Numerology plays a significant role in our business and growth. In this article, we will see which numerology number is good for business?

Health and wealth are two major elements of life, with health implying a disease-free existence and wealth implying a safe and secure existence. Wealth is as good as wellness in terms of happiness since, to live a safe and secure life after retirement, one must be capable of amassing wealth in their young years of life. As a result, look at how business numerology can assist you in reaching new heights in your chosen field.   

When considering the aspects that contribute to a company’s overall successes and failures, the company’s name is quite important. If we go by patterns, we can see that the most successful organizations in terms of success and making large riches have recognized common numerology trends in their business names. This indicates that money has nothing to do with logic, education, or personality but rather with the celestine prophecy and birth horoscope. 

Anyone can start a business. Anybody can decide to get into business for oneself right now, at this precise moment. Obtain the required permits or licenses, and publicize your business in some way and you are ready to enter the great world of commerce. 

While almost anyone may start a business, we all realize that maintaining a successful firm is another matter itself. But have you ever wondered what it takes to start and run a successful company? You may also believe that despite your hard work, you are unable to expand your firm. Here’s how you can start a successful business! 

The Science of Numerology 

First and foremost, we must understand that not everyone will benefit from all lucky numbers. Birthdate and life path play a major role in determining which lucky business name number to use.


1. The Equalized Two (2)

In numerology, the number two represents balance, fairness, harmony, emotions, and intuition. Number 2 denotes the business lines that are extremely important in terms of partnerships and networking. As a result, this number could be beneficial for providing balanced guidance and inspiring ideas. It can be useful for those with a high level of thinking ability or for people who want to start a networking business. 

The big Berkshire Hathaway, for instance, is a multinational conglomerate holding corporation that owns Dairy Queen, BNSF Railway, Lubrizol, Kraft Heinz, Larson- Juhl, Justin Brands, and Fruit of the Loom, among other companies. Additional noteworthy numbers therein number 2 series include 11, 29, 38, and 47 and other numbers that add up to 2.

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2. The Guardian Number Five (5)

Which Numerology Number is Good for Business

Remarkable Figure 5 has been dubbed the “universal guardian.” It readjusts everyone, regardless of their date of birth or career development path, in establishing their business. 

Except for weddings, number 5 can be used for practically anything. The crucial digits in Series 5 are 23, 32, 41, 50, and 68, with 23 being the most powerful in Numerology. Number 32 is known as the Vikramaditya sign because of its strong allure. Numbers 41 and 32 are also considered lucky because of their resemblance in numerology. 

Though the number 23 is a lucky number, it’s uncommon to see it in company names because few companies have company names that are only 5 or 6 characters long. Goldman Sachs Group has a name value of 68, Airbus Giants Boeing has a name value of 23, General Electric is 50, and McKesson has a named rating of 32 and can even be your Numerology Number for Business.

3. Numerology of a Business Number Six (6)

Which Numerology Number is Good for Business

Teachers and healers are best represented by number 6. Being connected to number 6 will assist someone who appreciates conducting charitable activities. Politicians and insurance brokers will find it to be quite valuable. 

Companies that link with number 6 are frequently leaders in their fields. If we’re in the freelance industry, though, number 6 is a poor value. It will not assist freelancers because number 6 necessitates the presence of a family and community.

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4. The Spiritual Number Seven (7)

Numerology’s number seven is all about spirituality and soul development. This number is perpetually shrouded in mystery and mystique. The seven usually see life differently, focusing on the unusual and paying close attention to the intricacies of uncharted areas. The same is true for business elements of this number; it has unique business energy that is always focused on discovery and knowledge of the ‘unknown.’ 

For instance, industry leaders such as Google and Amazon are built on searching and exploring the unknown. Other advantageous numbers in the 7 series include 16, 25, 34, 52, and other numbers that add up to 7.

5. The Mystic Eight (8)

Which Numerology Number is Good for Business

As I said at the outset of this article, number 8 is a hidden treasure among the lucky numbers for business, with 44 and 53 being the most common. People must not be misled now. Number 8 should just be avoided at all costs since it requires a thorough evaluation before usage. Not everyone can succeed in business by using the number 8, but those with Saturn in their lives may, according to what we know about corporate numerology. However, there is a danger because if Saturn is properly positioned, the company will thrive, but the firm will inevitably fail if it is poorly situated. 

The following are some of the Fortune 500’s number 8 companies:

Exxon Mobil – Number 1 out of 500 in fortune companies with its name number 44 Morgan Stanley – With 44 as Name Number.

Sun Microsoft- The Operating System giant name is 53. 

Hewlett-Packard – The Computer giant’s name number comes to 62.

Citigroup – A banking major that has its name value of 35. 

Time Warner – This Production house major is with name number 35.

6. The Divine Number Nine (9) 

Which Numerology Number is Good for Business
Which Numerology Number is Good for Business

The number 9 will be the next set of numbers in the most auspicious of numbers for business. In numerology, the numbers 5 and 9 are thought to be the most influential. The number 9 is appropriately referred to as divine 9 because it possesses divine aspects in nature. The digits 27, 45, and 9 are the most powerful in the 9 series. The number 18 is generally regarded as an unlucky number in partnerships. Hence it is rarely taken into consideration. 

The numbers 27 and 45 are the most outstanding in the number 9 since they both represent divinity and can be deemed unbeatable because it is the divinity that safeguards humanity here. Numbers 27 and 45 are excellent for business as well as for anything else. People born on the dates 5,14,23 and 9,18,27 profit the most from these numbers. 

The number 27 has extraordinary magical properties, and it is thought to be the origin of all occult studies. The number 45 is associated with profound insight and intelligence. If we look at the firms listed below with the number 9 as their name, we can see the influence of this number. 

7. Additional Successful Numbers 

While each of these numbers is associated with a certain career, it does not imply they will all lead to success. Let’s examine which numbers have had the greatest clout and which ones you should avoid.

8. Number of the Lord of Wealth 33 (Kubera)

The number 33 is considered to be the luckiest number in all of the businesses. It’s important to note that this number will not offer its all-out effort to every single person. Persons with a birthday of 6,15,24 are extremely fortunate, as this highly beneficial number will significantly impact them. There are no exceptions, not even for those born with a life path 6. More than birth date, lifepath 6 people will reach new heights in their business when they use this number. 

These predictions pertain only to corporate names, not to real-life people’s names. As a result, you should not mix up your name and number. For 6 borns and 6 lifepaths, this number is a shooting star. However, anyone can use it for their company.

Following that is the number 51.

Again, it adds up to six, which is the number of prosperity and fortune. Additionally, it is referred to in Indian tradition as “The Royal Star of Man.” Numerous Fortune 500 firms have company names that total six. Walt Disney, Dell, and General Motors are the three leading examples. 

How to Learn Numerology? 

Numerology is a science of numbers. Each number has its importance and value, so you need to understand which number is good for you and your business. For this, you can join a numerology course. This course hardly takes 2-3 months to complete. After completion, if you feel that you would like to pursue your career in this particular field of science, you are free to do so.

We, The Thought Tree, offer one of the best numerology course in Jaipur. The faculty for the numerology course has 15 years of experience in numerology consultancy. Our course curriculum is also an extensive curriculum with 13 modules that cover everything from basics to field trips to discussing case studies. 

It is a 2-month course with a charge of INR 25000 only. You can also pay it in installments. Being part of The Thought Tree’s membership, you may take limitless batches for the following year once your Numerology Course is complete. This implies that you may repeat the course without limitation throughout your subscription. 

To explain the ideas and sciences of architecture, the faculty will tour you to renowned archaeological sites in Jaipur as part of practical instruction. Other renowned Indian and World places will also be addressed. 

Following the course, you get a globally recognized certification that shows your learning accomplishment in the area. An extra certification after the internship is also provided that helps you to build a loyal client base which is a sign of your competence. 

We also assure 100% Internship in this certified numerologist course with the Numerology Experts of T3 as a chance to work on live projects. This ensures that our graduates not only study the ideas but also experience 100% application. 

According to the most recent notification, you must register your business firm on the Udyam registration portal if you desire further financial benefits and incentives from the Central Government of India through the Ministry of MSME. MSME udyam registration process is fully online, paperless, and based on self-declaration. No documents or proof are required to be uploaded for registering an MSME.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Question: Does numerology foresee my future?

Answer: No, your future cannot be foreseen. But sure, the statistics that affect your life may be revealed. It can make inferences about the nature of what happens to you and inside you at any moment by comprehending the effect of these statistics. 

Question: Is numerology based only on my birth date? 

Answer: Although your birth date is essential in choosing your life path, other variables such as your birth name are also important. A lot may be explored with your birth name and the combo of your birthday and birth name.

Question: Are there particular numbers that may make life simpler for us?

Answer: No. All numbers are linked to life lessons and difficulties. Since you are born to learn and develop from your life experiences on earth, but there are always lessons to learn how much you’re spiritual, good and strong, healthy, clever. 

Are the numbers really good and bad? 

All numbers have positive and negative effects; thus, there is no “good” or “bad” number, but there is a perfect number that ensures a life without challenges.

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