Numerology dates back thousands of years and has believers across the world. You may learn a lot about yourself and others by creating a simple chart using your birth date and complete name. Numerology today emphasises using only your birth date, first and last name to construct a basic chart about you. Starting in numerology, remembering the personalities of numbers 1 to 9 is all it takes for a new numerologist to become proficient in numerology.

Finding out the meaning of numbers is a great way to learn more about the language we use every day. This means that you are given a name at birth for your soul, which is your eternal, non-physical self. The significance of this name is both energising and symbolic.

So, for example, if you want to calculate your life path or your destiny number, it you can do it using numerology.

How to Calculate Your Life Path Using Numerology?

How to Learn Numerology
How to Learn Numerology

To get started with numerology, look up your date of birth on a calendar. The goal of numerology is to find the fundamental number. By simply reducing the number of digits until you have just an 11 or 22, known as Master Numbers, you may do this (more on this later). Your Life Path Number is a single number.

As with your astrological sun sign, your Life Path Number indicates your bigger purpose as well as strengths and weaknesses. It also identifies abilities and goals. The Life Path Number reveals what kind of person you are regarding your history, present, and future. It’s the method to the madness, to put it simply.

Suppose your date of birth is the 26th of December, 1992. You will need to decrease the following date to a single number to find your Life Path Number:

The month of December is 12, therefore 1 + 2 = 3.
The date 26 has been recalculated as 2 + 6 = 8.
And 1992 is represented by the numbers 1 + 9 + 9 + 2. This comes to a total of 21. The number 21 is thus reduced to the sum of 2 plus 1, equaling 3.

The sum is 14, which is obtained by adding the shortened month, date, and year numbers (3 + 8+ 3). Finally, we arrive at 5 by adding 1 + 4. Your Life Path Number, if you were born on this date, is 5. Seeing it all written out like this may seem overwhelming at first, but it becomes considerably less intimidating.

You may also utilise numerology to determine the root number of a name or word; here, our old friend Pythagoras makes life easier. As you see it, certain letters have numerical values based on his ideas.


This method makes it simple to discover the root number linked with a person’s name, often known as their Destiny Number, by numerologists. To discover your Destiny Number, you must reduce your complete name (first, middle, and last) down to a single-digit and add the result.

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How to Learn Numerology?

So isn’t this interesting and helpful to determine a lot of things in your life? Numerology helps you achieve success in whatever you do. Moreover, this would also determine which path you should choose or which work you should undertake.

Thus, it would help if you considered a few points mentioned below to learn Numerology. Take a look at some more complex methods of number interpretation. Numerological techniques that demand more advanced knowledge can be explored after mastering the fundamentals. Check out some of the most current courses about various types of charts to get a sense of the vast numerological possibilities available to you.

Numerological compatibility may be determined by comparing the charts of many individuals, figuring out someone’s anticipated talents from their chart, and using the current date to compare two charts and generate a daily forecast.

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How can The Thought Three help you in Leaning Numerology?

At The Thought Tree, we provide the best Numerology Course. Here are some of the special features of our Numerology Course. 

1. Highly Qualified Teachers

Teachers hired by The Thought Tree must adhere to a rigorous and comprehensive recruiting process. Teachers are selected based on their previous experience teaching Numerology and competence in Numerology Consultancy. 

2. Benefits of a 1-Year Membership

Upon completing the Numerology Course, your The Thought Tree Membership entitles you to unlimited participation for the following year. In other words, you can take the course as many times as you like when you are a member.

3. Extensive Course Curriculum

We offer an extensive course curriculum consisting of 13 modules. These 13 modules cover everything that you need to know about numerology courses. From the ground-level basics to professional, you will learn everything with the help of this course.

4. Certificates 

After finishing the course, you’ll be awarded a globally recognised certification that shows you’ve learned much about the subject matter. Additionally, you will receive a Certificate after your internship. You can be use it as proof of your competence and utilised to build a solid customer base.

5. Internships and Other Support

The Thought Tree’s Numerology Experts provide a 100% guaranteed internship. Students also get a chance to work on real-life projects. This ensures that we want our students to have a solid foundation in theory and hands-on experience.

6. Practical Learning

Professors and students will visit famous ancient sites in Jaipur as part of practical training to explore architectural principles and science. We’ll also talk about other well-known destinations in India and throughout the world. Additionally, every month for the following 1 year, special Bootcamp Sessions (to study Numerology Online) will be organized to review ideas and practice skills with industry professionals to make you industry-ready.

Therefore, The Thought Tree’s Numerology Course is the complete package that you may be looking for. From basics to advanced, including practical and theoretical aspects, our course will teach you everything. We highly recommend you to join our numerology course and master Numerology. 

Hope this article helped you to understand “How to Learn Numerology?”.

Some FAQs

  1. Is it possible to know my future via Numerology?

No, because it isn’t God, it cannot tell you your future. However, it can show you the data that have an impact on your life. I’m able to make inferences about the nature of events happening to and inside you at any one time by comprehending the effect of those statistics.

2. Is there a number in Numerology that is considered lucky?

No. The mindset you put into a number determines whether it is lucky or unlucky.

3. Is there a specific number that can make our lives a little easier?

No. Every digit represents a life lesson or obstacle that must be conquered. Regardless matter how spiritual, well-behaved, healthy, or brilliant you are, you were created to learn and develop from your life experiences here on Earth. As a result, there will always be lessons to learn.

4. Can I learn Numerology perfectly with just one course?

Yes definitely. It is a straightforward and exciting course. It is suggested to enroll in The Thought Tree’s Numerology course to learn Numerology thoroughly.

5. How can I enroll myself in the course?

You can contact us directly through the details provided on our website Besides this, you can also visit our office between 9 am to 7 pm from Monday to Saturday and enroll yourself.

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