You need to know the basics of the stock market when you start live trading. The stock market course ensures that students have thorough knowledge and comprehension of the stock market before entering the workforce. Stock market courses are available at The Thought Tree to assist new investors and those just getting started in the financial markets. The stock market offers a variety of training options. As a result, you have the option to enroll in a class that best matches your needs.

The Thought Tree is Jaipur’s top trading and stock marketing institution, offering eight stock market training courses. To provide the students with a more realistic stock market trading experience, we also provide them with the finest live trading practice. Students can be trained at the Thought Tree using efficient technology in well-equipped classrooms.

Our Courses

Our courses include:

All these courses come with a variety of advantages. These courses will surely teach you how to interpret, analyze and then invest.

The course fee, however, varies accordingly. But once you join our course, you don’t have to worry about anything. We assure you that you’ll learn everything like a professional. The Thought Tree shape beginners into professional and expert traders. We also provide internships and assist you in getting placed, which is a unique feature of our institute and makes us different from others.

What is Live Trading Practice?

One of the unique features of The Thought Tree’s Stock Market Course is live trading practice. We all know trading is not a theoretical subject. It is a practical thing that can be learned by doing regular practice. We at The Thought Tree understand this thing, and under the live trading practice, we ask our students to sit in the institute and practice candlestick charts and other concepts of trading. Every student is given the assignment to practice 50-100 candlestick patterns daily and submit those charts to the stock market faculty.

Students are also advised to do paper-trading in the initial days, and once the students get the basic knowledge, then students are asked to take trades in small quantities. In this way, students get an idea of how to do the trading practically without losing any money. All these things are done under the supervision of faculty, and students get the maximum benefit. Students get to learn how things are done practically in trading. Hence, live trading practice is one of the best things for the students to build their concepts.

Benefits of Live Trading Practice

1 Practical Experience

Trading is not a theoretical concept. It is a practical thing that can be learned only with practice. Under the live trading program, students are asked to practically practice trading concepts under the guidance of faculty members.

2 Minimising the Loss

After reading the theoretical concepts, beginners in the stock market generally put a lot of money into the market and lose everything. So to minimise the loss in the initial days, we advise our students to sit with the expert faculty after the classes and practice charts and other concepts. Do paper trading in the initial days, and then put your money in the market.

3 Real Knowledge of the Market

We all know that putting all the theoretical concepts into the market in one go is not easy for beginners. To master the art of trading, one needs a lot of practice and patience, and we give the practical knowledge of the market under the live trading practice program.

4 Implementation of Theoretical Concepts into Reality

In the live trading session, students get a chance to implement their theoretical knowledge into the real stock market world. Doing live trading is very different from theoretical knowledge. Students have to deal with emotions. They have to make decisions within seconds. So during the live trading session, students learn all these things under the guidance of expert traders.

How The Thought Tree will help you in live trading practice?

The first thing that you need for live trading is a Demat account. The Thought Tree will help you in opening a free Demat account to facilitate your live trading practice. We have the best trading setup to make your trading journey smooth.

Live Trading practice gives the student a better understanding of the market and gives them more experience. Students sit with the teachers and learn how to take trades, book profits, handle emotions while trading, and many more things. T3 helps you with all this. Moreover, in case you do not understand anything or have doubts, the teachers are always there to help you with it at any point of time.