Stock marketing has brought a bull’s run in the country’s economy. Purchasing stocks is so common nowadays that people are diversifying their interest in the market beyond the country. 

The best way to do so is simply to invest in the US stock market. Why one should invest in that market, let’s find an answer to it. 

India is one of the best-growing countries while the US is a top pick in terms of development, so technically the US is far ahead of India. 

The United States sums up about 55% of the global stock market. The new york stock exchange “NYSE” is the biggest stock exchange on the globe. It’s quite obvious from earlier that Indian markets show fewer equity returns as compared to the US market. 

People also invest in the US to actively invest in other international markets as many international companies bring up new ideas and list them up in the US. In various fields like technology, healthcare Real estate, etc.

Here are some of the Best Stocks Worth Buying:

1. Apple 

2. Microsoft corporation 

3. Tesla 

4. Nio stocks

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What are Indexes?

It is a way to keep track of the performance of a group of assets in a standard manner. And indexes that measure the subset of the stock market and allow investors to compare the current price and the past prices are stock indexes. 

Let’s see some US stock indexes:

1. The Dow Jones Industrial Average


Dow Jones Index

2. Nasdaq Composite


Nasdaq index

2. S&P 500


s&p 500 index

These are the indexes in the entire United States that have the most following. 

Let’s also know about market securities in detail a little detail 

So there are mainly four types of security debts: 

  • Derivative security 
  • Hybrid Security
  • Debt security
  • Equity security

All these securities are a combination of equity and debt.


Here is a detailed procedure for creating an account:

  1. The first step is to find the best brokerage account to invest in the US then register your name, email address, phone number, and other details of identification. 
  2. Now providing documents like your PAN card, Aadhar card, driving license these documents are super important as these documents convey your identity like your photo, the place you live in this part of the procedure takes time as they confirm your true identification. 
  3. Now once your account is approved you are free to add funds to your brokerage account. 
  4. The Forex formalities given by the Indian government are also of great importance which tells you about the fixed amount of funds that can be added to your brokerage account annually.

Types of Investment Plans

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Now we’ve learned about why people invest in the US stock market and the procedure to create a brokerage account, then one should also know how to invest in the market. 

There are two ways of investing in the market is by directly investing in US stocks which requires an account opening with the help of a broker that can either be domestic or foreign. 

Generally, the domestic broker has his allies in foreign which act as a bridge to carry your trades. He may charge you extensively so here’s some advice, always keep a track of your investments as the cost of investment is high which includes brokerage charges and currency exchanges. 

The facility may have certain restrictions on the brokerage firms so take special care of those things. The second way is the indirect investment methods this includes:

Investing in Mutual Funds & ETFs 

● Mutual funds hold a major place in investing via indirect method because you don’t need to open an overseas trading account for that. And it is very much easier to operate just read all the schemes provided by the fund. 

● Exchange-traded funds aka (ETF’s) 
For those who don’t know ETF’S, it’s a type of investment fund and an exchange-traded product that is traded on stock exchanges.

ETFs and mutual funds are much more alike although ETFs are bought and sold throughout the day on stock exchanges. 

Holding times of an average investor have climbed and new ETF’s investors are more likely to use ETFs for long-term investing. 

Mutual funds may have higher fees and expenses than the ETF’s in part. If we talk more about ETFs and mutual funds. There are three kinds of ETF’s: exchange-traded and open-ended index mutual funds, unit investment trusts, and grantor trusts. 

Some of the known ETFs are SPDR gold shares, wisdom tree Investments, SDPR S&P 500 trust ETF.

Mutual Funds:

Investment in mutual funds

There are two types of mutual funds, Open-end funds and closed-end funds. 

  • In the open end, fund purchase and share take place between the investor and the fund company directly more funds are bought by the investor more shares are issued to the investor. 
  • Whereas in closed-end funds only a specific amount of shares can be issued and cannot be increased as the demand by the investor increases. 

One of the known mutual fund companies Morningstar. inc, Franklin Templeton Investments, BlackRock etc. 

The most important thing to remember is if we are creating an account overseas how can we fund it? Since we are investing in the US we’ll have to make transactions in USD and accordingly pay a broker first before investing in any US equity.

How much can you invest in the market?

According to the liberalised remittance scheme, “lrs” this scheme allows an individual to remit around 2,50,000 USD annually for investing this scheme was given by the “Reserve Bank of India” with an objective of liberalisation. 

What are forex rates? 

Now you’ve created an overseas account to invest in the US market you will be transferring an investment amount in the Indian rupee from your bank in India to the brokerage account in the US. 

Here foreign exchange rate comes into play. During the process of account opening the broker in your contact will surely have tie-ups with Indian banks it would surely help in getting a low forex rate. so you can carry a clean inflow of money. 



trading in US stock market - The Thought Tree (T3)

Till now we’ve seen about:

  • the US stock market, 
  • comparison of Indian stock market with the US stock market to some extent 
  • some of the most-followed stocks in the US 
  • Indexes, stock index, and some US stock indexes 
  • Types of security debts 
  • The procedure of creating a brokerage account 
  • Methods of investment in the US 
  • ETFs, mutual funds, and their types 
  • How to manage the fund 
  • Limits of investment in the US market 
  • Forex rates

These are some helpful tips for investing in the US market but keep on searching for more to broaden your investment plan. 

Thank you for reading this article of mine, I appreciate it and I hope it helped you.

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