E-Commerce businesses are rapidly gobbling up customers’ interests in all segments of goods and services related businesses. Does this mean that the retail shops are doomed? No, it does not. Today, we will see some best Tips to Attract Customers in Retail Store.    

The experience of going to a retail shop, touching and feeling the products before buying, is something that most customers love and crave. You have plenty of ways to take the customers’ interest and convert it into a purchasing decision in your retail shop. 

Most grown-ups around the age of 40s to 50s prefer retail shops to buy anything instead of any E-Commerce platform. They don’t like to pay the shipping charges; they think the return process is complicated and intricate.

There are all types of customer behavior, and you can use and exploit these loopholes to increase sales in your retail shops. This article contains some creative ways to attract customers to your retail shop.  


Advantages of Retail Store Owner

Selling any product in any medium is more than just selling the product; how you sell is more important than what you sell, and this applies both in retail and E-Commerce stores. The advantage that you have as a retail store owner is-

1. Authenticity

Buyers think of a retail shop’s products as authentic since they can have an in-hand experience of the product in the store before buying. Also, they need vocal and verbal affirmation of the brand’s credibility they are purchasing from.

2. Accountability 

It’s safer for the buyers to buy any products from the retail shops since they can hold the shopkeeper accountable if anything is wrong with their purchase. 

Let’s see some of the Best Tips to Attract Customers To Your Retail Store

Tips to Attract Customers To Your Retail Store

1. Decorate Your Retail Store

One of the best ways to attract customers to your retail store is by decorating your store in a fancy manner. The way your store looks, feels, or smells matters a lot. It is noticed that people get attracted to the fancy shops. 

You can also showcase your products via a display window. A decorate and attractive display window is enough to attract customers to the shop and see your products even if they have nothing in mind to buy. 

Set up a big banner outside displaying your store name and description. Putting up a selfie wall is a wise decision; a welcoming note on the door or the doormat will make the customers happy, and what’s more than making a customer happy?

2. Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store

Many customers do not like to purchase online because of the shipping charge. For them, you can set up an option to buy from your store online and pick up the products by themselves. This is an excellent way to compete with E-Commerce stores. 

This way, the customers can easily return their purchased product if they find anything wrong. There is another benefit to selling online while letting the customers pick their products themselves. When the customers come to your store to pick up the products, they might as well add some other items to the cart. 

You get another advantage in this method; you can let the in-stock pick up not only for free, but you can offer the customers additional discounts. 

For instance, if you offer them a 10% discount on using this service, they will be more than glad to buy from you; it may even result in a few of them becoming your regular customers. 

3. Compare Your Price With Online Price

Many E-Commerce customers buy online because they get lower prices than retail shop prices. Around 33% of consumers compare the price of products before buying in a retail store. 

If you want the customers to buy from you, you need to compare the prices of the products and sell them at a similar price. You can cut a little short on profit and sell for even a lower price if possible. 

You can compete with the online sellers by providing the customers a better return policy, money-back guarantee, and overall great customer service that will attract the customers to your retail store.

4. Use Google My Business

Creating and maintaining an online presence of any business or retail store is mandatory. Google My Business will help you with this. With GMB, you can allocate your store on Google Maps. Not only that, You can add business descriptions, products, business hour updates. 

Post pictures of your store; you can even add a store tour video. GMB lets you campaign for new products, events, and promotions quickly. Customers now check your shop’s GMB status to allocate, reach and buy from your shop after knowing the business hour from your GMB profile. 

5. Pay Extra Attention To The Regular Customer

Your regular customers need to stay as regulars in your shop. Of course, they get what they want from your shop, but you need to make sure that their needs are being met. 

You can easily market your shop’s products to customers you already know. If you provide them with good customer service, they will stick to your shop and show interest in buying from you in the long run. 

Greet and thank these customers personally for making them even more interested in doing business with you. You can benefit even more if you have retail business management knowledge. 

Last Words

The era of retail shops is not over yet, and you can still get big sales in your retail shop. The key is always to maintain a good customer and business relationship, and retail shops are best in doing that since they have a physical and visible front. Follow all these Tips to Attract Customers in Retail Store and they will definitely help you.

Also, it would help if you took advantage of social media marketing to make your shop stand out even more. For that, you can use Facebook toolkits to market on Facebook. 

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