In this piece of article, I’ll be discussing some best sites for Indian stock market analysis. These sites will help you with research. 

There are many sites for stock market analysis. I’ll tell you about best sites for Indian Stock Market Analysis. The websites that I’ve mentioned are based on personal experiences by the site users and the ratings given to them by various analysts and investors. 

Let’s talk about those sites before wasting time any further.

Best Sites for Indian Stock Market Analysis

1. Money Control 

Best Sites for Indian Stock Market Analysis

Money control is the best site for India stock market analysis. This website provides news, insights, and an overview of businesses and financial markets in India’s History. 


Money Control was founded in 1999 by Victor and Sangeeta Fernandes; later purchased it, a subsidiary of TV 18 7.5 % of equity capital was given to the couple who started money control, and the rest, 92.5 %, was owned by TV 18. 

In 2008 a website based on games and products collaborated with providing a large expanded financial platform based on personal investment methods. This helped the site users manage the details of their bank and credit card on the same platform. 

Later in 2014, TV 18 and all its subsidiaries were purchased by the reliance industries Money Control App. This website also provides an app that is made and customized according to smartphone users. And provide information on the business and stock market world. This app also provides a financial portfolio of the user, which is of great use. 

In App Features

This app works in all operating systems like Android, IOS, windows, etc., and has bagged the award for the best mobile app for business 2017. 

This app created by Money Control covers a wide area of financial markets like the NSE, BSE, MCX, and the NCDEX which helps users track various financial products graded by these platforms like stocks, commodities, mutual funds, currencies, etc. 

Money Control App has got the best features which makes it a decent choice. So let’s see these unique features. 

1. Voice-Enabled Search

This is the latest feature of the Money Control App. This feature reduces the effort of typing for the users. Now with this feature, users can search a particular stock, commodity, or mutual fund easily. 

2. Manage Your Portfolio 

Portfolio management is also a feature offered by the app where the investors can manage their portfolios and track all the stocks and commodities they want. 

3. Navigation 

Users can easily navigate various sections of the app with its top-notch navigation system without any effort, making it an easy app to operate and learn the app’s functions quickly within no time. 

4. 24/7 News Services 

You’ll get 24 × 7 news services based on share markets, economy, and businesses. They also present interviews with some great personalities in the finance field. 

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5. Text Converter 

This is a premium version of the app which allows users to listen to the news instead of reading the news. This is helpful while traveling or when you are busy doing some work. 

6. Forum Message Board 

This feature allows a user to follow the top board members, which ultimately helps the user get better recommendations for the best stocks to invest their money in. 

7. Zero Advertisements 

Ads are too boring and bulge out of nowhere. Why would a person waste his time listening to some boring advertisement? The pro version of money control gets rid of those ads for the users. So, your time is saved while browsing the app. 

8. Technical Evaluations

The app’s pro version will provide some best technical assessments to the user by the best chartists. 

9. Investments Plans and Ideas

If you are new in the stock market field, then the pro version of money control will help you get a clear idea of the market and give some investment plans and ideas to make your investments profitable and with better returns. 

10. Best Stock Market Gurus

After unlocking the pro version, the users will also be getting investment tips from some professionals; this will help you broaden your investment analysis.

All these features make Money Control one of the best sites for Indian Stock Market Analysis. You can learn a lot about the stock market analysis on Money Control. You can also join a good Stock Market Course to become a pro in the stock market.

2. The Economic Times 

Best Sites for Indian Stock Market Analysis

It is also a good site for analyzing the Indian stock market. The ET market includes all news, stock screening, daily volatility, financial statements, and daily trends.


This is a Hindi-English business and finance-based website owned by the very classic times group. Founded in 1961, economic times was the second widely read business website after the wall street journal in 2012. 

The editor who founded the ET was PS Hariharan. Economic times app Economic Times is a daily newspaper. It also has a website and an app for those who don’t bother to read the newspaper. 

Economic times app is better in operating and quality information on Indian and international finances and trades.

In-App Features

1. ET App provides its users with the best, latest, and popular business news. 

2. You can share any important news among friends and colleagues via a link on any social platform like WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. 

3. The profit-making stocks are considered by the ET App, and it constantly updates recommendations by expert professionals. 

4. The latest stock market news is also covered 24/7 by the Economic Time App. 

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5. ET portfolio can be created by the user without any difficulties, which helps the user to manage their investments in the stock market. 

6. Helps in keeping track of stocks under the user’s watchlist and can be classified into market gainers or losers. 

These were some in-app features of the economic times.

Economic times can be downloaded easily on any operating system like android, IOS, windows, etc. Moving forward in the list of best sites for Indian Stock Market Analysis.

3. The Business-Standard

Best Sites for Indian Stock Market Analysis

The Business Standard is one of the leading Indian sites for business and finance tracking over the country and international markets. It attracts over 10 million visitors monthly. 

The best thing about the app is it has news based on all the financial and business markets and keeps tracking them.


The Business Standard was among the best editorial work; however, it failed to make a steady market position. It was founded in the year 1975 by the Kolkata-based ABP company. In the year 1977, ABP group sold the business standard to the Kotak Mahindra Group of Companies. 

The Business Standard was losing crores daily, but Uday Kotak decided to fund the BS market and generate a return from it, and it seemed to be quite an investment in later years. 

Like the ET times, The Business Standard is also a newspaper but has a website and an app. It is a beneficial website for tracking all kinds of financial and business markets.

In-App Features

1. Locked articles get unlocked when the user purchases the premium version of the app. These articles are based on the latest stock market updates and key tips to invest in the market. 

2. The daily business briefing is provided by the app, which helps in starting a good and clean business day. 

3. Look at early predictions of stock so that you can invest your money accordingly in a particular stock having higher gains and elevations. 

4. Gives you spotlight news which means the news of the day type thing. 5. Gives you access to 20 plus years of archives. 

6. You can pick the best companies you would like to follow, and then the business standard will keep mailing you about those companies’ stocks.

These were some features offered by the business standard to get more knowledge on the business-standard visit the website of business-standard.

4. The Bloomberg Quint 

Best Sites for Indian Stock Market Analysis

This website is excellent for investors in search of past performances of the stock. The past performances are marked on the chart according to their respective years. This feature makes this site different from the other business analysis sites. 


This organization is not an ancient one compared to all the three websites mentioned above. It was founded in the year 2016 by quintillion media. Anil Uniyal is the recent owner of the company. The Bloomberg quilt did a unique and exciting thing: it started a WhatsApp service for decision-makers and executives. 

However, In the year 2017, it was rated as the ninth-best new brand publisher by Vidooly. 

I’m not sure that Bloomberg has got some app to operate, but it surely has got a website to track recent stocks and provide past performances of various stocks. 

1. After subscribing to the BQ market, the first thing you get is the ad-free content and stories, and the same goes with all the other website’s premium version 

2. Some bests of Bloomberg’s very own analytical journalism and special projects. 

3. The subscribed users get in-depth researched reports on the economy and equity from the top and India’s finest brokerages. 

4. Daily insights on stock holdings and their current performances. 

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5. Get exclusive newsletters from the Bloomberg quint website directly in your inbox. 

6. Live interactions with leading investors and industry leaders through the Bloomberg webinars and events. 

7. Videos and podcasts are also available on the Bloomberg quint website, which will help you with the research part. 

These were some premium features offered by Bloomberg Quint which makes The Bloomberg Quint one of the best sites for Indian Stock Market Analysis.

5. NSE India

The NSE website provides many other informational articles other than just the historical data. They have got some good strategic indices like the Low Volatility indices that have consistently outperformed the Nifty. 

NSE is known to all as India’s oldest stock exchange. NSE also offers some educational courses to professionals and students who are interested in this market.


1. NSE provides information about every asset like stocks, commodities, gold, mutual funds, etc. 

2. The latest news on the stock market is provided by the NSE India website. 

3. The user can also collect information on the corporate announcements, board meetings, and corporate actions through the NSE India website. 

4. The NSE gives info about all the upcoming events well in advance. 

5. The NSE also provides quick links for investors, corporates, and members separately 

6. It flashes videos on investors’ awareness for password tips and trade verifications to avoid getting themselves stuck in corporate frauds. 

7. It has a separate section for the top gainers, losers, most active, etc., making it easy for the investors to compare between them. 

8. Specific key links like derivatives, reference rates, and market turnover are placed at the top-notch of the website. 

9. The users can easily customize the indices list with the option given straight on the top of the website. 

10. You can change the font size, color, and other things suitable to you. You can also rate the website and suggest some improvements in the websites. The site will indeed look into the review given by the user. 

These were the 5 best stock market analysis sites that one must refer to before investing in the market. 

Let’s see some more sites worth getting your hand on.

6. Investing

Best Sites for Indian Stock Market Analysis

Investing is a good website as it is not limited to the Indian market. However, it has given many Indian investors the right and precise information on the stocks worth investing in. Therefore, you must add this website to your bookmarks. 

This company is quite huge, currently moving an estimated sale of 500 million dollars. is also known as one of the most expensive domain deals. Hence, this is one of the most popular stock analysis sites.

History: was founded in the year 2007. The portal formed was used to offer forex analysis. They also offered a broker directory and a discussion forum in English, Spanish, and Arabic language. 

At the end of 2008, many more editors became a part of, making it a huge success. Later resulting in coverage of other financial instruments apart from forex data. also had an app developed in 2013 – 14 for android, IOS and other operating systems to make the website handy. They also partnered with the forex to supervise market surveys.

In-App Features

1. The app is easy to download and is readily available on both the play store and the Apple store. 

2. The app also provides real-time updates for 30,000+ financial instruments being traded over and over in exchanges worldwide. 

3. The app has got an economic calendar to never miss the latest updates on events connected around the world. 

4. The customized portfolio is amongst the best features offered by the investing app. Retrieve, sort, and data selection can be made quite simply. 

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7. Screener

This is also an excellent website to visit. It provides an opportunity to screen stocks on tons of fundamental parameters like the ROCE, ROE, Debt to Equity, Promoters Holding, Interest Coverage Ratio, etc. 

The user has to name it, and the Screener will have that parameter to help you screen through the selected stocks.

You can also create your parameter by using the available data. Screener provides in-depth data on every stock, including ratios, financial statements, comparisons, etc. It is a fantastic website that every Indian investor and analyst must check out.

In-App Features

1. The first feature that the Screener offers to the users is the detailed break on any line item. 2. The app also provides long term performances data to the app users 

3. The users can also create their models, converting the exported into excel sheets. 

4. The peer comparison feature is the best one, which allows the users to compare the previous year’s performances of different companies. 

5. Volume charts with delivery; this feature allows the user to check delivery percentages using volume charts.

8. Trendline

If you need historical PE, EPS, PB data for the Nifty, you should go for Trendline. Technical indicators and fundamental indications on almost every stock in India are also given precisely on Trendline. 

The Trendline has got a section that showcases all the latest shareholdings of famous investors. In addition, it has a great screener and one of the new websites that allow backtesting.

In-app features

1. The users can easily add high return strategies and backtested screeners to their portfolio effortlessly. 

2. The portfolio health check is a feature that ensures a proper check of the user’s portfolio. To improve their decisions. 

3. The user can easily view the stocks ranked based on Durability, Value and momentum (DVM) and the strength, weakness opportunity threats (SWOT).

9. Yahoo Finance

Best Sites for Indian Stock Market Analysis

Yahoo Finance is a better option for global stocks, but it also provides news and historical data for the Indian stock market. This data can be downloaded as an Excel File.

If you are going for Quant investing or want to analyze some data. Then yahoo finance also provides an API. 

In-App Features 

1. The yahoo finance app has got the best budgeting tools, including all applications and categories. 

2. The app provides the latest news and updates based on business and financial services worldwide. 

3. The users can easily access the interactive charts and real-time stock quotes. 

Yahoo Finance is one of the best sites for Indian Stock Market Analysis.

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10. Value Research

Value research provides great articles and news, and it also can screen stocks by indices and sectors. This can be of great use if you are running regressions and need data for stocks from a particular sector. 

Adding to the features, they provide vast data for mutual funds. Individual stocks give a lot of data like Median PE ratios over different periods, Z Scores, Modified C score, etc.

In-App Features 

1. The users can easily track mutual funds, NPS, stocks or fixed deposits. 2. The app provides automatic entries of the dividend, bonuses, and splits to the user. 3. Internal rates of returns for any investments are easily accessible to the users. 

4. Hypothetical or actual transactions can be calculated using the tax calculator provided by the yahoo finance app. 

5. The desktop version of yahoo finance has this feature where users can undo their actions if they have countered mistakes later. 


These were some top picks for best sites for Indian stock market analysis. The Thought Tree provides the best stock market courses for beginners as well as for professionals. Do have a look at The Thought Tree website.

I hope you found my article interesting and informative enough to clear all your questions on the best sites for Indian stock market analysis.

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