What is Numerology?

Numerology is an occult or pseudoscience belief system with numbers as its principal element. This science has shown the importance of numbers and the universe’s origin in one’s life. Commonly, we all interact with numbers in our daily life. From calculating our grocery bills to fixing our party date or even qualifying exams, numbers are linked in some form or other. Like a natural resource that connects one culture with another, numbers have the power to join too. The magic of numbers has a history of enlightening people for ages and has been part of many religions worldwide. So today, in this article, we will see Importance of Numerology.  

Numerology has helped people draw meaning from different aspects of their life. Things related to health, relationship, career growth, wealth, personal growth, marriage, etc., can also be studied and sketch the positive or negative aspects. The events linked to numbers help tap the most influential element. The influence of numbers can help one get a direction in life.

Since numerology is considered a branch of astrology, dealing with a sophisticated scientific system sometimes fools people. At the same time, if one comes across a knowledgeable numerologist, one can benefit from reaching him out.

Important Numerology Numbers

Narrowing it down to the Indian context only as this scientific area is studied and considered in many cultures and religions. The three most relevant numbers stand the most critical criteria in determining an individual life. They are-

1. Name Number

The name number is the number devised by one name by adding the number value attached with each alphabet and then reducing it to the basic number. For example, if one name is RAM. The sum of the name will be 32 (18+1+ 13), and the Basic number is 5 (3+2).

[Alphabet numeric value

A=1 , B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5, F=6, G = 7, H = 8, I = 9, J = 10, K =11, L=12 , M=13, N=14, O=15 , P=16, Q=17, R=18, S=19, T=20, U=21, V=22 , W=23 , X=24, Y=25, Z=26]

2. Destiny Number

The Basic number, in return, has some meaning attached to it. Even if one changes one character, the destiny or the importance attached to one’s life will change. Therefore, this numerical value is essential in resolving conflict between Destiny and Psychic number. Secondly, the Destiny number represents individuals’ vibes and how others perceive them. Numerologists believe that the name number itself can reveal the characteristics of a person. The number is obtained by adding the date, month, and year when one is born and the base number, which is finally being obtained.

3. Psychic Number 

Lastly, the Psychic number is the unique number that reveals the characters, talent, and skills one has. We get this number by adding the date of birth, 21 – Sept-1993, then the psychic number is 3 (2+1). Numerologist believes that this number helps individuals decide individuals likings, such as marriage, relationship, friendship, dreams, desires, and many more similar aspects.

The basic numbers 1-9 have different meanings and nature. It is believed to have different vibrations. Now, let’s see basic details about these Numbers and Importance of Numerology.  

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Basic Numbers and Importance of Numerology

Importance of Numerology
Importance of Numerology

1– It is the first number, and the sun governs it, and it has a masculine structure and turns ideas into reality. 

2– It is a number that has a feminine aspect. It indicates characteristics like sophistication, classic style, and excellent choices. Due to its curvy style, it represents an agile approach.

3– It represents creativity and humorous nature. Along with it, a person which this number requires guidance in every aspect of life. Due to its unique position, it represents the right place at the right time.

4– After 2, this is another number that has feminine characteristics. The individuals with this number are humble in nature, not attention seekers, and good at physical activity or work.

5– This number represents a nomadic attitude which means an individual constantly looks forward to experiencing a different lifestyle. They never settle for anything and don’t like boredom.

6– Planet Venus governs this and represents a loving & caring personality. 6 is considered to be healers or protectors by nature. 

7– It represents an intellectual attitude. Individuals who have this number are highly intellectual, and dreamers and they have an understanding of art and can be a bit aloof. 

8– A comparatively less understood number represents both creation and destruction. The number is also associated with power and money. 

9– It is the last number in the series and is the highest cardinal number. It has qualities similar to number 6 but opposite, representing global awareness.

Moreover, the whole number and its meaning are well in-depth. The details above are just a window to make one intuitive about the fundamental science behind numerology. This science helps one make decisions when one cannot frame a conclusion. Also, it can show the right direction or approach and direct one to carry out work at the right time/place. One must look for a reputed numerologist or expert for a detailed consultation. In- brief, one can self-discover oneself with the magic of numbers. 

Numerology is worth knowing as it gives power towards knowing oneself and others concerning real potential, skills, desires, approach, deeds, etc. At the same time, understanding and believing this science can be complex. You might need a good Numerology Course to learn and become expert.

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Use of Numerology

  1. To know overall personal and professional growth in one’s life
  2. Choose a lucky name for baby 
  3. To get guidance in making some decisions. 
  4. To get to know about oneself in-depth

Numerology might be a complex thing for beginners to learn. You need proper support and guidance to become an expert in Numerology. So if you want to learn Numerology, then join The Thought Tree. We provide the best Numerology Course in Jaipur (both online and offline). The course comes with numerous benefits like individual mentorship, practical training, monthly bootcamps, certifications, and many more things.

That’s all for today. I hope this article helped you to understand the importance of Numerology. If you have any questions, then comment down below.

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