India, from its ancient times, has always been famous for its vivid architecture. Histories show that Indians have always followed Vastu shastra before making temples, monuments, etc. But even in modern times, many people still believe in Vastu shastra. So today, we will see what Vastu Shastra is and how to learn Vastu Shastra.

What is Vastu Shastra and it’s Importance

Vastu Shastra is a study of architecture that brings positive energy, good health, prosperity, etc., to the people or tenants living in a particular house or any form of construction. Vastu shastra tells about the perfect measurement, layout, size, etc., in which a house or building should be built in accordance with the five vital elements of nature.

Understanding Vastu Shastra in the correct way is important. Vastu Shastra is a study of science in putting all the five vital elements of nature, i.e., Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space, to bring good health, prosperity, etc., to the people involved with the particular construction.

By studying Vastu Shastra, you get proper knowledge of science in accordance with nature. It also gives you knowledge on removing negative energies and providing a peaceful life to the people, thus adding value to their lives.

Some people believe that Vastu shastra is a pseudoscience. But that is just due to their lack of knowledge because the concepts of Vastu shastra are purely based on common sense, for example, how to build a properly ventilated house, the direction in which the kitchen and bedroom should be build to receive maximum sunlight and air. Behind every concept, there will be a scientific reason; if you search properly, you will find the reasons for almost everything mentioned in Vastu shastra.

How Vastu Shastra Affects Our Life?

The main objective of Vastu shastra is to build a home, an office, or a hospital in such a way that it goes along well with nature and provides peace and harmony to the people living or working there irrespective of caste or gender.

It is known that Sage Narada started the study of Vastu shastra in India. Still, after extensive and close examination of nature and its pattern, many sages came up with the study of Vastu shastra. Their study was mainly based on the five elements of nature: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space.

Therefore, the study of Vastu Shastra is mainly based on how to stop blocking these energies, or else it might turn into a surrounding filled with negative energy and balance all the five elements of nature to bring harmony, peace, and well being to the people.

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Basic Learning Tips

In Vastu Shastra, along with the five most important elements of nature, directions are also of great importance. There are majorly eight important directions. According to Vastu Shastra, the energies of the five elements should balance with the energies of these eight directions to bring happiness and well-being to people.

If we look at the basics of Vastu Shastra, we will understand each of the eight directions mentioned in the Vastu Shastra also symbolizes a particular deity. Therefore, it is said that along with matching the energies of elements with the energies of direction, the deity symbolizing the direction should also be pleased.

Given are some basic knowledge about the deity or god symbolizing a particular direction and the planets linked to each direction. A person interested in learning Vastu shastra should keep a basic knowledge about these things. This will make it easy to learn Vastu Shastra.

EastSunIndra (King of Gods)
AagnayaVenusAgni (Lord of Fire)
SouthMarsYama (Lord of Death)
NairuktayaRanuPritra (Lord of Ancestors)
WestSaturnVarunn (Lord of Wind)
VayavayaLunarVasudeva (Lord of Mind and Soul)
NorthMercuryKuber (Lord of Wealth)
IshanJupiterRudra (Lord Shiva)

This table gives us the information about the planet representing each direction and the deity associated with them. Vastu Shastra teaches that the cosmic energy of each planet should also balance with the energies of five elements, and the deity representing each direction should also be pleased to bring happiness, peace, and well-being to the human.

Vastu Shastra Tips

  • The main door of the house is considered to be the most important element. According to Vastu Shastra, it is said that every door must open towards the inside to maintain the energy within the house.
  • Do not build beams that run across the house because it may affect your health. If any beams are present, avoid placing your bed under those beams.
  • Never place a picture comprising violence in any form; this paves the way to negative energies entering your place, so avoid them in your homes or offices. 
  • As silly it may sound, but according to Vastu Shastra, the toilet seats should face north-south direction, and remember to close them after use.
  • To avoid fights at home, place wind-chimes which have crystals on the windows of the bedroom.
  • To gain prosperity and wealth, place a big mirror in the dining area in the north or northeast direction.
  • We find family photos at every other home to keep the memories cherished, but remember to keep your family photos in the southwest direction; this helps bind your relationships with your loved ones.
  • Southwest is the direction where your kitchen should be built. You can even build your kitchen in the east order. The kitchen should not be directly facing your main door.
  • Watches that do not work and mirrors that are broken should never be kept in the house.

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How to Learn Vastu Shastra

If you want to learn Vastu Shastra in detail, you are at the correct place, my friend, we at The Thought Tree (T3) provide a Vastu Shastra Course specially designed to learn Vastu Shastra from expert teachers across India. The Thought Tree(T3) is a Jaipur-based institute that offers various courses ranging from skill development courses to coaching for many important competitive exams; we have got it all covered.

Now, let’s get to the point, which is Vastu shastra. Some of the main attractions of our Vastu shastra course are listed below: 

  • The Vastu shastra course stretches upto a span of 2 months, and also it is offered at a very reasonable rate.
  • We at The Thought Tree never compromise with the quality of teaching provided, so you get a chance to learn from expert teachers who have more than 15 years of experience in the field of Vastu shastra.
  • The Thought Tree(T3) provides you with a course completion certificate and another after completing the internship, which will help you to create a good customer base.
  • We also provide you with practical training, and as part of that, you will get to visit famous archaeological sites of India with the faculty members. This will help you see and understand various concepts and techniques of Vastu shastra, which have been followed in our country for ages.
  • Monthly boot camps are conducted, and it solely focuses on revising your concepts and skills to make you industry-ready.
  • You also get a guaranteed internship with the Vastu shastra experts, giving you exposure and practical experience by working on live projects.  

I hope this article helped you and cleared your doubt on “How to Learn Vastu Shastra.” If you still have some questions, then you can comment down below or read the FAQ.


  1. Is it necessary for every construction to follow Vastu Shastra?

Following Vastu Shastra is a personal choice that an individual or group of individuals who owns the building makes. There is no such compulsion or rule which says that it is necessary to follow Vastu shastra. But in India, people tend to follow and abide by the principles of Vastu shastra as it has been done for ages.

Vastu Shastra is nothing but a study that helps you to enhance the relationship between the house and nature. Above all, people who have followed these studies laid by the great sages of our country have obtained positive results.

2. “Vastu Shastra” is it a pseudoscience?

We live in an era where anything or everything our ancestors considered is considered superstition, which is why some consider it pseudoscience. People tend to think in this way due to a sheer lack of knowledge regarding Vastu Shastra.

Over time many scientists have come up with proper scientific explanations for many things mentioned in Vastu shastra. This proves that this is not a pseudoscience but science that was studied and practiced by our sages thousands of years ago.

3. Can I earn money practicing Vastu Shastra?

You can earn a pretty good amount of money practicing Vastu Shastra as this is not an area in which many would prefer to create a career. Very few people opt to think of practicing Vastu Shastra as a legit career option.

We are a developing country, and constructions are going around every corner, whether homes or commercial buildings. This creates an excellent opportunity for people who are trained and knowledgeable about Vastu shastra.

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