The Civil Services examination is not only the most respected exam in India, but it has also been one of the most challenging examinations you will ever take. As one of the country’s most prestigious qualifying exams, an applicant must be equally focused, motivated, and guided to success. Even though the first two characteristics are inherent, the third, guidance, can only be acquired via the direction of experienced and competent instructors. And here is where IAS Coaching steps in. With the civil services examination (UPSC) growing in popularity, many coaching centres have sprung up across Jaipur. So today, we will see the Top 10 IAS Coaching in Jaipur. 

IAS Coachings in Jaipur is growing at a breakneck pace. You need to choose the best institute according to your needs.  

Are you committed to becoming an IAS Officer? Do you want to be a part of India’s Future Developments in Various Work Sectors? You have indeed made some progress by landing on this article listing the Top 10 IAS Coaching Centers in Jaipur if you answered yes. This article is to discover the Top Civil Services Coaching Institutes in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The following is a list of the Top 10 IAS coaching in Jaipur and their associated fees. 


10 IAS Coaching in Jaipur

1. The Thought Tree(T3)

The Thought Tree(T3), also known as T3, is the market leader in IAS Coaching Institute in Jaipur. With an experienced faculty, including retired or ex-government officials, T3 provides one-on-one mentoring and assistance to each student enrolled in this IAS Foundation Program. 

The Thought Tree’s continuous effort to provide accurately formulated study materials and up-to-date current affairs has elevated T3 to the top IAS Coaching institutes in Jaipur in a short time. T3’s primary goal is to instil in its students an expectation of the unexpected. Additionally, the study guides, mock exams, and lectures are dynamic, taking current political, social, and economic developments into account. 

Their goal is to offer personalized mentoring to each student. Students get customized, precise, and tangible feedback and attention through frequent tutorials, mini-tests, weekly exams, and post-test thorough analysis of individual answer sheets and remedial actions. Another thing that makes T3 the top institute is its Quarterly #GiveBack programme. They would arrange visits to NGOs as part of this #GiveBack to society initiative.

The primary objective is for candidates to understand the practical aspects of administration and instil the values of working for the betterment of society, which will aid them tremendously in their Mains answer writing and interview preparation. The value of education is more than money for them. The fee of T3 is around INR 90,000 + GST which can also be paid in installments. Contact The Thought Tree for more details. 


Address: Plot no.3 Chandra Nagar, Gopalpura Bypass, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Pin Code-302019 

Phone Number: +91 9999090136

2. Plutus IAS Academy 

Plutus IAS Academy in Jaipur offers students good facilities that enable IAS candidates to excel. They provide online courses to accommodate students from various locations. Students may access all notes and materials through Plutus’s online library. IAS, IFS, IRS, UPSC Mentorship, UPSC IAS / UPSC IFS are all IAS courses provided by study circle Plutus IAS institution. 

Their average cost is INR 1,50,000+GST. Acceptances are made only after passing the NCERT class 6th to 12th examination. 

3. Chanakya IAS Academy 

Chanakya institute is propelled forward by the belief that every individual is born to achieve. This institute pulls out the best support in an IAS candidate by combining rigorous academic studies with the finest seminars and lectures. The following are the courses offered by the Chanakya IAS Academy. 

1. Foundation Course Program 

2. Correspondence/ Online Courses 

3. Short-Term Program 

The team is well equipped to offer pupils good coaching. Additionally, many elements enable you to get excellent preparation for IAS examinations. Prepare to take just one course for the examinations. 

The total fee for the General Studies (Prelims + Mains) + Essay + CSAT is approximately INR 1,57,000. 

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4. Rau’s IAS Study Circle 

Rau’s IAS Study Circle itself is another name on the list of the Top 10 IAS coaching centres in Jaipur. Since 1953, it has had the unusual distinction of having a great success rate in the Jaipur. Indeed, the teachers here have been of the right quality. All you need to do is choose the right course for you. In Jaipur, Rau’s IAS coaching provides the following courses:  

Coaching for UPSC IAS / UPSC IFS 

IRS Consultation 

UPSC Preparation 

Rau’s IAS Study Circle maintains an updated curriculum in accordance with UPSC emerging trends. Subject instructors are accessible to students for advice and assistance even after UPSC class. Rau’s IAS Coaching in Jaipur also offers online IAS coaching. 

The GS Fee is approximately INR 1,55,000 for 9 Months. The 4 Months Optional Subject-Public Administration, Geography fee is around INR 48,000. 

5. Vision IAS Academy 

Vision IAS is an established institution in Jaipur. Many students take exams based mainly on the “Innovative Assessment System” to enhance their scores. Faculties tailor their instruction to each candidate, and aspirants are also given demo courses. There are videos titled “Topper’s Talk Series” where students may engage with previous year’s civil service test toppers. 

Additionally, online IAS coaching is also available. At the institution, foundational courses are available for an approximate cost of INR 1,35,000. The fee for the live/online GS Foundation Course is INR 1,25,000. (Including all Taxes). 


The KSG IAS is well-known for its efforts and provides an ideal environment for UPSC education. KSG IAS Academy is the leading UPSC Coaching Center in Jaipur for Top IAS Preparation. They always provide you with the top-quality facilities possible for you to succeed. 

The staff is outstanding and very approachable, and in this cutthroat environment, this institution is here to provide you with many strategies for effortlessly winning the race. The goal-oriented programs developed will undoubtedly have a considerable effect on students’ learning patterns. KSG has gained the confidence of the region’s students. KSG India Jaipur did not provide any information about their fee structure online or through the webpage. 

7. Astitva IAS Academy 

Astitva IAS Academy is a newly established institution. It makes our list of the Top 10 IAS coachings in Jaipur because it is centrally located, ensuring that students do not spend time commuting to coaching institutes. Astitva IAS Academy has a reputation to live up to, having amassed a sizable student population within a short period after opening.

Astitva has a well-established faculty group. The Institute offers good learning material drawn from notable books and national and international publications. The GS Fee for Astitva IAS Academy is about INR 1,49,000 for one year. 

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8. Indian Institute IAS Academy

Indian Institute of IAS Aspirants has been one of the prominent institutions in Jaipur. Mr Sajjan Pratap Singh founded this IAS Academy. This institution is unusual in that it has a highly qualified faculty, and you will undoubtedly get excellent instruction here. Additionally, the institution develops dynamic study techniques that facilitate learning. 

Pre-Maintenance is an Integrated Program for Students Accepting Admission to the III ASA Course. The average annual cost for admission to the Indian Institute of IAS Aspirants is INR 1,35,000 + GST. 

9. The Hinduzone IAS 

Hinduzone IAS tutoring in Jaipur is one such institution where you can quickly begin your IAS education. The institution features a faculty staff capable of training you exceptionally well. Additionally, you may rely on this institution for IAS preparations, just as other candidates do. If you have any reservations about enrolling in The Hinduzone IAS tutoring in Jaipur, you may contact the institution. 

They primarily provide IAS and UPSC coaching. The Academy employs practical methods since it instils practical knowledge in students via video lectures and lives conversations. They have qualified and experienced teaching faculty members who get continuous assistance. The typical cost is between INR 90,000 and INR 1,50,000. 

10. Yojna IAS Coaching 

Yojna IAS coaching centre is still a very reputable coaching centre in Jaipur for UPSC preparation, and it has got this reputation by consistently providing excellent teaching and effective results. You will get the appropriate study resources that will benefit you during the UPSC examinations. If you are willing to take admission in IAS course here, you will undoubtedly get the highest rankings by preparing optimally. 

Their coaching costs are also reasonably affordable for students ranging from INR 90,000 to INR 1,50,000, making it virtually affordable for anybody to join the Yojna IAS teaching facility in Jaipur. The institution offers all the necessary amenities to its students. They also provide coaching for Hindi medium students. 

Select Best UPSC Classes in Jaipur for Civil Services Exam preparation from the Top 10 IAS Coaching list in Jaipur. If you are pursuing your degree in Jaipur and are seeking to prepare for the UPSC Exam, there is no need to be concerned. You will be led by IAS Institutes’ Best Facilities, Courses, and Teachers.


  1. Is coaching necessary?

Answer: Over the years, UPSC has changed its format to make civil service test preparation accessible and feasible to students from all backgrounds. Its goal is to negate the impact of coaching so that all applicants compete on a level playing field. However, the reality remains that most successful candidates received coaching at some time during their preparation.

  1. Is it possible for someone to become an IAS in a short amount of time a year?

Answer: Students need one complete year of intensive study to prepare for the IAS Exam as the syllabus is vast. Understanding and holding on to the subject is also important, which takes some time, but you can cover the entire syllabus if you prepare a proper timetable for UPSC Preparation.

  1. Which of the optional subjects should be taken?

Answer: Many students choose high-scoring subjects However, before you pick an optional subject, consider your interest and ability for the subject. Choose a subject in which you don’t have to put in a lot of effort. If you prepare well for the optional subjects in the Prelims and select the same topic in the Mains, it will save you a lot of labour and time.

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