Do you want to learn stock? Do you want to know the best books for the stock market? Do you want to become a pro in stock marker? If yes, then you are in the right place. Today in this article, we will see must-read Stock Market Books and how you can learn stock market trading.

The stock market is one of the biggest markets in the world. It is the beating heart of America’s economy. 

Why is it so?

The reason behind this is that the stock market is influencing many young, old, students, etc. It doesn’t require any degree to learn to invest in the market. Anyone can learn the stock market quickly with some effort and start earning from it.

For many big businessmen, the stock market is the primary source of income. Yes, you read it right. Most of them invest a lot of money in the right shares and earn a significant profit over time.

 So, a question comes,

Where can we Learn about the Stock Market?

The answer is simple. There are many ways to learn about the market, like joining a stock market course from some reputed institute.

Apart from this, there are several excellent stock market books for beginners available to learn about the market. But, for your convenience, I would recommend you joining The Thought Tree, which provides online and offline batches for the stock market course with great features.

This article will discuss some of the best books on the stock market that anyone including, a beginner, intermediate, or advance, could read and get knowledge of. 

Shall we start?


Reading a book always helps the readers. It doesn’t matter which book you read but reading the book by heart is important. Knowledge once gained is gained forever, and no one can take away the ability from your mind.

There are several books in the market, but we have selected and made many of them the best books on the stock market.

Stock Market Books

1. The Intelligent Investor

Stock Market Books
Stock Market Books

Are you looking for the overall best book?

Your search ends here as the Intelligent Investor is considered the greatest book of all time.

It was originally released in 1949 by Benjamin Graham. Benjamin was the college professor of Warren Buffet.

What’s the book about?

The book is written with in-depth concepts and is a bit dense. However, the book’s concepts help the investors follow Graham’s value investing philosophy that is quite popular.

The main idea behind this is to prefer a long race stock, which would help keep yourself motivated and earn you a good profit. Also, the book is divided into three parts; the book deals with the investing approach by a defensive investor in the first part. The second and third part deals with the concepts behind the risk management and the behavior of the market.

Moreover, many people think of taking risks and investing for short periods and are awarded a loss of their capital.

Whether you talk about the company’s performance, financial condition, growth, everything is discussed in a great manner.

The book is updated with all the latest data and has already sold more than millions of copies worldwide.

There is always a reason to give something a great name; this book is called the bible of the stock market.

2. Beating The Streets

When we talk about the best books on the stock market, I can’t leave “Beating the streets” as this is another famous and great investment book of all time. The book is written by Peter Lynch, a great author who has written many books on the stock market including, One up on Wall Street.

Talking about the author, Peter is a star mutual fund manager at Fidelity Investments.

The book is best for explaining long-term investments and has already helped many investors who invest their money in the long run. 

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Also, the book explains the fundamentals of picking the right stocks beautifully. Helping hands for individuals as written in a very simple language.

In the book, Lynch has explained the right way of picking a stock and has explained the mutual fund strategy for the first time. Published in 1994, Peter has explained his strategy of becoming such a great investor of all times.

Moving on,

3. A Beginner’s Guide To The Stock Market

To be very basic, here comes this best stock market book beginners.

 You may get an idea about the book’s plot as the title says it all—the book guides in a very simple way to start earning straight away from the stock market.

Author and retired hedge fund manager Matthew R. Kratter has included everything you need to know if you are new to the stock market.

The author takes the readers through the basic lessons, the best place to open the brokerage account, finding the best stock to invest in, how to invest for the first time, and much more things.

Kratter had shared his experience of more than 20 years in the investing field. He has listed the mistakes he hid and any beginner would make in starting investments.

Moving on with the list, the next stock market book is,

4. One Up On The Wall Street

This is another book by the very famous author Peter Lynch. Peter is considered one of the best investors and fund managers with over 30% average annual returns over 13 years.

If you haven’t been in investments and are just stepping into it, you should read this book.

The basics are covered well, and everything is written easily and understandably.

Lynch is also a long-term investor and also suggests everyone do so. He took his $18 million assets to $14 billion.

The book also explains the nature of the market, how to choose the stock, how and when to invest, and many stocks discussed in a detailed manner.

The book is the best for the long-term investors and helpful for beginners out there and the people who already invest in the market and want to get some detailed knowledge of the market.

5. A Random Walk Down The Street

This is a world-famous book, and more than a million copies have been sold to date. 

We can’t think of a better book when talking about the best books on the stock market if we try.

You must have heard of this book, a random walk down the street, written by Burton G Malkiel.

The book is in its 12th edition so far.

So, what does the book discuss that had made it sell this much?

The book explains all major investment vehicles, from stocks and bonds to real estate ones.

The book also states that one cannot match the market and beat it. Instead, it would help if you made balanced investments to have a better profile.

It includes fundamental as well as technical analysis of the stock market.

What does the update include?

The update has included a new chapter that focuses on the people’s emotionally driven financial and investment strategies and the methods to overcome them.

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The next in the list of books on the stock market is,

6. Market Wizards

Want to have a deep understanding of the stock market?

Then this is the best book for you. Yes, Market Wizards is the book that contains complete details of the market from the experts themselves.

The author Jack D Schwager interviewed some of the top stock market investors who have made a lot of money from the market. The names of such include Bruce Kovner, Richard Dennis, Paul Tudor Jones, and more.

These superstar investors have told the details of becoming successful investors. They have also said the mistakes they made in the early stages of investment and how they overcame the loss and became masters of the stock market.

The book is in an interview style as taken by Jack. It includes many short stories or, we can say, anecdotes.

The book will help you with your investment and make you learn the approach for the market and choosing the stocks and how to not make mistakes in early times of assets.

7. How To Make Money In The Stocks

Stock Market Books

This is a book with the primary objective of making money from investments.

With a detailed explanation on choosing the wise stock to get high returns and the one which is likely to rise in the coming time, William J’O Neil states a profound explanation in his book ‘How to Make Money in the Stocks’.

What does the book focus on?

In the book “How to Make Money in Stocks: A Winning System in Good Times and Bad,” William had explained his investing system, i.e., CANSLIM. The seven-step guide focuses on maximizing profits with minimizing risks.

You can trust the knowledge and information provided in the book as it is based on 100-year research on the stock market wizards who have done great in the market.

You would also find some proven techniques for finding the winning stocks, mutual funds, and ETF’s.

Further, you will also be helped with 21 mistakes that investors commonly make. This is also explained beautifully with examples.

This is a complete guide and full-packed knowledge book that you can’t avoid reading.

8. Irrational Exuberance

This is a master book for the housing market.

The author, Robert Shiller, is a well-known and admired economist. If you don’t know him, you can judge him because he has an index named after him.

The Case-Shiller home price index is named after the works done by Shiller and Karl Case.

Also, the winner of the Nobel prize, Robert, forecasted the tech and housing bubbles.

You can have a better understanding as others do by reading his book.

It becomes important to understand the bubbles and market cycles as they play a crucial role in helping you save yourself from the biggest downfalls and losses in the stock market and the boom and bust cycle.

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The latest updated versions deal with the stocks, housing, choosing the wise stock, and spotting the bubble before it bursts.

Readily available on an online platform like Amazon, the books are a great buy, especially for the housing market investors.

9. A Little Book of Common Sense

The book is one of the best books for studying the index and getting complete details about it with an example for in-depth knowledge. Not only this, this is an engaging book and is almost available on the shelves of professional and armchair investors and those who manage their accounts from home.

The latest update of the book came out in 2017. The book explains the most important and most popular investment strategy of today’s time, which works in employer and retirement accounts and the accounts you run on your own: Index funds.

The author gave many theories to explain that low-cost index funds are the best ones for investors these days. But, unfortunately, the theories that he gave are so complex that a normal person cannot understand what he mentioned in them.

10. Investing in India

Stock Market Books

Investing in India is written by Rahul Sarogi.

Most of you wanted to know the best book for the Indian stock market, and here it comes, Investing in India is the top-class book in Indian markets.

So, what’s the main focus of the book?

The book mainly emphasizes the value investing opportunities in the Indian market in today’s time.

Moreover, it highlights the investment opportunities in India and especially the untapped ones and tells you how to look at them.

Rahul is a great investor himself, and he is a value investor and managing director of Atyant Capital.

Mr. Rahul has explained the following criteria for separating the value stocks in his book.

  1. The first one is Capital Allocation.
  2. Next comes the Business Fundamentals.
  3. After that, financial strength is on the third number.
  4. At last, it is a relative opportunity.

It doesn’t end here, as the book also explains the government, politics, and other market influencers in quite details and takes the readers to India’s whole ecosystem.

The next book in the list of books on the stock market is again for guidance on the Indian stock market.

11. Everything You Wanted to Know about the Stock Market Investing

The longer the name is, the greater the explanation of the stock market in this book.

The book is designed in such a simple way and language that the stock market investment looks very easy and a cup of tea for anyone who wants to do so. Neglecting the harsh and challenging language, the book comprises easy-to-understand and straightforward ways so that anyone can access it.

Starting from the financial planning to the impact of inflation on the market, also from equity investing strategies like the top-down and the bottom-up investing to risk-reducing like using market volatility, value averaging, this book focuses on every small thing and discuss them in detail so that everyone clears their doubts and have a better understanding for life-long.

Are you one who is fascinated by the stock market and wants to learn the simple basics and start earning from the market?

If yes, then the book is a god’s gift for you as it tells everything as if nothing is complicated, and after completing, you would get rewarded. 

After all, the book is the best option for the beginners out there and those watching the market from the side.

12. The Little Book that Still Beats the Market

Stock Market Books

This book has made itself to this list of best books on the stock market because of its popularity and sales in the market, and people have started liking the book from an early start.

The book ‘The little book that still beats the market is the updated version of ‘The little book that beats the market’ written by Joel Greenblatt.

The earlier book was published for the first time in 2005 and sold more than 3 00 000 copies in the market, and gained great fame in the stock market books.

Now, the things come that,

What does the book explain that it gained such value?

Many things are covered in the book; it inspires the investors to beat the market averages constantly. This can be achieved by using the simple formula of the author.

Looking for the formula.

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This is not something like a mathematical one. Instead, it is simply that buy a stock when it hits the lowest possible price. This is explained in detail by Greenblatt and also in simple easy to understand language.

13. The Simple Path To Wealth

Want to get inspiration for the stock market?

 If yes, then my friend, this is the right choice of book for you.

Many of us think that our parents should have taught us about money, the share market, the stock market, and how it all works? Yes, I too thought about it earlier, and later on, I read JL Colin’s ‘The simple path to wealth.’

How is the book related to parents?

This is a good question. Let’s see the answer,

 The book started as a collection of letters from the author to its daughter, and later on, it turned into a financial guide.

The next question may come to your mind.

What all does the book include?

The book includes the following things,

  •  At first, it consists of the Debt in detail for those who don’t know about it and others who mostly know a little about it.
  • It includes how the stock market works.
  • The next thing is how to invest in a bull and a bear market.
  • The retirement funds,

And there are many more important things that you will come to know after reading the book.

14. Common Sense on Mutual Funds

As an investor, you need to know the mutual funds at some point in time during your journey.

John C Bogle wrote a book, common sense on mutual funds, that was published in 1999.

Mutual funds provide the investor’s way by which they make investments in securities with their earned money. 

When you need to diversify your investment strategies and keep in mind that it needs to be done at a lower price, it becomes important to know the details about the mutual funds as they help the investors in doing so.

The updated version of the book consists of topics like mutual fund investing, regulatory changes, how to make an investment portfolio, etc.

Many of you familiar with the books on the stock market must be aware of the book ‘Enough.’ Bogle also writes it.

The book is available and can be purchased from Amazon and bookstores with ease.

So far, we have discussed the top 15 books on the stock market, and many of them are considered the best stock market books for beginners.

Now, let us try to wind up with the books and draw a conclusion based on our article.


In the article, the best stock market books are covered that are equally helpful for anyone who is related to the stock market.

The books are a great way of learning things as they are written with lots of experience and facts and gives the correct and researched information to the readers. People try to share their knowledge and help others from the same field to get benefit from it as they got from applying the tips and tricks they mention in the book.

You can also join a good stock market course to enhance your knowledge further.

I hope the article was quite helpful for you and must have given you a lot of information to learn.

This will also save your time in searching for the best stock market books for you and will also give the basic details of the books.

At last, I would end the article with a recommendation for you all. As we know there are various institutes that provide stock market courses. The Thought Tree is one such institute that provides both online and offline courses for the stock market and also has a library for the students along with many more unique features.

You can contact them for more queries.

Happy reading, happy investing!

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