Many stereotypes exist about working and living in the UAE (United Arab Emirates). In this article, we will refute or confirm many of them including about a Doctor’s Job in Dubai.  

The United Arab Emirates is interesting for foreigners first of all because you can get a job there officially, and often even in a specialty, using a diploma and experience (certification must be legalized following the laws of the UAE to work in a thing).

Secondly, it is an excellent opportunity to build a career in a country with social and medical insurance, and a properly drafted contract can protect the employee.

Thirdly, the salaries in the UAE are relatively high, so if you lead a modest lifestyle, you can save up reasonable amounts of money to start your own business, buy a house, etc. Or (if you don’t need to save much), you can enjoy life in one of the world’s modern wonders: working and living in a city by the sea, in a newfangled multicultural Babylon with all the possible delights and entertainment.

Finally, the Emirates is a Muslim country with strict laws and a tourist destination, so the lifestyle suits a tourist metropolis.

The only non-negotiable condition is knowledge of English. Of course, everything will depend on you and the interview with the employer. But suppose your level is below average at the conversational level (i.e., you have difficulty expressing your opinion and need help understanding half of what is said in English). In that case, it will be complicated to find a good job (given that the global crisis has reached the Emirates in some aspects, and companies are raising the bar for workers while reducing pay and bonuses).

Doctor’s Job in Dubai

Do you have a medical degree and have thoughts of going to work abroad? Doctors are in demand in many countries, nurse work in Dubai is also very popular. If you want to choose a country to work in but do not know where it would be best, consider the Arab Emirates. Working as a doctor in these developed oil countries means a high income and attractive conditions. All employers in the Gulf countries provide a complete package of requirements.

The UAE leads not only the Middle East but also the world in the high standards of its hospitals. Also, the Islamic environment and the availability of great opportunities for professional career development have increased the flow of migrants into the country. At the same time, Islamic culture is also present, and neither aspect negatively affects the other. In short, East and West coexist here in harmony.

Solid but healthy competition in any sphere is possible to meet here. Therefore, excellent conditions for work are created. Yes, the UAE is one of the most expensive countries. It takes a lot of expense to live here alone or with your family. Education for children is one of the most expensive in the world. However, if you are an excellent professional, you will get a decent salary and live in good conditions.

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The benefits of working as a doctor in the Gulf countries are:

6-hour workday;
with a contract for two years, the salary from $ 3500 per month;
with a contract for five years from $ 5000;
free accommodation or rent reimbursement;
flight to work at employer's expense;
work visa for the period of work;
medical insurance;
lunches during work hours;
vacations with pay once a year and paid flight.

If you have many years of experience and high qualifications and speak intermediate English, finding a job in the UAE will be easier. But even without a degree, you can find a career in the medical field. Medical technicians, general nurses, operating room nurses, intensive care nurses, dentists, dermatologists, and others are in demand. Salaries for medical assistants start at $1,000. Just like for doctors, employers provide all the benefits described above: flight, work visa, lodging or compensation, meals at work, and annual paid vacation.

Duties of the nurse:

Participate in the preparation of medical instruments and equipment and the equipment necessary for receiving patients;
be responsible for the availability of all the equipment in the room and supervise the condition of the room in terms of its compliance with sanitary and hygienic requirements;
organize the work of nursing staff, equipment technicians, and cleaning staff;
ensuring that the dentist's office has all the medicines and materials it needs;
control the quality of disinfection of working instruments and materials used;
taking part in differentiating the flow of patients, controlling dates, and organizing patients' visits;
keeping records and taking care of patients with acute dental pain as a priority;
participation in the therapeutic and preventive procedures performed by the doctor.

According to the document, to be verified, an employee must submit a corresponding application to the governing body of the healthcare facility where they worked. To do this, the employee must fill out a verification questionnaire (its template is provided in the annexes to the resolution) and provide scanned copies of supporting documents.

Then, the documents on education, qualifications, and professional experience must be checked, and their authenticity determined. After that, the verifier enters the results into the electronic record. If the impact is positive, the employee receives a certificate of education, qualifications, and professional experience in English. A scanned copy of the certificate is sent to the email address specified by the doctor in the verification questionnaire. 

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