India is a developing country, and after the revolution of the 4G Internet, the number of active Internet users has increased a lot in the past few years. People love to spend time on the Internet. If so many people are busy on the Internet, then the question arises, “What is the Digital Marketing Career in India.” 

So in this article, we will clear all your doubts and tell you the scope of a Digital Marketing Career in India and how to start a career in digital marketing in India. 

Let’s first understand the meaning of Digital Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing originated from traditional marketing, where marketing is entirely digital. Marketing is a process of promoting products and services provided by any organization. Various organizations advertise their products and services through digital marketing. From supply chain to advertisements of the products to price of the product all show up under digital marketing.

Scope of Digital Marketing Career in India

Over the recent years, Digital Marketing in India has sighted exponential growth and is expecting to generate more than 20 Lac jobs by the end of 2020.

In today’s modern digital world, everyone is active on the internet irrespective of age or location. However, a company or digital marketer cannot avoid these users. This is the sole reason that the Digital Marketing career in India is gaining immense popularity.

Let’s see some facts that will make you believe in the Digital Marketing career and its current growth.

  • “Internet traffic is sure to rise at an annual compound growth rate of 32%.
  • “Online advertising market in India is increasing by 30% every year. As per reports provided by INRB.
  • In April 2017, Google and KPMG provided reports, Defining India’s internet and further claiming that 9 out of every ten new internet users in India are likely users of regional languages over the next five years.
  • The local Indian language user is expected to rise at 18% CAGR and probably touch around 500 million.
  • The estimated share of advertisement allocated to digital media is around Rs 25,200 crores which is a huge deal.
  • As the government supports digital India and various India-based startups companies, this will probably increase the job vacancies in the digital marketing field for people.

These were some facts on digital marketing. Now let us head towards understanding digital marketing careers in India.

Is Digital Marketing a Promising Career in India?

Digital marketing is indeed a good career path to pursue in India. As we all know, India has a huge population, so the demand and supply are always at the highest. Here marketing plays a vital role in the promotion or making people aware of a particular company’s products. These companies are hiring freelancers to sell their products to make them a popular brand among the community.

Digital Marketing Career Opportunities in India

As I’ve mentioned earlier, India has a high internet penetration compared to big countries like the UK and the US. People prefer more and more internet companies over traditional dealers, and around 90% of Indian brands spend more or less to 15% of their marketing budget on Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing career road delivers numerous opportunities. If you know how to code, then you can go for web designing. If you are good at writing, then you can move on to become a content writer. There are many common digital marketing career verticals like the SEO Analyst, Manager, Youtuber, Affiliate Marketer, Social Media influencer, etc.

The best part is you can even work as a freelancer. Freelancers are given projects by the company they are working for. For the beginning, freelancing is the best choice; later, you can also become an entrepreneur. You can make a career in Digital Marketing in India if you think you are an expert in some regional languages. This is important for companies to carry on their marketing in rural areas, which can be done only through the local languages of that particular region.

1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization jobs or SEO services are going insane and are increasingly in demand nowadays. Anyways thanks to the pandemic, many businesses are now running online. For any online business, traffic plays a major role.

If your website has heavy relevant traffic, you can generate many leads for your business. You can earn more by just driving relevant traffic to a company’s business website. This is what an SEO guy does. SEO guy analyse the entire website and work on different keywords and drive relevant traffic to a website. They keep compiling performance reports and send detailed surveys to the company. 

There are many posts in the SEO industry like SEO Managers, Specialists, and executives, and they are paid well for their jobs.

2. Web Designing and Web Developer

Digital Marketing Career in India
Digital Marketing Career in India

A web designer or developer is reliable for coding, constructing, and sustaining the company’s websites. In simple words, these are the people behind those terrific web pages that you browse on the internet daily.

To become a web designer or a web developer requires good command of computer languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, .NET, JavaScript, and CMS like Magento, WordPress, etc. You can work as a freelancer, which is amongst the most demanding jobs of the time, As companies are hiring freelancers for their projects.

A web designer and developer’s salary is around 4-6 lakhs annually or even more depending on which company a freelancer works for and how much does the company offer them for the project. It also depends on the individual’s credibility and productivity.

3. Content Writer 

If you have a writing talent, don’t waste it; you must consider becoming a content writer. It is the best-suited profile for those seeking a digital marketing career in India. Here’s a catch, writing for the web is way different from simple essay writing or book writing.

A content Marketer is responsible for generating optimized content trending globally and harmonizing with Keyword research, SEO team, etc. You can also work as a freelancer here. It’s a good way to begin your writing journey.

One only needs creativity in the thought process, a good grip on language, and the ability to grasp whatever you read (research for writing the content) for this work profile. You can expect a salary of 3-5 lakhs annually as a content writer or manager.

4. Social Media Manager or Social Media Executive

Digital Marketing Career in India

A Social Media Manager or Executive is a person who handles the platforms based on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. They nearly interpret social media, check social media trends, and then coordinate plans with the graphics and the content team.

The only requirement for this profile is adequate knowledge of social media platforms and a creative proclivity of mind. This job does not require a particular skill set back then in Web designing and content writing. One only needs to follow trends on social media platforms; that’s it.

You can expect a salary package of 4- 7 lakhs per annum as a social media manager or executive.

5. Search Engine Marketing 

Search engine marketing, or SEM, is one of the most productive ways to grow one’s business in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. Millions of businesses are operating out there, all striving for the same, Popularity and Branding. Here is where Search Engine Marketing comes into play, as it is a great way to promote products and grow one’s business. 

SEM is the strategy of marketing a business using paid advertisements. These advertisements will appear on SERPs short for Search Engine Results Pages. Advertisers bid on keywords being searched on search engines like Google, which might enter while looking for certain products or services; advertisers are always looking for the opportunity to stick their product at the top for that particular product search on google or any other search engine.

An experienced search engine marketing analyst can expect a salary of 4 – 4.5 lakhs annually. 

6. Digital Marketing Manager 

A job of a Digital Marketing Manager is to manage a client’s portfolio and find ways to improve the client’s web presence. People usually expect digital marketing managers to have solid experience in the marketing sector. He should also have some experience of dealing with customers or simply customer support. 

Digital Marketing Manager must know how to manage and handle digital tools used to strategize a company’s performance. These were some qualities usually observed in the digital marketing manager; apart from that, marketing managers need to establish long-term client relationships and a high number of contacts which means they should be good at convincing people.

The Digital account manager is paid for his skills and experience in the field. Still, you can expect a basic package of 7-10 lakhs per annum. It can even go higher.

These were some of the fields of Digital Marketing. There are numerous other career opportunities in Digital Marketing like graphic designer, copywriter, and many more.

How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing in India?

It is quite a wise choice to start a career in digital marketing. A person from other fields like arts, commerce, and science can easily apply for jobs under digital marketing. 

Now the question is, “How to start a Career in Digital Marketing?”

First of all, you should clear negative thoughts about Digital marketing. Thoughts like: Only specialized professionals are offered jobs, or particular degrees or special courses are required to apply for the job. One needs fair knowledge of digital marketing, How it works, and How money is generated in this industry. 

It is best to begin by joining some courses on digital marketing to boost your knowledge. The best thing is we at The Thought Tree provide an advanced Digital Marketing Course.

Best Digital Marketing Course

The Thought Tree is one of the most prominent and upcoming institutes forging students into professionals.

Five things make us exceptionally best in training students in digital marketing. Let us see these five specifications of our digital marketing courses.

Internships Opportunities

Digital Marketing Career in India

We guarantee 100% Internship with us or our partner firms for the Digital Marketing Course. The Thought Tree also provide opportunities to work on Live Projects. T3 do this to ensure that graduates from our institute learn the concepts and have practical training experience and become an expert in their respective fields, in this case, digital marketing.

Practical Training

Digital Marketing Career in India

Our digital marketing course completion focuses on 100% practical training. We understand the significance of resources and, most importantly, time. Hence we have removed all the unnecessary things other Digital Marketing Institutes add up to stretch their course completion period and then demand high training fees.

Library Facility

Our open library is well equipped with an extensive range of books of all genres, whether marketing, academic reference books or non-academic novels. We have them all, for those who love reading books. You can take these books home or enjoy reading & talking over them while having a refreshing cup of coffee in the office.


By joining our digital marketing course, you earn a total of 8 certificates. One is The Thought Tree digital marketing course completion certificate, 5 Google certifications, one Facebook certificate, and one Digital Marketing Internship Certification.

Monthly Bootcamp

Unique Bootcamp Sessions are held every month for the upcoming year. This Bootcamp is for revising concepts and practising skills along with the experts. Furthermore, our main motive behind organizing these boot camps is to make students industry-ready by updating their skills from time to time.

Apart from these five specifications, The Thought Tree also provides a precisely written curriculum. This curriculum is very flexible. You will face the least possible issues while taking our digital marketing classes.


In this article, we have seen some facts on a digital marketing career in the coming years.

Therefore, it is obvious that digital marketing has immense scope in the coming years. Many companies are relying on freelancers for their marketing and advertising. We have also seen, What are advertisements? , Digital marketing, The scope of digital marketing in India, Digital marketing career in India, and How to start a career in digital marketing in India. We have covered all these topics for you under this article. I have also mentioned our digital marketing course in this article just in case you are planning a presence in the Digital marketing field.

I hope our article has helped you all in clearing questions on the Digital marketing career in India.

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