The Indian startup system has undoubtedly come a long way with different tech startups going public. In 2021 at least 42 companies became unicorns. There are chances that you might have invested some of your savings and also made a blueprint of your business plan on this side business for quite some time now.

But finally, if you feel it’s the right time to raise some actual capital, then fundraising tools have your back.  Don’t depend on the bank to get some business funds! These days you can get your hands on some fantastic fundraising tools for startups to grow business.

The top 10 finance and fundraising tools for startups to grow business

1. Kickstarter

For quite some time now, startups have been relying on Kickstarter. Whenever people think about startups, all they remember is Kickstarter for crowdfunding because it accepts different types of contributions. Irrespective of the creative idea, including a book, movie or even an album that you plan to develop, Kickstarter has got your back. The only exception here is that funding is available only for a creative project or an idea and NGO work is not counted.

2. RocketHub

RocketHub is your best bet if you are looking for an equity crowdfunding tool. Entrepreneurs and new businesses can choose this perfect platform to raise capital for upcoming projects. It helps them to sell their unlisted shares. Companies find it challenging to find buyers when they have unlisted stocks. Rockethub has got your back as the investor community is easy to connect.

3. Indiegogo

Indiegogo is similar to Kickstarter. The only difference here is that Indiegogo allows fundraising for nonprofit organizations and projects as well. In addition, it supports flexible funding where the organizer can keep the funds raised by them even if the target is not met. This option is great as not all of the projects on these online platforms meet their crowdfunding goals successfully.

4. Crowdfunder

Choose this platform to connect with Angel investors and venture capitalists. These investors invest in all types of projects, provided you offer a realistic idea to them. For instance, the fundraising tool is your best bet if you plan to get some funds by selling the equity or debt of your company. Instantly you can find reliable investors if you present a project idea that is worth their efforts or time.

5. GoFundMe

Personal emergencies can strike anytime as life is predictable, but you don’t need to stress as this exceptional platform has your back. You can raise funds for any project irrespective of its size. When you can’t find any emergency all by yourself, you can use this tool.

6. Speed and Spark

Like music funding, Seed and Spark is a platform specially designed to fund movie projects. If you are a movie maker with some great ideas, then this platform is your best bet. You can get funds for your unique ideas from this tool. Funds can be raised for almost all types of movies like comedies, documentaries, theatres, or even dramas. If you want to invest in any movie, watch the film you’ve invested and analyze the ground funding investment.

7. InnoPitch

Just like other funding platforms, InnoPitch is specially designed to fund startups. The platform allows the founders to share their ideas and get some funds to start the project. You can raise funds for all types of projects, including fintech.

8. Wishberry

If you want to fund some creative projects, Wishberry is your go-to option. The platform is only available for projects that feature creative ideas like music, dance and theatre. Besides helping you with some funds, the tool also helps you with consulting and marketing services. If you are in marketing and plan to expand your service, you can hire a content writer and develop a startup idea. Have some creative ideas? Don’t look any further; this tool will help you bring them to life.

9. Fundable

It is one of the few crowdfunding platforms focusing on small enterprises and businesses. The tool features different campaigns across various industries in India. Whether you are looking to raise funds or just getting some clinical dosages, you can access this platform anytime. The major aim of the platform is to help businesses get the desired funds.

10. Catapooolt

From music, films, and technology to startups, Catapooolt is an excellent platform for personal funding projects, enterprises and businesses. It is not just a crowdfunding tool but also offers options for the campaign to partner with its network of investors, accelerators, mentors, and incubators.


Great ideas and startups need a fund boost. With increasing crowdfunding platforms, founders and innovators have a wide variety to choose from.

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