Over the years, numerology has astonished people around the world. The base of numerology lies only over 1-9 single digits, which defines the energy level. The energy level attached with each of the numbers mystically reveals the forces of nature that play importance. This science also hints at one’s life. Now, let’s see in detail about Numerology Number 4.

Numerology Number 4: Personality Points

It is the number that comes after number 3 and has strikingly opposite energy. One of the visible characteristics of numerology number 4 is that individuals tend to be pragmatic and have rational thinking. They are determined and have a purposeful approach to accomplishing many things in life. However, even being practical, it is being seen that individuals are rigid and has a judgemental attitude. 

Individuals are hard-working and don’t believe in adopting shortcuts in a professional attitude. One can divide work and team up with people. Some of the fields where one can excel are Legal, Science, Agriculture, Management and Banking. 

Number 4 has a positive impact on personal life that helps flourish relationships. An individual with this number stands as an ideal partner who shows a high sense of maturity and responsibility in private life. As a parent, too, one takes care of their child. To be on the safer side in deciding over marriage and life, one must not hurry because there is a high degree of chance to be dishearted. 

The vibrational energy of 4 energises one to live a harmonious life, and the power also makes one more organised.

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Characteristic & Astrological Perspective of Numbers 4

Strength: Practical, Loyal, Hard-working, organised

Weakness: Dogmatic, Uninspiring, inflexible

Some of the numbers which share the same energy with 4 are 13, 31, 40, 103, 130, and many others. In the Tarot card, the 4th card signifies Emperor qualities and also, concerning the solar system approach, it links to the sun. Whereas the zodiac symbol represents Cancer which represents a secure environment. Additionally, just like its character is associated with crab. The nature of one is also associated with crab, meaning that one carries hard covering but has a soft inner sense. The hardcover protects the inner self. 

The mystical side of 4 is mentioned in one of the Chinese literature known as Classic of Changes (which is considered the oldest classic book of Chinese) describes that the number 4 is known as Uncultivated Youth. Words said by the most extraordinary inspiring Chinese personality Confucius are:  “To abide where danger lurks is youthfully folly…..It is our sacred duty to correct the folly of youth through education.”

Challenges Associated

This numeral is known to possess the power to make things done. But, on the other hand, the negative energy of it makes the working conservative in approach. So, it becomes difficult to work with the person during that time. 

Sometimes individuals so minutely observe that one misses the broader perspective towards carrying out work.

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Astrological Perspective of Numerology Number 4

The energy of number 4 is pragmatic and focused on material concern, which means that individuals linked to this are always attracted to wealth and power. The best part of being connected with number 4 is focusing on the critical aspects. It has an attachment to individuals who believe in carrying out work after being well-prepared. They also set SMART goals: Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound. They are excellent team players who encourage others to carry out work in their best way. 

In brief, the numerals associated with an individual reflect the lives of one. 

The basic digits are packed with various level energies and cannot describe the total effect. But can predict the energy level of all the numbers. Numerology Number 4 overall is associated with a pragmatic attitude and sharp focus. 

Knowing the effect of the numeral, one can correctly focus on the energy associated and better decide the steps in life irrespective of circumstances. If one wants to learn about Numerology, you can join our Numerology Course and become an expert.

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