will take your consent to cover topics like the amount of money you should save and the accounts you need; look for the best insurance policies, whether long-term or short-term. Financial advisors also take care of the estate and tax planning.

A financial advisor is not that easy to fit in. A good financial advisor must have the latest news and updates in the sector. The data provided by a financial advisor can help anyone invest and save their money for the future.

We at The Thought Tree help students develop financial advisor skills. We also provide practical knowledge from the very beginning. Having these basic skills are mainly expected in a financial advisor. However, a good stock market course can help you attain good observational and analysing skills. A financial advisor can only use these skills to help other people invest their money in the right place.

3. Research Analyst

Research analyst studies data related to markets, finance, accounting, customers, etc., and then analyses the studied data and further presents the analysed data to his organisation. A research analyst helps you in making better business decisions and strategies. The research analyst also helps the business or an organisation understand customer needs and shape the business accordingly.

So to make students and novice investors industry-ready, The Thought Tree sends them as interns to various finance companies to manage their accounts and strategies, to improve their business. This acts as the first step towards making a career in the stock market as a research analyst.

There are several vacancies for Research Analyst. The nature and scope of work usually depend on the type of business and the market in which they operate. Analysts assist interested parties and business owners to understand market trends and generate predictive reports. They are often involved in informing employees and departments about external market conditions and problems within the organisation.

4. Portfolio Management

A portfolio manager carries great influence on a fund, even if that fund is an open or closed mutual fund, venture capital fund, exchange-traded fund, or hedge fund. The supervisor of the fund’s portfolio will directly implicate the overall returns of the fund. Portfolio managers are thus highly experienced investors, traders, or brokers with strong backgrounds in financial management.

A portfolio manager, if neglecting his background, is either an active or passive supervisor. If a supervisor takes a passive strategy, their investment technique reflects a particular market index. Using that market index as a criterion is extremely important since an investor should anticipate seeing similar returns over the long run.

Who Can Join Stock Market Course at The Thought Tree?

The Thought Tree is always open to those who have the curiosity and desire to learn new stuff. Still, The Thought Tree offers stock market courses for both beginners as well as professionals. We have various stock market courses, and you can easily select a stock market course according to your needs.

The Thought Tree offers the best stock market courses in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The courses are precise and easy to understand. We also offer beginners stock market course that includes basic information and terminologies used in the stock market. After completing the stock market course for beginners, students can easily take up advanced levels.

Future of the Stock Market?

India is one of the fastest evolving economies globally and will probably touch the mark of more than 5 trillion dollars in just a decade ahead. India has a very young and ambitious population with a growing average income, and India’s growth rate has increased every decade since independence.

The stock market’s future is very bright and enterprising without hesitation, but to create a better future, one must start working on it from the very start. The Thought Tree works on the same principle and the best stock market training institute in Jaipur. We have trained numerous people, making people aware of the scope and benefits of the stock market.

The Thought Tree is persistently spreading awareness by organising forums to educate more and more people about the importance of trading and its effect on GDP. We provide offline and online Stock Market Courses, and the courses are easy to understand. So one can easily enter a new world of the stock market and be a part of it, even if he has never even heard about the stock market. The more people become aware of the stock market and join it, the brighter the future of the stock market in India will be.