Rewriting has become compulsory to make your work unique and authentic at the same time. Whether you are an academic writer or a general-purpose writer, you must have to learn this technique. 

The reason is that 7 million blogs are published daily on the internet, which makes it hard to be unique. It is common to find matches of your work from any other source on the internet. 

In this regard, the safest way to make the work unique and get desirable outcomes is rewriting. 

Are you struggling with this task? Do you have a hard time getting better outcomes from your rewriting? Don’t worry because you can use AI-based tools now. 

This blog aims to tell you about how such tools can enhance the quality of work in addition to making it unique. We will also show you some of the best tools to use in this regard. 

How can AI-Based Tools Enhance Content Quality?

First of all, let us tell you how AI-based tools can enhance work quality. It is a common question asked by many writers because it is a common myth to think that such tools will just add fluff content. 

AI-based tools will work like the human brain and reword your given text accordingly. Such tools will not use a general-purpose algorithm for this purpose. But it will help you in getting content with enhanced quality. 

Here are some of the properties by which it will boost the content quality. 

  • AI-based tools will not change the core meanings of the content. 
  • Such tools will enhance the readability score of the text. 
  • By using AI tools, you can keep your content as simple as you want. 
  • These tools will help you in choosing the best-fit words to replace with originals. 

With the help of these features, AI tools will help you to enhance the content quality. You can easily use this tool to rewrite the original text without thinking about the quality of the final text. 

But the main problem is the selection of a tool for this purpose. It is right that you should not rely on any tool because it is a matter of your work. So, we have researched for you and enlisted the 3 best tools to use for rewriting. 

3 Best Content Rewriting Tools 


It is not easy to find the best tool from the list of Rewrite tools when you have hundreds of choices available on the internet. Among a few top-rated tools, we have this rewriting tool offered by

This tool has multiple features that may not be available in other tools. First of all, this tool has three modes of rewriting that you can switch just with a single click. These modes will help the tool in understanding the text and rewrite it accordingly. 

For instance, the tool will only replace the words with the original ones in “Word Changer” mode while it will rewrite the whole sentence in “Sentence Changer” mode. You can choose any of its modes just with a simple click on the name of a mode. 

Another feature of this tool that makes it better than others is the extensive word count limit. This tool doesn’t restrict you from inserting words for rewriting. You can paste as many words as you want to get them rewritten within a few seconds. 

Along with this, you should not need to log in or register with this platform. It is completely free for everyone and can be used multiple times. Last but not least, you will get a side-by-side preview of both the original and rewritten text. 

For a better preview, you will get the replaced words in bold and colored format. It will give you a clear preview of what the tool has changed from the original content. 

All in all, this tool enables you to get your text rewritten with perfection and efficiency. You can use this rewriting tool for rewording any type of content. 

2. Article Rewriter by 

On the second position of the list of rewrite tools, we have a tool by This platform is offering the best rewriting tool with advanced features. 

Like the above rewriter, this tool has also no word count limit. It means that you can insert as many words as you want to be rewritten in a single turn. Along with this, it has some extensive features. 

First of all, this tool has a multi-lingual working algorithm. It means that you can rewrite the content written in another language too in addition to English. You can choose your concerned language by clicking on the language box. 

Along with this, the tool will enable you to take part in the rewriting process. Once the tool has replaced the words with the new ones, you can click on those words to get more suggested words. 

In this way, you can replace new words directly if you think the tool has not changed them properly. So, you can say that it is a tool that will let you change the words even after rewriting with the help of its AI-based algorithm. 

But this tool has a few limited features as compared to the above tool. For instance, this tool is available in a single working mode for free users. But you can use its creative mode only when you are a premium user of this tool. 

3. Article Rewriter by

If we say that this rewriting tool is a combination of the both above-mentioned tools, it will be right. In this tool, you will get four working modes that you can switch with a single click on the box given just beside the name of every mode. 

But it enables free users to access three modes while the “Creative” mode is only for premium users. Abide by this, the tool will also allow you to replace the words manually from the “Paraphrased text”. 

You can click on any word to check the original term as well as more suggested words. In this way, you can also learn new terminologies for the same process. In addition to these features, this rewriting tool will allow you to Check Plagiarism, Check Grammar, and Summarize the rephrased content. 

The only reason why we have this tool in the third position is advertisement display. This tool will not allow you to browse and use it without showing ad banners if you are a free user. 

Final Verdict 

In the above guide, we have discussed the 3 best tools that can help you in rewriting content. These AI-based tools will enable you to get the original text rewritten as well as enhance the quality of the original content. 

The only thing that you have to do is to proofread the content before submission. It is because you may find a few suggested words more readable and perfect than those that the tool has changed in your original text. 

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