An internship is the most effective method to acquire essential job experience. Internships are an excellent method to apply classroom information to real-world situations. While learning is one thing, using those abilities in the workplace is another. Internships allow you to explore many career options and specialities that match individual preferences. An internship enables you to get experience in the sector of work you choose to pursue. Internships not only offer individuals an advantage over other applicants when applying for jobs, but it also helps them prepare for what to anticipate in their profession and boosts their confidence in their work.

You might begin as an intern in a particular field. However, the more you discover it, the more you will learn about it. Each industry has several advantages and disadvantages. Working in a real-world setting will help you grasp the complexities of your area. At times, it may be a trying experience. Nonetheless, the benefits of being pushed beyond your comfort zone will assist you significantly in the future when confronted with a challenging task or circumstances.

For the said reasons, we at The Thought Tree provide you with many internship opportunities in various fields. We mainly offer digital market internships, internships for content writing, stock market internships, Vastu shastra internships, and Numerology internships.

Our Course Details and Internship Opportunities  

1.Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Course is a 35 hours course, and you will get to learn from the industry experts. The Thought Tree provides Digital Marketing Course via both offline and online mode on weekdays and weekends. We offer an unlimited repetition of the course during your membership period. This means that throughout your membership period with T3, you can repeat this course as many times as you want.

The Thought Tree’s Digital Marketing Course is a pervasive course divided into 8 modules. On completing the course, you will receive 8 globally recognized certificates to help you further in your job opportunities.

Internship Opportunity

We provide guaranteed internship opportunities to everyone who completes our Digital Marketing Course. We provide you with opportunities to work on real-life projects during your internship. This ensures that you learn to apply your knowledge in practical aspects too. 

We also have tie-ups with a lot of companies, and therefore we also send regular emails regarding recruitments with the details of recruiters.

2.Stock Marketing Course

We all know that investment in the stock market is growing at a good pace. We, at The Thought Tree have 8 different types of Stock Market Courses. These courses are designed according to your needs, and you can attend them at your convenience.

The length of Stock Market Courses ranges from 3 weeks to 1 year. We even provide diploma courses. The best part is that you get the opportunity to live trade daily throughout the course. We also teach you about various trading practices and help you open a free Demat account necessary for trading and investing in the stock market.

Internship Opportunity

After completing the Stock Market Course, we offer an internship opportunity with us or our partner firms. 100% guaranteed internship opportunity would fetch you a lot of benefits. You will learn everything about practical aspects, trading, analysis, etc. This internship will provide you with the right path to become a stock market trader or investor. We would also offer you a great learning platform about various stock marketing aspects along with your internship. We make sure that our students learn something useful that helps them build their careers.

3. Content Writing Course

Content writing course is a 35 hours course led by instructors in both offline and online mode. Our course is divided into 10 modules where our highly experienced educators teach 40+ types such as academic writing, technical writing, creative writing, marketing, etc. You’d also get a globally recognized certificate after completion of the course.

However, your course will not be limited to just 35 hours. You can repeat these 35 hours as many times as you want till your membership period.

Internship Opportunity

After you complete your course, we provide a 100% guaranteed internship with us or our partner firms. You will get the opportunity to acquire job experience as a content writer.

The internship in content writing exposes you to a variety of different disciplines and talents. You’ll learn about SEO and its influence on traffic. You will develop the skill of writing quickly. You gain exposure to a variety of disciplines, both technical and non-technical while researching field-specific articles. The internship will guide you in the best possible way.

4.Vastu Shastra Course

The Vastu shastra course consists of an extensive curriculum that helps you learn Home Vastu, Commercial Vastu, Pyra Vastu, Fault Analysis, etc. The course will also help you in learning how to rectify the faults that are at your place. Besides this, as a part of your practical training, we would take you for visits to archaeological sites. This will help you in learning the science of architecture.

Just like other courses, you can repeat this course throughout your membership with us.

Internship Opportunity

The course comes with a guaranteed internship opportunity post-completion of the course. This internship opportunity can be with us or our partner firms. The internship program is designed in such a way that it will help you learn about Vastu shastra in depth while working on live projects. We provide this internship to ensure that the students learn the theory and its application in practical aspects. This can also serve as a good opportunity for you to consider making your career in this field.

5. Numerology Course

Teachers employed by The Thought Tree must pass a strict and exhaustive recruitment procedure. We provide a comprehensive Numerology Course curriculum comprised of thirteen modules. These thirteen modules contain about everything there is to know about numerology courses. From the fundamentals to the professional level, this course will teach you everything. 

After completing the Numerology Course, your T3 Membership allows you one year of unrestricted participation. In other words, you may retake the course as many times as you like throughout your membership year.

Internship Opportunity

Like all our other courses, this course also comes with an internship opportunity. You will get a chance to work on live projects either with us at The Thought Tree or with our partner firms. This internship will be like a small investment in your future. It will help you gain experience and learn a lot about numerology.

As you would have already learned numerology by doing the course, the internship will give you the right platform to showcase your skills. This will also ensure that you know about new trends.

6.Ayadi Vastu Shastra Course

Ayadi calculations are secret Vastu Shastra mathematical methods utilised to construct Hindu temples and dwellings from ancient times. By mastering their use, you may ascertain the specific degree of cosmic vibration existing in anything in your environment.

Additionally, it enables you to arrange your living space and everyday things in accordance with your birth nakshatra. Our course will teach you everything from basics to advance, including vedic Vastu, home Vastu, land selection, etc.

Ayadi Vastu Shastra Course also offers you one year of unlimited course repetition throughout the membership period. After completing the course, you will obtain a globally recognised certification demonstrating your proficiency in the field. As part of the practical experience, students will tour notable archaeological sites in Jaipur alongside professors to discuss architectural principles and science.

Internship Opportunity

The internships that surround us with learning opportunities often play a significant role in our career building. The internship we provide here at T3 will help you enhance your abilities and help you excel in this field. It will also assist you to brush up on your abilities, get advanced training by working on live projects and help you secure your job if you want to pursue your career in this field. We also have tie-ups with leading firms that will also help you get internships.

Internship Opportunity


1. How can an Internship assist me?

Not only can internships provide important experience, but they also provide a chance to apply academic knowledge to real-world work settings. This will significantly improve your future career prospects.

2. Will my Internship be compensated?

Unless otherwise permitted, internships should be compensated. This is entirely up to the internship provider. Some firms can compensate interns, while others are unable to. Each internship experience is beneficial. Bear in mind that you may develop future career possibilities and contacts by entering an internship and working diligently.

3. What exactly will I be doing during my Internship?

Your specific tasks will vary according to your subject of study and the organization you are interning with. Different organisations have varying requirements, fully communicated to you before committing to an internship. As an intern in a content writing department, the tasks assigned to you will be considerably different from those assigned to you as an intern in a numerology section.