Hidden Gems are valuable, and if anyone finds them, people think that the person is very lucky. Similarly, some stocks in the stock market are hidden gems of the stock market, and if you find them, you can earn a good income from them. So today, in this article, we will see how to find hidden gems in stock market.

In simple words, Hidden Gems are those stocks in the market that have value but are unnoticed and undervalued.

Hidden stocks are value stocks that are constantly ignored by the market. Generally, big companies’ stocks are noticed by the traders. These hidden stocks have the potential to grow. The fundaments of these stocks are very good.

The market generally avoids small-cap and mid-cap stocks. So, we can say that mainly hidden gems are small-scale stocks in the market. 

Traders have to keep in mind that not all the undervalued stocks are hidden gems of the stock market. Before investing, you need to analyse the stocks properly. You need good knowledge of the stock market. But if you don’t know the stock market well, there is no need to worry. We at The Thought Tree are there to help you. 

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Now let’s see how to find hidden gems in the stock market.

How to find Hidden Gems in the Stock Market?

To find hidden gems in the Indian stock market, you should look for stocks with less analyst attention, or you can say no analyst attention.

We should always prefer to do good research before investing in any stock, and as with hidden gems, we should be more careful because not every undervalued stock is a hidden gem stock. 

If you can find the hidden gems in this huge stock market, then this investment return profit will take at least two years. So keep patience. Now, let’s look at some of the factors that you need to keep in mind while finding hidden gems in the stock market.

1. Unlisted Companies In Stock Market 

How To find Hidden Gems in Stock Market
How To find Hidden Gems in Stock Market

Unlisted companies in the stock market are mainly hidden gems because these stocks are treated as undervalued, maybe because of their old-fashioned style or maybe because of their small-scale business. But make sure that you research about the stock before investing. If you buy shares of unlisted stocks, there’s a chance that you will get your benefits in return, but it will take a minimum time of maybe two years to reach its height. 

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2. Debt Of The Company

If the business is in profit at present but has taken huge debt on its shoulder in the past, then it is an important point to consider before investing. The company is still under the pressure of that debt; then, there’s no use of the profits. The company will not be able to survive in the future because of the debt they have taken in the past and are still not able to clear. 

3. Business Manager

This is also important for you to know who is managing the business in which you will invest. He is the person who will use your money for the company, so make sure that he is the right person. Always find out how much experience the manager has in the industry or how well he knows that particular industry.

4. Is Company Having Any Legal Issues

How To find Hidden Gems in Stock Market
How To find Hidden Gems in Stock Market

The next point that you have to keep in your mind before investing in your find of hidden gems is that company is facing any legal issues on any matters. This is important because legal matters can affect their stocks as well as the company’s reputation.

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5. Company’s Services And Products

You should look for the company’s website or can contact them directly to know about their services and products. How they give their services to the public and how they treat their customers. This will help you to understand how that company is dealing with the customers.

6. Promoter Holding 

Higher promoter holding is considered positive for the company. High promoter holding shows the company’s progress and lets others conclude the future progress of the company. It also shows that the company is going to do well in the future also, and the company’s promoters think it’s worth buying shares of the company.

7. Pledging

Pledging means taking loans against the shares that one holds. It can have a high risk for the promoters if the pledging of shares is 50 % or above 50 %. Higher Pledging shows the company’s high debt, credibility is low, and is unable to meet its least short-term requirements. So stay away from those companies who have high pledging of shares. 

8. Business Outlook Surveys

Business Outlook Surveys are surveys that track and tell the present economic situation of the businesses. It is also used to forecast short-term trends. These surveys are mostly conducted among company chiefs. Business Outlook Surveys also show the employment, working hours, prices paid, prices received, inventories, shipments, delivery times, etc. Of the businesses.

Note that mainly it’s coincident to find truly a hidden gem that will give you a lot of profits in return. The market is always unpredictable.

But these are a few more strategies that you should use and keep in mind. Always look for the company’s charts, marketing strategies, statistics, fundamental analysis, and technical analysis.

Never blind trust anyone during investing or buying shares. Always do your research.

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