Content writing is an essential skill for anyone looking to increase business online. If you’re not a content writer, you should be. It’s a great way to build an online reputation and establish authority within your industry or niche. But it can be challenging – especially if you’re new to the writing game. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of 6 free tools that make content writing easier for beginners. So, they can also get excellent results. Thus, without any further ado, let’s begin the list.

List of the (Six) 6 Free Tools to Make Content Writing Easier for Beginners

1. AnswerThePublic – Search Listening Tool for Market Customer & Content Research

The goal of every blogger or content creator is to create a piece of content that people can easily find. So, the only way to achieve this goal is by creating a piece of content based on people’s search queries. That’s where “AnswerThePublic” will come in handy.
AnswerThePublic is a freemium tool that gathers online data from auto-fill and search engines to display keywords and phrases, which helps in reaching more people. Even if you have an idea of the trending searches in a particular niche, it’s always best to confirm that idea with the help of a tool like AnswerThePublic. This tool works when users enter a keyword according to their niche and select a location and language for the appearing results. Thus, once a user has entered the required data, this tool will share phrases, queries and other information regarding that query. Now, let’s talk about some significant benefits and drawbacks of using this one of the best free content writing tools for SEO.
Benefits of Using “AnswerThePublic” Drawbacks of Using “AnswerThePublic”
AnswerThePublic shares specific phrasing regarding a search query that you might consider creating The free plan of AnswerThePublic allows you to perform a limited number of daily queries. So, if you want more, you will have to purchase its premium plan
This tool is visually rich. Therefore, it shows all the results visually, which makes it easier to digest the information as compared to the data shown on a spreadsheet If you want to compare the data of two search queries, the premium plan is your way to go
Whether you want to take an idea for a blog post title, podcast, or some other type of content creation, AnswerThePublic is the best
Bing and Google are two of the most popular search engines. So, this tool creates a milkshake of the aforementioned search engines’ data regarding a query
Suppose you have a habit of viewing the keywords data in a CSV. In that case, this tool also allows you to export the generated data in a CSV file

2. Otter – Transcribe Meeting Notes

The human mind is for generating ideas. But most people take this claim for granted and start storing ideas in their minds, which leads them to exhaustion. So, forgetting unique ideas becomes a habit for us. However, with the second tool of this best free tools for content writing list, you will not forget ideas anymore. Its name is “Otter – Transcribe Meeting Notes.
Otter provides a great way to quickly acquire great ideas by transcribing your thoughts or conversations directly from your phone. To put it simply, the sole purpose of this software is to turn the audio (spoken words) into social media content. However, that’s not the reason for putting this tool here. Instead, I have put it here because you can also use this software on your smartphone, making it quickly accessible. Whether you are a YouTuber, podcaster, or any other type of content creator, you will need to write content at some point. Therefore, you can compose your relatable and shareable realizations before they vanish with the help of this tool. Now, let’s talk about this tool’s significant advantages and disadvantages.
Advantages of Using “Otter” Disadvantages of Using “Otter”
Smartphones are easily accessible. So, the significant advantage of using Otter is the availability of its smartphone application for both iOS and Android users None really
This tool is suitable for not only smaller but also long pieces of content, like a blog post or email blast
Unlike most transcribing tools, the accuracy of Otter is exceptional because it catches the word-to-word content irrespective of the user’s accent
This application is ideal for beginner content writers because often, they are good at writing and not speaking. So, it will help them in developing their English-speaking skills
Suppose you want to use it on your laptop or computer. In that case, you can integrate its browser extension into your Chrome-based browser
Apart from these, Otter has various other benefits. But since I’ve added Otter based on its transcribing feature to this list, I won’t discuss those features

3. Hemingway Editor (App)

The more time a reader spends on a blog, the more information he will perceive from that blog. However, the key to increasing the staying time of a reader on a blog is relevant, concise and easy-to-read wording. That’s where the third tool of this free tools for content writing list comes in. Its name is “Hemingway Editor / App.
Hemingway App (Editor) uses different color schemes and grading mechanisms to indicate a content’s conciseness and readability. To be more precise, the tool uses the following colors to show various issues in the entered text.
  • Yellow – this color highlights complex sentences and common errors in the uploaded text.
  • Red – it indicates the most hard-to-read sentences of text and readers will get lost trying to follow its context.
  • Purple – this color highlights the words that have a simpler alternative available.
  • Blue – this color indicates the used adverbs in the content, which are often considered ‘soft’ words.
  • Green – this color indicates phrases that contain passive voices.
Apart from this, the Hemingway App (Editor) has several benefits and a few drawbacks. So, let’s see them.
Perks of Using “Hemingway App (Editor)” Downsides of Using “Hemingway App (Editor)”
The editor of the Hemingway App can also work as a word processor because it has the basic document editing features Typing or pasting the copied text is the only way in this tool. So, there is no option for uploading the document file
This tool provides the results in real-time, which makes it easier to view the progress of content The desktop and macOS application of Hemingway Editor is not available for free
The use of different colors in the Hemingway App makes it easier to distinguish between various issues
The desktop and macOS application of Hemingway Editor provides some additional features:Publishing the content directly to Medium and WordPress blogsExporting the text to ‘.docx, ‘.pdf’ and other popular file formatsSharing the highlights of the Hemingway App with your colleagues
If the real-time results distract you, you can switch to the ‘Write’ mode
Apart from grading the text, this tool provides the reading time and characters, letters, paragraphs, sentences and word counts

4. Rephrase (Paraphrasing Tool) – AI Based Sentence Rephraser

Sometimes, writing becomes an exhausting task. So, if you face writer’s block, you are not alone. In such a situation, if you cannot take a break from writing, taking help from technology is an excellent way to complete your task. One such technology-based tool in this (six) 6 free tools to make content writing easier for beginners’ guide is Rephrase (Paraphrasing Tool)”
As the name depicts, the Rephrase (Paraphrasing Tool) is a sentence rephraser that uses the help of AI to paraphrase the phrases. But unlike other content spinning tools, this is much more advanced because it uses the service of NLP (Natural Language Processing) to understand the language and context of uploaded content before rephrasing it. The Rephrase (Paraphrasing Tool) – AI Based Sentence Rephraser uses ‘Fluency, ‘Standard’ and ‘Creative’ paraphrasing modes to meet the growing needs of users. However, being a freemium tool, you can use the ‘Fluency’ and ‘Standard’ modes for free because they provide basic-level rephrasing. For more advanced rephrasing, you will have to use the ‘Creative’ mode, which is only available for premium users. Now, let’s discuss the plus points and catches of this AI-based sentence paraphrasing tool.
Plus Points of Using “Rephrase (Paraphrasing Tool) – AI Based Sentence Rephraser” Snags of Using “Rephrase (Paraphrasing Tool) – AI Based Sentence Rephraser”
This paraphrasing tool is advanced enough to rephrase the context written in fourteen popular languages The free version of this Rephrase (Paraphrasing Tool) only allows you to paraphrase 500 words. So, it is not ideal for dealing with lengthy texts
You can upload a document file, type content from scratch, or paste the copied text to paraphrase it After paraphrasing, you will have to work on the readability, keyword structure and user-friendly behavior of content
According to its official website, it doesn’t sell or share the uploaded content with any third-party services
You can download its smartphone application to use the services of Rephrase on your iOS or Android devices
Apart from that, the Rephrase provides access to several handy features. So, you can use the ‘Blog’ section of the website to get information about those features

5. Grammarly

Editing takes a fraction of the time than writing content from scratch. However, finding grammatical and punctuation mistakes in content is probably the most challenging task of the editing phase. But that’s where this fifth tool will come in handy. Its name is Grammarly.
Grammarly is one of the most famous tools in this writing and research tools for content writing beginners list. As the name depicts, it is a grammatical and punctuation error corrector, which uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to identify the text context and correct its mistakes accordingly. Although this tool is available as an extension to any browser-based text editor and Microsoft Word, suppose you want to use it without an extension. In that case, you will have to download its desktop or macOS client according to your system.
Positives of Using “Grammarly” Negatives of Using “Grammarly”
When it comes to integration with word processors, Grammarly is a rich tool because it provides several options The free version of Grammarly provides a basic level of text correction, clarity and engagement support. So, if you want advanced help, you will have to purchase its premium plan
Due to its context-based suggestions, it is more accurate than all AI-based grammar correctors. This factor is the primary reason for its popularity Grammarly contains one of the most respectable plagiarism checkers for different writing industries. However, only premium members can use it
Grammarly uses a text underlining mechanism, making it easier to identify the parts of a document that need adjustments
Whether you are using its extension or desktop/macOS installer, it will perform real-time text proofreading
Grammarly is advanced enough to provide suggestions according to the following dialects of the English language:CanadianAustralianBritishAmerican

6. Free Online Plagiarism Checker – Check Plagiarism

Probably the most crucial thing in writing is the originality of the content. So, if you are a beginner, I recommend checking your content’s originality before submitting it. One such way of checking the content’s originality is using a plagiarism checkerBut most beginners cannot afford paid plagiarism checkers. So, as this list targets beginners, discussing the free plagiarism checker makes sense. One of the most popular free plagiarism detectors is the Check-Plagiarism
The Free Online Plagiarism Checker from is one of the fastest plagiarism detectors available. So, the tool quickly compares the uploaded content against billions of online published documents. And after completing the scan for plagiarism, it provides the users with the sources of duplicated information and the percentage of plagiarized and unique content. This free plagiarism detector scans each sentence of uploaded content to bring accurate results. But it’s not perfect because expert content writers do not recommend using free plagiarism checkers. So, let’s see the reasons why.
Bright Sides of Using “Free Online Plagiarism Checker from” Problems with Using “Free Online Plagiarism Checker from”
This plagiarism detector is ideal for checking the originality of lengthy documents because you can scan 2000 words on it for free Compared to the paid plagiarism checkers, its plagiarism reports are vague
Like most plagiarism checkers, if you want to exclude some URLs during the plagiarism scan, you can
According to its official website, it doesn’t store the uploaded content. So, this tool is safe to use
You can upload a document file from local device storage, paste the copied text, or type the content from scratch to upload data to this tool
You can use its WordPress plug-in to integrate the functionality of this plagiarism checker into your WordPress website or blog
Similarly, you can use its APIs to integrate the functionality of this plagiarism checker into other software
If this tool finds any plagiarism, you can use its citation generator to create references for the duplicate content

Wrapping Up – the Conclusion

Content is the lifeblood of your website. High-quality content on your site makes people want to stay on your page and gives search engines a great reason to rank you highly in their search engine results. However, it can be challenging to create quality content. When it comes to writing, I’ve found that many beginning bloggers experience a lot of writer’s block and struggle to write engaging posts that readers will enjoy reading and sharing. But that’s where this list

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