After clearing the first two stages of the civil service exam, candidates will have to appear for the exam’s final stage of the exam, i.e. the Interview. The board members will evaluate your personality and body language in this stage. 

The dress code for UPSC interview also plays an important role. It is important as it gives the interviewer an insight into your general personality. There is a saying which goes like this: “the first impression is the last impression” it means that the aspirants should dress up appropriately to leave a good impression on the board members.

There is a certain kind of clothing which needs to be worn while appearing for the Interview. Besides that, your character, domain knowledge, and attitude are also important. Many interviewers take very less time to know if you have got the potential to become an IAS officer or not.  

Deciding on what to wear to an interview is a question in every job-seeker’s mind. There is no rocket science. In this case, only one needs to follow some tips before appearing for the Interview. Before explaining further, if you are looking for UPSC preparation, consider joining The Thought Tree. At T3, we provide personal mentorship to students along with expert faculty, notes, test series, and many more things. We also provide interview training to our students. Moving back to our topic now, let’s see UPSC Interview Dress Code for men and women.


Dress Code for UPSC Interview  

UPSC Interview Dress Code for Female

  • For Women, wearing Indian clothes such as salwar kurta with a dupatta, sarees, and kurti with a jacket are some of the best options. The grace of Indian clothes cannot be matched with formal clothes. 
  • Colors like white, black, navy blue and pastel shades are perfect for the UPSC interview dress code. Also, ensure that the dress shouldn’t look flashy or showy with many patterns or details. And wearing sleeveless is not allowed at all.
  • Women can wear pants or a skirt with a suit; whichever suits them the best. Also, keep in mind that the length of the skirt should be below the knees, and it should be comfortable enough while sitting down and giving the Interview.
  • A shirt should be colors such as white, beige, cream, light blue and baby pink.
  • The trousers or the pants must have a perfect length, neither too long nor too short.

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  • The suit should have a proper fitting. Pick a black, blue, brown or grey for the suit.
  • Choose shoes with a low height, as it is difficult to walk in high heels. Choose formal shoes such as pumps in black, beige or white colors.
  • It is advised not to wear a lot of jewelry, earrings, and accessories as it will annoy you and the interviewer. Dress as minimalist as possible.
  • If you have got tattoos, then make sure to dress up to hide them. As the tattoos might give a wrong impression to the interviewer about not being serious about the role of an officer.
  • Also, make sure that the shoes, socks, and belt color is the same. Don’t wear many colors together as it doesn’t give a good impression to the interviewer. 
  • Avoid wearing perfumes of high-end brands such as Dolce Gabbana or Chanel. Wear a light floral perfume to smell and feel good.
  • Also, ensure that all the clothes are perfectly ironed. A shirt with wrinkles would give a wrong impression, and you don’t want that to happen. Before going for the Interview, check for any loose buttons and hanging threads to avoid facing stress at the last moment.
  • Nails must be manicured and look clean. Girls should not wear nail polish while appearing for the Interview, as it doesn’t give a good impression. 
  • Girls should securely tie their hair, as it will not let you get sidetracked while answering the interview questions. A slick ponytail is the best choice for those with long hair, and girls with short hair can tie their hair halfway through not to let the hair get in their face.
  • If you want to carry a bag, choose something small that matches your clothing style. A bag is required to carry a portfolio for keeping all the important documents in one place. 
  • Dressing in a minimalist way is the best choice while going for an interview. Keep in mind that you are not going to audition for a movie or a show where you’d be judged based on your makeup skills. Dress simply; don’t wear loud makeup at all. Just wear kajal, and mascara and apply some lip balm on your chapped lips before appearing for the Interview.

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UPSC Interview Dress Code for Male

  • Men should wear a full sleeves light-colored shirt and not wear dark-striped shirts. A matching tie would look great with your suit but don’t wear bright-colored ties.
  • Along with the clothes, men should consider purchasing a good pair of shoes. Many people neglect their shoes, and this is where they lose the opportunity of making a good impression.
  • Make sure that your shoes look super clean and are polished, and thus it is a good idea to make sure that the shoes are nicely polished. A good pair of shoes can make or break the deal. Men should choose to wear leather shoes with laces or slip-on dress shoes in the colors brown or black.
  • Ensure that your dress code matches the theme of the occasion. Whatever you wear, you should look the best and carry yourself with grace and confidence.
  • Before appearing for the interview, check that all your clothes have a proper fitting and are not untidy. Just make sure that your clothes are not too loose nor too tight. Check that there are no loose buttons, dangling threads, or marks on your clothes. 
  • Wear a belt that matches your shoes. Your shirt, pant and suit must look fresh and nicely ironed. Your shoes must be polished. You can choose to wear a nice wristwatch and don’t drench yourself in a heavy perfume or a cologne.

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  • It is important to wear a mask or face shield for all the aspirants. The aspirants without a mask or face cover will not be granted entry inside the venue. 
  • When it comes to dressing up for success, the best decision would be to purchase a good two-piece tailored suit. A single colored suit with a light colored shirt and a tie is the perfect choice for an interview.
  • Guys need to make sure that their hair looks nice enough and have a neat, smart hairstyle. Because having dyed and long hair wouldn’t make a good impression in an interview!
  • A man in a nicely tailored suit with neat hair and a clean-shaven face would give an IAS officer a perfect look. Keep in mind that while taking up the responsibility of a department, you should show yourself as someone who takes care of their well-being. 

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Final Word

I hope that the article on “Dress Code for UPSC Interview” will be helpful to all the girls and the boys who are going to appear for the UPSC interview. All the given guidelines will be helpful for the aspirants and will help you clear the final round. 

A well-dressed person in a UPSC interview will stand out amongst others and radiate confidence in a room rather than a person dressed in a lousy manner. Someone confident and happy with themselves would radiate happiness all around the room. All of this will help you make a good impression and nicely present yourself before the interviewer. The dress code for UPSC interview is an important parameter but doesn’t be dependent on it too much. Just make sure to dress up as per the occasion.

If you procrastinate a lot, my suggestion would be to make sure that all the documents are ready one day before the Interview. Check all the important things to avoid panicking at the last moment. The first impression is the last impression, so remember that dress code plays a crucial role. Dress appealingly on the day of the Interview. Follow the guidelines listed above and be focused. Don’t lose confidence; greet your interviewer with a smile and a handshake, and you are off to a good start!

Besides following the dress code for UPSC interview, consider joining a good UPSC coaching institute such as The Thought Tree (T3) for your IAS exam preparation. T3 is the one-stop source for all our requirements and offers guidance, mentorship, good quality study material, mock tests, the practice of writing answers, all in one course. Contact us for more details.  

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