Are you facing the problem of stagnation in your job and daily life? If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place. This article will help you to make your life easier and reduce stress. Often working professionals post-starting their jobs face problems in career progression. The job progression demands continuous attainment of the latest skills and being well versed in technology. Once you start your job, the best way to get knowledge on the latest advancements is by going for certifications. They help in gaining knowledge, and the credibility of the certification from a good institute is also much. Certification demands less time and money. The effort is also less required, and the return is comparatively much more in terms of value and package hike. One such certification is the six sigma green belt.

Six Sigma is a universally renowned certificate that helps in improving business processes. The business processes may turn out to be outdated and may not perform as per the customer’s expectations. With changing times, one needs to be vigilant and adapt to the change. Companies keep on analyzing the business processes and inculcating new techniques and ways of executing the business process. This helps in removing any kind of deviation from it. The errors in the existing process can also be removed from the techniques taught in six sigma certification.

The value of six sigma is 3.4 errors per million opportunities. When we compare this ratio, it comes out to be 99% accurate. Companies constantly try to work on this number and make their process almost perfect.

Improving daily life with Six Sigma 

The best part about the certification is that professionals can apply it in their daily lives too. Many professionals undergo stress that can hamper their health and work too. Six Sigma helps in making life easy and stress-free in the following ways:

  • Helps in building resilience that motivates the employees to work towards success. It makes life more meaningful.
  • It can help in increasing the efficiency of the professionals. Six Sigma teaches you to eliminate unnecessary steps and focus only on the important ones. The techniques taught during the course urge the professional to complete the task on time and with limited effort. Optimization is the key.
  • Six Sigma can help in reducing stress by decluttering your space. Often when the space where you are working is cluttered or clumsy, it can lead to stress and irritation. With the 5S of Six Sigma, stress can be reduced. The 5S stands for sort, set, shine, standardize and sustain. These 5S are more or less in line with the DMAIC technique taught in the course
  • Helps in streamlining the life processes
  • Urges you to follow a proper routine and ignore unnecessary things. Focusing on the important aspects of life can help in increasing efficiency and improve the mental state.

Importance of Six Sigma

Change is the only constant and people who adhere to change are successful in the long run. Companies follow the same ideology. When it comes to meeting the customer’s expectations, one needs to include all the latest trends that are in the market. This helps in retaining the customer and earning their trust. A good customer base is the foundation of any business.

Six sigma certification online India can not only improvise the existing process but helps in making the new processes also as per the demand and trend in the market.

Six sigma green belt is a foundational course in this field. All the concepts are taught and a brief picture is told of the concepts. It is the starting point in the Six Sigma journey. As and when one becomes perfect in this stage, he/she can go for higher levels which are the six sigma black belt and master black belt. Two techniques are followed and taught is green belt certification:

  • DMAIC: This stands for Define, measure, analyze, improve, and control. It is used for the existing process.
  • DMADV: This stands for Define, measure, analyze, design, and verify. This technique is for new processes.

Benefits of Six Sigma Certification in terms of career

Six Sigma certification can help professionals in many ways. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Ensure Compliance and process improvement.
  • It helps in Nurturing Managerial And Leadership abilities.
  • Helps in salary hike
  • Gain Hands-On Experience In Quality Management
  • This certificate/method is accepted by all industries This increases the scope and domain of the employee.
  • The value of the employee increases in the organization. With the completion of each level, the position of the employee grows. He/she can work on the managerial level too.

Once you go for a good certification like six sigma, you can sit back and relax. The career progression would happen. A good institute is very important when it comes to getting favorable results.

One of the institutes that offer the best six sigma black belt certification in India is ISEL Global Education. The trainers are highly skilled and help the applicants to know the topics in and out. The theoretical, as well as practical concepts, are taught during the course. It is an agency-based institute that helps professionals in finding good jobs and internships as well. One gets a chance to work on live projects as well. The trainer is cooperative and is ready to help beyond office hours as well. The study model is available in both modes that are offline as well as online. One can choose the most suitable option.

The institute holds your hand in this journey toward a successful career. So now there is no need to worry or take the stress. Six Sigma will make your professional life easy and successful. Apply now!

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