Mentorship Program for IAS and RAS Students

The Thought Tree (T3) is the leading IAS and RAS Coaching Institute in Jaipur. We offer the best IAS and RAS courses along with mentorship and guidance to students. UPSC examination is a tough nut to crack, so it is important to devise a plan while preparing for the UPSC Examination. We have an experienced faculty and professionals who combine academic theory with practical experience and industry knowledge. Thus providing quality learning experiences to the students. We provide our students with the study material that is immensely helpful and easy to understand.

UPSC exam consists of different stages. Aspirants are assessed to check their aptitude and knowledge about political, socio-economic, and cultural development. We have online classes too so that you can study anywhere and anytime! We believe in life-long learning, and our goal is to guide and provide assistance to each of our students on a personal level.

What is Mentorship?

Mentorship is a bond of two people in which the mentor is the one who offers guidance, encouragement, advice to the mentee regarding their career. A mentor is a support system who will always be with you and guide you through every phase of the exam. 

The mentor gets the advantage by leading the future generation towards success and sharing the best methods. The mentee gains knowledge and proves that they are ready to take the next step in their career and get the extra help required to make progress.

Why Do You Need a Mentor?

Mentorship helps the student increase his academic performance and achievements. A personal mentor will guide the student in various ways. You will have someone to look up to for advice concerning your studies and talk to them about your thoughts and feelings. You may find your personal UPSC and RPSC friend in your mentor, who’s there to listen to what you have to say and provide you with a solution. We strive to offer assistance so that you’d continue your journey more confidently and find a mentor and a friend in this crucial moment.

What will you get in the UPSC Mentorship Programme?  

1. Mentorship and Personalised Counselling

We offer our students individual mentorship and group mentorship while preparing for this challenging exam. Our faculty consists of highly experienced and top tutors who have your back and will guide all the aspirants to achieve their goals and successfully clear this exam in their maiden attempt.

2. Personal Attention

Students of several academic spheres prepare for this exam. So, the method of studying differs for each student. We give undivided attention to each student so that we can keep track of their progress. As a result, we ensure that students in a single batch are not more than 35. We ensure that individual attention is given to every student for the Best UPSC and RPSC Coaching in Jaipur.

3. Up-to-date Course Module and Complete Exam Exposure

The syllabus of the IAS and RAS course is covered after doing a comprehensive study. It is done to find what are the relevant and important topics high in demand for students. We offer a complete exam exposure to our students by keeping an eye on the upcoming trends and actual standards of every mock test series and interview stage.

4. Answer Writing Practise and Weekly Test Series

We ensure that our students get ample writing practice before the UPSC and RPSC exams so that students can evaluate their analytical, critical, and thought processes. It would be not easy to ace this exam without practising answer writing regularly.

We offer our students test series, weekly tests, and post-completion of the tests; we evaluate the tests and provide feedback to each student to improve their performance in the exam.

Importance of a Mentor in IAS Preparations

A mentor will always lead you towards the path of success. We will tell you the reasons you need mentorship while preparing for the UPSC and RPSC exams. The right mentor will help you in:

  • Designing a study plan as per your schedule and covering the huge UPSC Syllabus in time.
  • Time estimation for every topic to cover it in detail.
  • Guidance for selecting the right resources like books, magazines, newspapers, government publications.
  • Which optional subject to choose so you can score high marks.
  • How to manage the stress of UPSC and RPSC exam because this stress breaks the spirit of many aspirants each year.
  • They will be with you to guide you until the selection takes place. 

Special Features of Mentorship

  • T3’s Doubt sessions.
  • One-on-one counselling by retired or ex-government employees.
  • Interactive discussions for performance assessment.
  • Relationship of Mentor and Mentee.
  • Following a strict schedule to complete the syllabus on time.
  • Online and offline classes.
  • Weekly tests and answer writing practice.
  • Strong Guidance & Interaction.
  • T3’s Performance Tracker for a progress report.

How this program will help Students

  • Every student is unique and has different capabilities for studying. They may have different time constraints. So, making the same study plan for every student to complete the syllabus might not work. A good mentor knows this, and he talks with students and makes a plan as per their requirements.
  • There are a plethora of resources and study material available for IAS and RAS exam preparation. A mentor will help you pick up the right resources and cover these sources easily with the finest strategies.
  • The syllabus and the topics keep changing on daily basis guidance from a personal mentor will help you select the right sources and get real information about the topics and subjects.
  • Through this program, we can help students understand the different details of UPSC and RPSC better. An aspirant who understands these details will be in a better position than others in scoring higher marks.
  • Some aspirants might not know how to pick the best optional subject. A mentor will help you in deciding on an optional subject.
  • Some topics have more weightage from an examination perspective. A Mentor will tell students about the weightage of every topic.

Group Vs Individual Mentorship

Here at T3, you get a mentorship experience so that you can ask all queries and doubts to mentors. Every student who will be enrolled in our institute will be assigned a mentor. Mentoring is essential for young people because there are group discussions, and young people can debate over topics and share their opinions. We have mentors who give undivided attention to every individual. 

We provide individual mentorship for 2 years of IAS and RAS courses. The benefits of individual mentorship are: 

  • You will get one on one attention. 
  • You will develop strong communication skills.
  • It will boost your active listening skills.
  • You will gain self-confidence and encouragement.
  • You will develop confidence and motivation.

At T3, we offer group mentorship for 1 year IAS and RAS courses. Group mentoring will not be a problem as the maximum strength of each batch is below 35. Small batch sizes assure uninterrupted preparation and individual concentration for each student. The benefits of group mentorship are: 

  • You will get exposure to new perspectives.
  • You will acquire new information from the experiences of others.
  • Guidance for personal growth.
  • You will develop leadership qualities.
  • You will get a chance to develop new skills.

If you have any more questions regarding our mentorship program, contact us on +91 9999090136,+91 9116134572