When we talk about the bulk SMS service, you see that both Text Bulk SMS and Whatsapp Bulk Messages services are perfect. However, both platforms are used differently and for different reasons or purposes.

In this article, you will find out why you should be using both the platform and when? Using both platforms to market your service or products will give you results, but only when you use both the services with planning and some tricks and tips about experts. GetItSMS and other such companies related to it are giving them services. TheWordText, EasyWaySMS, and 99SMSService all these platforms give top advice, tricks, and tips to their customers to approach their targeted audience.


WhatsApp Bulk Messaging Service?

WhatsApp bulk messaging services are growing by leaps and bounds, and businesses are jumping on this bandwagon. Marketing with WhatsApp has become super popular and easy. Businesses are using bulk messaging services to market their services or products with WhatsApp Bulk SMS in Bangalore or other cities of India.

WhatsApp has become an important part of the marketing tool today, and almost all businesses choose this service to market their products and services. The services of bulk messaging have given the results and have improved the company’s images in the market. There are so many uses of bulk SMS service with WhatsApp and can reach your targeted audience that is looking for your services and products using various mediums.

However, the service of WhatsApp is different from text messaging in bulk, but both have their uses to communicate with their customers. When you choose the service of this WhatsApp bulk SMS, you will notice that all its features are outstanding that can help your business meet your target and communicate comprehensively.

WhatsApp has 2 billion active users using this application; your targeted audience is also there that is using this platform to communicate with friends and families. However, having a large number of active users on this platform makes the company mouth-watering, and they get ideas to market their business. When you choose the service, you notice that the services are growing, and businesses are taking advantage of this service to meet their targeted audience.

What Advantages WhatsApp Bulk Messages Have? 

Bulk WhatsApp comes with so many advantages, and this platform has given results to businesses all the time. Businesses are using the service of WhatsApp bulk SMS to market the products and services, and businesses use this service to meet the targeted audience comprehensively. WhatsApp gives so many options which will help your business with all these options the businesses are free to use its service. However, when the companies use this bulk SMS service, they have to use some tips and tricks to deliver the messages to the customers. Below we have explained all the advantages of bulk SMS with Whatsapp which will help your business to meet your targeted audience. Have a look at the incredible advantages of WhatsApp bulk SMS for your business below.

As a business, you would need to send messages that explain your message clearly, concisely, and comprehensively. 

  • You can send video messages to just simple videos to your customers through WhatsApp bulk messages. 
  • Send PDFs you can send a well-explained message of your business in PDF format through WhatsApp bulk messaging.
  • Send an image, through the image you can explain so much more instead of written words.
  • WhatsApp allows you to send messages with unlimited characters. Which text bulk SMS does not provide.

What are the Limitations of Whatsapp Bulk Messages?

You may be disappointed to hear that WhatsApp does not allow marketing on its platform. However, there are so many ways to help you market your business through this platform. You do not have to worry at all, and we have explored some tricks and tips for you to market your business.

As the platform of WhatsApp does not allow any organization to market the service or product. There are top three tricks that will help your business market their services and products to a large number of people looking for our services and products in the market.

An Active Internet Connection for WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp will need an active internet connection all the time to deliver your messages. All users/ targeted audiences need to have an active connection to the internet to receive a message. 

Most of the time, your customers do not have an active internet connection, and the message gets late to disseminate your information to the customers. They will receive messages but a little late when they will connect to an active internet connection. This is one of the disadvantages of the WhatsApp bulk SMS service. But you should take it in a positive way. They will receive the message, and it will not fail at all.

To avoid being Blocked, use these 3 tips before sending your message. 

Every single thing in the world has possibilities when they seem impossible. This is how the platform WhatsApp has a way to communicate with your customers using bulk messaging service. WhatsApp bulk SMS service will get your attention all the time when you send messages to your customers. Below these three tips will help your business to send our messages through WhatsApp bulk SMS service. 

  • Do not use a new number: First of all, you have to see how old your phone number is, that you are using the WhatsApp application. The phone number that you are using with WhatsApp has to be old at least 3 to 6 months. Note; you must have chatted with and used it well to communicate with your friends and families. This will help you to identify you as a user not a marketer of any service or product. 
  • Select Less Number of Receivers: WhatsApp will help your business to communicate with your customers only when you have communicated with your friends and families for a long time. When you send your messages through WhatsApp bulk you have to select around 45 people at a time to send your message. After some time, I sent the same messages to another 45 numbers. This will not let WhatsApp identify you as a marketer to market your business’s services and products through this service provider of WhatsApp bulk SMS. 
  • Your Message Writing Style: Write your message to let the customers be forced to write your reply and do not show the message as marketing to WhatsApp. WhatsApp is one of the only services that has billions of active users to market a business’s services or products. 

So, do not write the message fully marketing your business’s services and products. If your customers reply to your message in any of the cases, you will prevent your number from being banned from WhatsApp. You would have seen some of the cases where the companies write messages to show them message marketing your business’s services and products. 

Do not write any of your messages that will show your marketing and do not motivate the customers to reply to that message. Be smart when sending messages to your customers. 

Using these tricks and tips, you can prevent your number from being blocked. However, using some tricks and tips will help your business meet your targeted customers who need your survival and products. 

Text Bulk SMS for Business

Text bulk SMS has a different use that will help your business meet your targeted audience. However, text bulk SMS has different tricks and tips you will be using.  

Text bulk SMS has the same way as WhatsApp bulk messages have; therefore, you have to communicate using some of the tricks and tips before using this short messaging service.  

Use these tips for Bulk SMS in Bangalore or other cities of India. 

  1. Write engaging content: You must be writing engaging content for your customs that fit your customer’s needs and let them buy the service. In the messages, you have to choose a word that fits in the message and explain the whole meaning of what you want to say. 
  2. Say Directly: Whatever you are trying to say in your message you must have the sense to say what you want to say to your customers. When you take a long route, you say one simple thing that makes your message boring to read. Therefore, you have to use such words that disseminate your message directly and explain the whole meaning in some words. 
  3. Call to Action: Some of your messages can not disseminate your information in fewer words. For that, you have to explain about your services in lengthy words. However, text bulk SMS allows only 160 characters to send a bulk SMS. So, using a call to action button will help your customers to read more about your service.
  4. Use links: links help the users directly connect to your communicational website. When your users connect to your website, they see what you are giving them and how their services can help your business meet your targeted audience. Using links on your website makes the customer easily find your service or products.

This is how you can use both platforms to communicate to your targeted audience that is looking for your services and products.

Final thoughts

The service of both the platforms text bulk SMS service and WhatsApp bulk messages have their own use to communicate with your targeted audience. In this, you will find that both are on top and in trending to have the service of the bulk SMS providers. You have to use some tricks and tips for both platforms to communicate with your targeted audience all the time.   

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