IAS (Indian administrative service), known as the Indian Civil Service was established during British Raj and is one of the three arms of all India Services, along with the Indian Police Service and Indian Forest Service. Members of these three services serve India’s government and the individual states.

Responsibilities of an IAS Officer

● To maintain law and order.

● To collect revenue and to function as court officials at revenue courts and criminal courts of the executive magistrate.

● To act as an intermediate between the government and the public.

● To formulate and implement new laws and policies at the root level.

● To handle the administration and day-to-day proceedings of the government.

● IAS officers may also lead government and ministries. They’ll represent India internationally in bilateral and multilateral communications in this role.

IAS officers are recruited in three modes. By passing the civil service exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), officers recruited by this method are called direct recruits. Some are recruited by State civil service while others are recruited by non-state civil service. These are called promotees. The president of India appoints all the IAS officers regardless of direct recruits or promotees.

IAS exams are hard to crack. About only 180 passed the exam 1 million applicants. A good mixture of tremendous hard work and luck is required. This is the reason why the IAS officers are called “heaven-borns.” This is the reason why you need to work hard for this examination. Various coaching services are provided across India to help students study for UPSC exams.

 List of Top IAS coaching in Mumbai

1. Lakshya IAS coaching

It is one of the top-ranked coaching centers in Mumbai. As the name suggests, it gets the IAS aspirants closer to their Lakshya, meaning their ‘goal.’ It strives to provide its students with the best training to crack that UPSC examination. It provides both offline and online classes. It has an excellent faculty who are always ready to help its students. It operates in both Hindi and English mediums.

Study Material: IAS Coaching Notes, IAS Exam Preparation Booklets, Optional coaching Notes, Video Lectures, and Live Classes with faculty.
Batch size: 70-80 students
Faculty: Top IAS faculties in this UPSC Coaching.
Past results: best results in UPSC

2. Chahal IAS coaching

Giving offline and online educational programs are more or less individually designed to fulfill the requirements of all students. A unique pedagogy at a reasonable price is the mind-boggling feature of Chahal Academy, which makes us a Top UPSC Coaching in Mumbai. They are available in both English and Hindi for an accurate understanding of lectures.

In Chahal Academy, the lectures are scheduled throughout the day only on weekends to ensure the students and working class can benefit from it. Because of its all-pervading and ever-prospering realm, it is being designated as the fastest-growing Civil Services exam coaching institute in India, according to the Education Council of India.

Fee structure: Rs 1, 60, 000 (Approx)
Batch size: 50-60 students.
Faculty: Best and well-qualified faculty.
Past results record: Shruti Sharma, Gamini Singla, Aishwarya Verma, Yaksha Choudhary, Preetam Kumar.

3. Pioneer

Pioneer is a committed and dedicated organization mainly established to give radical effect to achieve their student’s goals. At Pioneer Academy, excellent coaches help their students march in the right direction to achieve their aspirations in civil services. They are entirely focused on and dedicated to our student’s success through the following:

Providing a time-bound strategy for study compilation, revision, analysis & writing skills per the examination requirement. Logical analysis of facts.

Personal counseling and mentoring to all their students. A dynamic, student-centric learning environment in the academy. Pioneer academy also offers IAS coaching in Pune.

Study material: IAS Coaching Notes, IAS Exam Preparation Booklets, IAS optional coaching Notes, UPSC Coaching Notes, Video Lectures, and Live Classes with faculty
Fee structure: The fee structure has not been disclosed.
Batch size: 70-80 students.
Faculty: Wise-versed, well-qualified coaches.

4. Dronacharya

Dronacharya IAS Academy is a premiere Educational Institute offering guidance for UPSC & State PSC exams for over a decade. DIA has branches all over Mumbai as well as other parts of India. The academy has a unique approach towards UPSC studies, which steers students’ thought processes to achieve the highest excellence not only in the UPSC exam but also in facing other challenges of life with equal ease. Dronacharya IAS Academy imparts a comprehensive training-cum-guidance program that covers all the stages of the civil services exam – the Preliminary Exam (the objective type screening test), the Main exam (the descriptive type -written exam), and the Interview. The Academy provides an optimal course program for all types of students. It has special programs for students who start at an early stage.

Fee structure: Rs 1,20,000 IAS Prelims + IAS Mains Coaching fees
Batch size: 45-50 students.
Faculty: Prof.Ganesh Subramanian. S, Prof. Shubhra Ranjan, Prof. K P verma.
Previous results: NO mention of it on their website. But they do have aspirants who cracked UPSC well.

5. AA SHAH’S IAS Coaching

Their coaching is best because they provide interactive classes both online and offline. Ready to lend support and clear the doubts of their students all the time. Quality education with timely tests to help prepare their students. Their response is quick and detailed.

Fee structure: The fee structure has not been closed.
Batch size: 50-60 students.
Faculty: Well-qualified faculty.
Past results:  Namita Sharma, Satish B Krishnan, Ajay Kumar, Narendra Shah, Kumar Gaurav, etc.

6. Paradigm

This coaching center provides excellent guides, offers free study material, and lends full support to its students. It is one of the most well-acknowledged coaching centers in India. It also provides interview guidance programs.

Fee structure: Rs 1, 50, 000 (Approx)
Batch size: 40-50 students
Faculty: Saurabh Sabhlok, Amrish Kumar, and others.
Past results: Mahendra Kumar, Shashank Tripathi, Madhulika Kadam, and others

7. Sankalp

It has innovative learning via Byju’s, Business COI, and practice exam questions. It has one of the best IAS prelims courses in Mumbai. It is one of the best Optional IAS coaching centers in Mumbai.

Fee structure: Rs 1,05, 000 (Approx), Rs 70,000 for Prelims, and 80000 IAS Mains.
Batch size: 35-40 students.
Faculty: Best IAS faculty within the UPSC coaching.
Past results: Top civil service examination results from UPSC coaching.

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