The year 2021 had a hint of the pandemic in the marketing campaigns. With the pandemic subsiding to an extent, the year 2022 opened up a world of possibilities for the brands. The year has not ended, yet it has already seen a host of creative marketing campaigns that are awe-inspiring and simply superb. While it is difficult to choose the best, here are the best 5 marketing campaigns of 2022 to fuel your inspiration. These campaigns will surely make ad-makers pull up their socks in competition.

But first, let’s understand how SEO has become critical for every marketing campaign. SEO refers to the practice wherein websites are assisted in improving their ranking on search engines, especially Google. A good SEO strategist helps in strategy formation to increase traffic and sales while positioning themselves as the market leader. It is necessary for websites to improve rankings through keywords. Also, it is important to make sure that the websites help companies reach the target market.

5 Best Marketing Campaigns of 2022

1. Fast-loading Website by Rei 

Seeing is believing. A visitor to the website can easily convert into a customer when the product images are great and offer a good experience. Rei, the outdoor gear brand, worked on this concept. In order to drive sales through the website, the brand ensured a fast-loading website. However, the fact is that images take a little longer to load, marring the experience for the customers. If the page does not load in a second, there are high chances that the customer might switch to a different website. Rei worked on the website loading time, which is just 1.07 seconds. This is one of the most important SEO strategies to boost the Return on Investment.

2. Content Marketing by Etsy

A good SEO strategy is always focused on the content. This holds true for e-commerce websites. Content marketing helps such websites to make a good impression and convert visitors into customers. In order to target organic visitors, Etsy has a perfect content strategy in place. The worldwide marketplace that helps people sell handcrafted products, Etsy has high-quality content on the site. Content strategy has a bigger impact than SEO. It helps build a robust brand image.

What Etsy has done is wonderful! Content marketers cover Etsy quite frequently. Etsy has inspiring stories about its merchants on the website. The brand even has detailed content on the kinds of products sold on the site. The main objective is to direct the focus on the users, who are always under the spotlight on Etsy. This has helped the brand in customer retention. Additionally, it has even resulted in the content of the site going viral. Experts opine that user-generated content on the website is the best strategy. The exciting hooks lead viewers to deeper sites.

 3. Use of Buzzwords by Nike

The website of Nike is one of the bests in its category. The content is loaded with words like ‘must-have’, ‘trending’, ‘new releases’ and many others. The homepage of the website has the latest styles and offerings for the visitors to keep them engaged. Viewers like the interesting phrases and high-quality images used on the website. Browsing a website of Nike is an experience in itself. This is one of the top SEO examples for a brand.

The primary objective of a website is to instigate the curiosity of customers and make them browse more. The interesting photos and content laden with buzzwords on Nike is a classic example of the same. SEO strategies of Nike need to be replicated by other brands irrespective of the industries they belong to. The simple step is to find the popular keywords of the industry and use it liberally and strategically in the homepage content to make customers take notice.

4. High-quality connections by Looka

Looka helps companies create logos and brand identities using Artificial Intelligence. Looka has made the process very convenient for its customers. They just need to feed what type of colours, designs and typefaces they desire in the brand identity. Looka takes care of the rest. While this is quite common among companies these days, what Looka did was something different. It took the step of making the initial experience free for the customers. Before jumping to invest in a specific identity, companies can generate their imagination and check out whether it suits their brand image. This helps save a lot of money for companies.

The tool was completely free in the initial stages. This helped bloggers recommend the tool to their audience. Customers too liked using it as they did not have to make any kind of investment for experiencing Looka. This helped improve the backlink profile of the brand to a great extent. Many known websites were able to connect to Looka. Search Engines consider this as the credibility of the website. The SEO strategy that Looka used was to gather high-quality connections to improve the ranking of the website.

5. User-generated content by Amazon

Without any doubt, Amazon has a superb SEO strategy in place to attract customers to the website and keep them engaged. The site offers user-generated content that is generally in the form of ratings by buyers and their reviews on products. The brand further gives social signals to the items while assisting the visitors in making informed purchasing decisions.

A good SEO strategy involves the users. Their comments on the products keep the content fresh and engaging. This is very important for e-commerce websites. Amazon has nailed the e-commerce SEO. Amazon persuades buyers to review the products. This helps the website to update the content without much effort. This is one of the best SEO strategies for e-commerce websites.

6 Points to Consider while devising SEO Strategy

  1. SEO is the most important content of any marketing campaign. Hence, companies trying to promote their business should understand the rules of SEO and the methods that help it succeed.
  2. It is required of marketers to notify search engines about the particulars of the website and the reason it should rank well on search engine result pages. Companies should utilise on-page, off-page and technical SEO methods for the same.
  3. SEO can help companies acquire targeted traffic for free. Companies just need to have their online shop, blog or website for the same.
  4. SEO helps improve the customer experience of websites while increasing their usability. It does not just revolve around search engines.
  5. E-commerce websites need to have a strong content strategy in place to gain the attention of organic visitors.
  6. Companies should analyze the content on regular basis. Finding out the problems and handling them efficiently helps in determining the reasons why visitors to the website click on particular search results.

5 Myths surrounding SEO Strategies

According to, it’s difficult (yet, profitable) to master every nuance of SEO and search engine algorithms. There are a few myths that companies need to forgo while devising a robust SEO strategy for their brands.

  1. SEO or Search Engine Optimization needs to be done just once. 

However, it is an ongoing process. Companies need to refresh their content to stay relevant in search engine results.

  1. SEO can be taken care of in later stages

However, SEO needs to be taken care of in the first stage of website development. The website content loses its essence and relevance if SEO is pushed into it.

  1. Meta keywords optimization is very necessary

However, it is a waste of time and efforts. Search engines don’t give much importance to meta keywords stag. It does not help in improving the search engine rankings of website.

  1. Local businesses do not need SEO

However, local SEO is a most important requirement. As the usage of mobile search has increased, local businesses are able to tap the right target market and convert them into loyal customers.

  1. Target keyword density helps improve Search Engine Rankings

However, forcing keywords into the content to meet the quota makes the content dull and uninteresting. Using keywords naturally at places where they are required does help share the content.

In the End

The advertising and marketing industry is constantly changing. The year 2022 made it clear that a simple and straightforward message will rule the roost in the coming times. SEO companies should understand that Search Engine Optimization strategies are common for businesses. What works on one works for another, most of the time. The best marketing campaigns discussed here will definitely help companies to increase their organic search presence.

When it comes to SEO, many companies are of the opinion that it is all about rankings. However, getting the top spot on the search engine does not help in retaining customers. While it is true that a prominent ranking is required to get the attention of the target market, however, a top ranking does not always lead to conversions or clicks or even profit. The ultimate SEO strategy is one that aligns the entire marketing plan and focuses on offering a beautiful experience to every visitor on the site. The main objective is to keep the visitors happy.

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