Launching a startup business is an exciting time. Nevertheless, you must begin focusing on growth and building your business at some point. Getting out of the startup stage can be very demanding, and requires patience. So, what must you start focusing on to make it happen, and how can you build and establish your new startup business in an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace?

Reach Out to Other Professionals

There are lots of professionals around (often freelancers) that can help you build your business. They may have marketing expertise that you can draw on or industry knowledge that you can utilize. Other professionals can be used in an ad-hoc manner, which means it is cost-effective for you and your business. To meet other professionals, you may find it beneficial to invest your time in networking. Online networking and offline networking can allow you to create connections with trusted professionals who you may now have met before. Deciding how and when you will utilize the expertise and knowledge of other professionals is crucial to success. So, where possible, have a plan and idea about what you need to harness and from where.

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Give Your Customers What They Wish and Require

Your startup business must be focused firmly on your customers. If not, you will struggle to find your place in the market, and you will struggle to grow and thrive. You need to invest in your customers and customer service to build your business and create a positive reputation. You must provide what they need and require – at all times. Because if you do not, you will find that a competitor will do this, and they will fill the void you are leaving. When you build your business around your customers, you listen to them, and you understand what makes them tick; you can then use this information to help you build customer retention – which is, of course, going to help you move out of that awkward startup stage.

Use Outsourcing Where You Can

As well as reaching out to other professionals, you may wish to look at outsourcing. There will be times when your business can use outsourcing to facilitate your business expansion. Outsourcing may be beneficial if you need something such as shipping work carried out, as you can find providers easily at It may also be beneficial if you need to utilize ad-hoc services such as marketing or accounting. Outsourcing is always good as it requires minimal investment. 

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Have a USP You Can Build Upon

All businesses need to have a USP (unique selling proposition); without this, they will struggle to stand out from the crowd. Your startup business is no different, so what will make your business or offering different? What will make customers want to return, and what will make them say wow? This USP can be in the form of an extra product given to customers or extra value provided.

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