Have you ever experienced that a business in a particular block or area is not running well even if the product and service are good? You are putting effort, yet you do not see that outcome. Has this ever happened? If yes, then here comes the role of Vastu Shastra. Today, in this article, we will see some of the best Vastu Tips for Business Growth.

The field of Vaastu Shastra comes to help wherein it converts 99% of your efforts to 100%. The Sanskrit word ‘Vaastu’ literally means a dwelling, and it goes back to the Vedic times where people used to write scripts on the layout of a small village or individual house. Each direction, namely East, West, North and South, is significant as a magnetic field is linked. The five elements – Earth, water, air, sun (light) and sky- play their roles according to these directions and have particular impacts on a place. For example, you might have observed one specific house receives a lot of wind due to its particular orientation to directions.

People believe that these elements, when received appropriately, bring in the frequency required for the nourishment of the place. Many business people strongly believe that it brings more prosperity when they design their workstations according to Vaastu Shastra principles. The direction of the entrance, central cabin location, seating arrangement of the staff, and other things are important.

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Importance of Direction in Vastu Shastra

  1. North – This direction is often regarded as the direction of career, prosperity, and wealth. 
  2. South – It’s opposite to the North, so it is considered that wealth and good things from the North saved in the South direction. In a way, this direction is a receiving end.
  3. East – A solid direction for receiving energy! 
  4. West – As for the south direction, this is also considered a place where no big openings should be kept as the energy received from the East might seep away.  

Best Vastu Tips for Business Growth

1. The Land and Its Shape 

If you are going for a buy plot to construct your business place, it is advisable to choose a land that is wider in the front and narrower at the end. There are two types of land if it’s not a perfect rectangle or square. One is called ‘Gowmukhi’ (looking like a cow’s face). This is narrower in the front and wider at the back. These names have been delivered based on how a cow and a lion look from the front. Another is ‘Shermukhi’ (looking like the face of a lion).

Gurmukhi is considered suitable for house construction. The philosophy behind this is that the cow is a low maintenance animal. Fodder is not that costly, and in return, it will give milk. You can use for various dairy products like ghee, curd, etc. For professional purposes, Sher Mukhi is considered beneficial. This denotes that there will be a lot of positive energy coming in, welcoming new clients, customers, or investors. There will be certain expenses as every business will have, but new prospects will increase. This is an important Vastu Tips for Business Growth.

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2. Accessibility

Vastu Tips for Business Growth

This is quite an obvious but important point that commercial space should be preferably close to a functional road. Even though this is obvious, many people often go to shops or lands which are not easily accessible as they are sold at a lesser price. This short-term cost saving can eventually hamper the future business. For example, a man buys a medical shop in a narrow lane, and another buys one close to the main road. Customers will prefer going to the 2nd one.  Let’s move on to the next Vastu Tip for Business Growth.

3. Directional Arrangements

It is important to utilize the skills of each employee. Even though the employee is highly qualified, there are chances that they may not be able to perform to the maximum level just because of the place where they are not appropriate. As mentioned above, the East and North directions are strong to gain positivity. Hence the employee seating should be such that they face either of these directions. This will automatically bring in their productivity, which will benefit the business. 

People from the business development or sales department are especially encouraged to have this type of seating as these are the ones bringing in new sources of business. The creative team should be facing East related to social media marketing and social connections. The planning and execution team can be seated in the South direction bringing in the calmness towards work which is the requirement of their role. Conference rooms where you discuss new ideas, make certain decisions, or conduct client meetings should be in the northwest direction. This direction brings in support and acceptance. 

It is essential to decide the entrance of a business building. As noted above, North and East directions bring in the wealth, entrances of buildings should face in these directions to welcome positivity and good luck. Pantry or cafeteria should be in south-east direction. A very important room is the owner’s cabin. This person should be able to perform to the maximum capacity. It is recommended that the cabin should be in the south-west direction wherein the owner is facing in the North. Hence, this is one of the most important Vastu Tips for Business Growth.

4. Significance of Colors 

Each color has its frequency band, so we perceive it with our eyes in a particular manner. Similarly, each direction and color can create a good or bad combination. Let’s say you have a yellow-colored wall or object in the North direction. This color and direction are enemies of each other, which might be financially unhealthy for the business. North should always have colors of prosperity which are shades of green. West, as mentioned above, is a slightly weak direction. Putting white or blue or any of such calming colors will reduce the effect of the negative energies of this direction. Let’s move on to the next Vastu Tip for Business Growth.

5. Furniture and Lighting 

Although this part does not deal with direction straight but plays a significant role in the way employees will perform. Imagine a place with dull lighting. This will for sure have an impact on the staff’s day to day performance. Too bright or loud lights might distract the people. As far as possible, try to have natural light coming in, but sometimes it is not practically possible; hence a nice play with light is necessary. A good, fresh lighting system is important. The furniture material, its texture and color are also deciding factors. L shaped patterns in office desks create confusion. Try rectangular workstations with good laminate and smooth texture.

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6. Aesthetics

Need not to say but keeping your workplace clean is the job of everyone. Cleaning up your desk can significantly impact productivity. In a study, people were asked to clean their desks first thing in the morning, and it showed that they could plan their day in a better manner. Psychologically, this tells your brain that my first job is done successfully, and I can also achieve the later tasks.

Companies have now implemented 5s methods, which is a Japanese principle. 5s stands for sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain. This way, not only do the employees start their day on a good note, but clients visiting the company are happy by the dedication over small things.

The reception area, the first meeting point between client and company, must be impressive. Install good lighting, fresh color furniture, and an attractive background wall. A good welcome will create a lasting impression for any visitor. Many business owners paint seven horses in a running position on the wall opposite the entrance. They have mentioned that this has increased their success rate, and sales have increased.

Flowing water (for example, a water fountain or miniature waterfall) are considered bad in a house but good in office space. The sound of water splashing itself is relaxing. Keeping a water fountain in the north direction can bring development in business. If your office area has space outside, do some plantations in that area. The green color itself helps you relax and take out the stress. Various office plants are available that do not need sunlight, and you can keep them on tables if not outside.

So that’s all for today. I hope these Vastu Tips for Business Growth will help you grow your business. If you have any queries, please comment down below.

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