The space industry is a multi-billion dollar collaboration that accounts for a number of innovations, products, services, jobs, research channels and beyond. But what happens within that is relevant to life on Earth? Well, the answer is, quite a lot! So many things happen every day as a direct result of the space ecosystem, and it is always great to find out exactly what these factors are to paint a clearer picture of why it needs to exist. 

Accelerating Innovation for Life on Earth

Human beings are constantly evolving. We are always seeking new ways to grow, acquire knowledge, and accumulate better practices and ways of living, and all of this is possible largely because of research and development within the space ecosystem. Take connectivity, for instance. How many people use mobile phone devices or internet connections around the world? Too many to count? The answer is, around 4.9 billion which is a phenomenal figure when you sit and really think about it. The way that we connect has undeniably been changed for the better thanks to the innovations tapped into in the space sector, but it doesn’t stop there. There have also been great leaps and bounds in the medical fields as well like technology acquired to detect and prevent cancer, for example. 

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Examples of Successful Health Interventions

Three things spring to mind when you connect the space ecosystem to health innovation. Firstly, the ability for surgeries to be more precise and successful thanks to robotic arm technology. Secondly, the ultrasound facilities that provide essential preventative pathways for cancer patients and beyond. Thirdly, the development of life-changing protein developments that create better treatments and enable a higher healing capacity. 

Supporting the Economy

Owing to the vast size and stature of this industry, there are obvious ties to how that impacts and influences the economy. If there is one thing every country needs at the moment, it is the hope that inflation will slow, and economies will bounce back. With the guidance and direct influence of such a huge factor like the space industry, this will definitely contribute positively. Everything from new technology to educational programs and career opportunities empower economies and are an integral part of retaining financial momentum. 

Climate Change Observations

It is difficult to avoid the discussion around climate change and all that entails. The consequences of climate change, though still widely debated, are clear to see. These harmful events will change the scope of planet Earth and everyone or everything inside of it. There are ways to move forward with this, and positive changes to be made, but that will take time, compelling evidence, and extensive research. Some of this can only be achieved with a monitoring system, which is mainly provided and run by the space industry. Satellites are placed all around the world which monitor weather changes, flood patterns, ice cap transformations, and animal behaviors too. This is not all, and all of these factors mean there can be a greater dive into ways to find positive solutions for an eco-focused future. 

Space Ecosystem Career Opportunities

The global space enterprise accounts for over one million jobs. There are extensive career opportunities within that suit a range of skills, ambitions, and trajectories. It is not just about astronauts, and in fact this profession only has around 40 people actively engaged in a role and an even smaller 14 actually in space. No, the real opportunities lie elsewhere and include research roles, scientific professions, engineering opportunities and administration ones too. 

How to Access a Space Career

Regardless of which opportunity you are pursuing, there are certain routes to take. All top-tier professions like specialist engineers and researcher positions will require at least a degree level, if not Doctorate or Master level qualifications in order to secure a role. However, the general support jobs that facilitate operations and pursue business opportunities are easier to access as long as you have the right education and insight. Find a pathway through from an official source like and explore exactly what a career in space could bring to your life. 

Examples of Career Opportunities

So, what could you be if you go down this path and become a part of one of the biggest industries in the entire world? There are plenty of options.


Becoming an astronaut is no easy feat. There are intense training programs that include pushing your physical capacity to the limit, complemented by logic exams and scientific understanding. You have to be a certain personality type to be able to cope with the pressure, and the competitiveness for these roles is, well, astronomical. 


Engineers are the essential workers on the ground that make spacecraft function, tech the best it can be, and new solutions for old problems. An engineer has to be confident in their skills and application and have a creative flair as well. 


For a more scientific role, consider becoming a researcher. Anything from medicinal innovations to ways to improve the environment can be observed through learning about space. You may play a part in exploring planets from the ground, or you could become a member of the team that changes the face of medicine for the better. 


If you want to explore a different route entirely, there are a lot of administration roles that go into ensuring the industry is able to continue to work properly. This could be a role of support or one of management depending on what you want and how you get there. 

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Protecting Essential Food Supplies

Growing, cultivating, and maintaining viable levels of food production is a difficult task. Satellites and other space tech can provide essential support to all of these processes which will protect the food supply all over the world. This information can and does provide insight into upcoming natural disasters that may jeopardize a crop, for instance, a wildfire. This, in turn, gives people space to plan and prevent major losses that would harm not only their business but also the food supply to various communities.

As you can see, research in space is intertwined with many different industries and processes on Earth. 

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