Have you ever wondered that the articles you read on the internet are written by someone special?

If not yet, think of it once, as this might change your thought process or help you learn a new career field.

In today’s modern world, we are quite open to the internet now. So, we should know the new and better job opportunities in the market other than those so-called 9 to 5 jobs.

When we try to find one with a lot of benefits, we come up with content writing.

It seems interesting, right?

If you are a beginner and looking to explore a new field, content writing might interest you.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to become a good content writer and how to become a web content writer.

In this article, I will guide you with all such questions and also tell you how to become a content writer in India and start earning.


When we talk about how to become a content writer, we cover every aspect of content writing.

By every aspect, we mean to cover every type of content writing, including how to write Search Engine Optimization(SEO), how to become a web content writer, how to become a content writer for a website, etc.

But we are not going too deep into the types of content writing for now as it would take a long to read. For that, you can join our content writing course. Here, you get a solution to every problem you face in becoming a content writer.

So, let us start our discussion by knowing the meaning of content.

What is Content?

Every piece of writing is not considered as content. Unless it qualifies for some basic standards and follows the required guidelines, the writing is not content.

It doesn’t matter how you pronounce it; the thing that matters is how you write it.

Definition of Content

Content is a piece of information written to give information to a specific audience to educate, motivate, entertain, or write as per the target audience’s needs.

The definition might seem a little tough for some, as it includes some terms that you might have heard for the first time in life.

In simple words, content writing is writing where you have to focus on a set of audiences and try to solve their requirements and fulfill their needs.

Also, your ultimate goal of writing is to build trust between you and the readers. This helps to serve the main need of writing to promote a brand.

When a new individual starts writing his first few contents, he makes a common mistake of losing value to fit in the SEO keywords.

This doesn’t allow the content to fulfill the desires of the readers. Instead, this gives them a wrong image of your writing, and there is a possibility of losing trust.

Don’t get demotivated by this point, as almost everyone makes this mistake and learns over time. Also, for the sake of learning the course, you can join our content writing training to know how to become a good content writer.

Now, let us move to the main part of this article, how to become a content writer in India?

How to Become a Good Content Writer?

There are a few steps in this process of how to become a content writer in India.

Let us look at those steps and discuss them below.

1. Go Niche

How to Become a Content Writer

Have you ever seen an animal riding a bicycle or driving a car?

It is awkward and, at the same time, fascinating to see such a site with your naked eyes.

Content writing is nothing different as here also you need to keep a balance between your creativity and to write in a specific niche.

This combination lets you win even the toughest of the attention of the readers.

Also, there are many options and opportunities when you have to choose a niche to write on. This provides flexibility in work and brings out the best in you.

So, be specific in choosing the one that suits you the best and your content writing skills

If you are still confused, we at The Thought Tree are here to teach you all the types of niches in content writing, and after the best content writing course, you can easily choose the best for you. This feature helps and clears your most important doubt of how to become a web content writer.

2. Build a Portfolio

In the process of how to become a good content writer, you have to build a portfolio for yourself.

So, what does building a portfolio mean?

When we talk about building a portfolio, please write some good articles to show whenever you apply for a job.

Also, this is the starting phase where most people fall behind and give up. Since this may take some time, you won’t get any pay for writing them.

But, my friend, remember that these will showcase your talent and allow you to get selected over many other candidates applying for the same post.

When we talk about how to become a content writer for a website, the selectors need to look at your work to select you for the job.

So, always keep in mind that the more efforts you put in today in building your profile, the more chances you have of getting great jobs.

3. Start Creating Social Proofs

How to Become a Content Writer

Do you guys look for reviews before buying a product online?

Do you look for what’s trending on Netflix and all to choose the things to watch?

Yes, we all do the same here. Since we are social animals, it is obvious to look for the best things out there.

When it comes to content writing, the same thing follows here also. You need to create a social proof or existence for yourself.

So, what is the best practice for this?

I would recommend you to start writing on Quora.

Why I am saying so is because a mass public reads the Quora answers every day. So, if you write well, it will gain people’s attention to your profile. 

Ultimately, you would get some recognition and also earn gigs for the same.

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4. Authority with Blogging

So, what does authority mean?

When we talk about becoming a web content writer, we should know that authority is the ultimate credibility parameter.

In simple words, when you have expertise in some niche, you are all set to attract many clients to the blogs.

What’s the easiest way to attract clients and convert them into money?

This is not a big job; you can start creating blogs. But, here too, you will be using your capabilities and creativity to the clients and people reading your blogs.

5. Set a Good Pitch

Setting a pitch is not that easy, but if you follow some steps, it becomes easy when you gain experience.

But, if you are among the ones who want to learn beyond this, you can join The Thought Tree’s content writing course. This will teach you everything and solve all your doubts.

For now, look at the following steps, and these are the key elements for a clear pitch.

  • Start with a clear subject line
  • Address the readers and recipients by name
  • Refer them to why they need to read the content and where did you feel this will help them
  • Give reference to your work if you have done, and your portfolio
  • Give links to your blog or your writings on Quora, etc.
  • Also, include the link to your social media platforms.
  • Finally, give a good email.

6. Freelance Writing

How to Become a Content Writer

Once you think you are good to go and are well aware of content writing, you can start working on a freelancer website.

Many online platforms allow you to find work for yourself from clients all over the world.

Some of the popular ones are Fiver, Upwork, etc.

It is easy to make a profile on these platforms and find the perfect match for your qualities.

Remember, these websites help you to get selected by good clients when you are qualified. This gives a boost to your profile and assists in finding more work for you.

Hence, a content writing course will work, and a good portfolio will work, as discussed above.

7. Don’t Plagiarize

In order to become a content writer, you must get your hands on the utilities like a plagiarism checker to get rid of duplication. Plagiarism is considered a big crime in the web world, and it can significantly damage your reputation among fellow writers. A plagiarism checker will allow you to figure out the instances of plagiarism without asking you to invest time and effort. Even if you don’t intend to plagiarize, you should still take the assistance of a plagiarism detector, as the chances of unintentional plagiarism still exist.


In the article, we looked at what is the basic definition and meaning of content. Also, we looked at solving various questions like how to become a good content writer, how to become a content writer in India, and how to become a content writer for a website.

Whenever you start learning a new thing or choose a new field for yourself, always remember working hard to achieve it.

Also, keep in mind that if you lack behind, thousands of people are standing to remove you and get selected. So, make a wise decision for yourself, and once decided, never look back.

All the best for your future! 

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