Content writing as a career option in India is on the boom at present. Every passionate writer wants to build a career in content writing. So n this article, we will discuss what content writing is, a career in content writing and many more things.

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is the process of outlining, creating, and editing content for marketing purposes. These include blog posts, articles, videos, podcasts, scripts, etc.    

Before we jump straight into the topic, let me introduce a certified content writing course. Good content writing course will help you boost your career as a content writer and provide you with a suitable platform to showcase your talent.    

The certified content writing course offered by The Thought Tree is the best content writing course you can ever have. The course is best in five ways. I can bet you cannot find these specifications in other content writing courses. Well, let us see these specifications offered by The Thought Tree under their content writing courses.

1. 40 + Different Types of Content Covered 

First of all, The Thought Tree teaches 40 + different types of content writing that play a crucial role in stabilizing your career as a content writer. You will have all the required qualifications and requirements in your arsenal. If you learn all these content writing varieties, you can undoubtedly apply for any job in content writing. 

2. Monthly Bootcamps

Bootcamp Sessions are organized monthly for the following year. These Bootcamp sessions help in revising concepts and practising skills with the experts in the field. These boot camps make you industry-ready.

3. Job Support and 1-Year Membership

As part of your The Thought Tree membership, you can participate in unlimited batches for the subsequent year. If you have any doubt then you can rejoin the batch. We also provide a job placement facility. You will get to work with us or with our partnered firms. 

4. Certifications

After completing the course, you will receive a globally recognized certification that indicates your academic achievement in the field. You can also use additional certification at the end of your internship as a professional symbol to help you get the best job on the market.

5. Internship Opportunities

100% guaranteed internship with The Thought Tree(T3) or a partner for all skill-up courses as an opportunity to engage in live projects. 

These were some top specifications offered by The Thought Tree under their content writing courses. To know more about the content writing courses, You can visit The Thought Tree’s websites to get a better picture of their content writing courses. Now let us continue with the article and see who can become a content writer. 

Who can Become a Content Writer? 

Anyone can build a healthy career in content creation. You don’t need a degree or academic background to fit as a writer. However, if you want to work full-time, you must be a graduate. Having a master’s degree or English literature degree is always a plus in content creation. However, as I have mentioned to you earlier, anyone can pursue an independent career in content development and earn a decent income.

You can be a content writer in either language suitable to you. For example, if you speak Hindi well, you can write Hindi content. You can become a translator if you know multiple languages. With the proliferation of the Internet, the demand for writers and translators is steadily increasing. 

Making a career in content writing is distinct and offers many opportunities for students and aspiring professionals. In this article, I will mention some popular career options best to build a career in content writing. These careers might carry some risk of failure and require the same hard work and dedication as any other. It’s for people who want to learn more about the opportunities and make a career in content writing.

Scope of Content Writing in India 

A university degree offers many courses that will allow you to enter and build your career, depending on your chosen field of study, such as, BBA, BSc,, etc. Although this particular course makes up student choices, the choices seem to have faded as they get placed in companies, and students tend to be conscious of their decisions. 

The scope of content writer in India has become a new trend, and has given students a way to build a career in this field without as much effort as other courses. Content writing does not require a specific skill set to create a future career, basic English and 12th class grammar is sufficient to start the next level. If the student has already graduated from the journalism and journalism courses, it is considered a plus point for the deep understanding of content creation.

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Career in Content Writing

1. Copywriting

Career in Content Writing in India

Copywriting is typically creating taglines and ads. The main focus of copywriters is to get the viewer’s attention and influence their actions. The purpose is to refer to the link or to purchase a product or service. Copywriting is one of the highest-paid professions in a content creation career. Copywriting is one of the most exciting professions in a content writing career. In a content writing career, copywriting work requires a precise understanding of creative writing skills and a vision of what people consider to be compelling enough to take goal actions. 

Copywriting is one of the most creative and classy professions in a content writing career. Selecting copywriting as a profession may be considered a wise decision within a content writing career. The advantage of copywriting over other jobs in your career is that you can write on a variety of projects with your brand. Work with reputable brands and businesses to improve your content writer career score. 

People with a creative mind and excellent writing skills are encouraged to pursue copywriting as a career in content creation. 

Copywriting doesn’t require any particular qualifications, but you can get this quickly with a career in content writing by graduating and earning a degree in journalism or literature.

2. Social Media Writing

A social writer is someone who optimizes social media content to reach a wider audience. Writing for social media is one of the most popular content writing jobs. It involves many marketing strategies aimed at influencing consumers. This type of content writing job requires good analytical and writing skills. Creative writing and creating the right content for the target audience are most important in such a writing career. 

Businesses often need them to promote a particular product or service they offer. Social media helps attract a large amount of traffic. The task of a social media writer has its own set of challenges and levels of difficulty. Sometimes social media writers are asked to post product descriptions, while at other times, some ask them to write articles that generate traffic. 

Based on their skills and performance, social media copywriters are well paid. As social media platforms overflow with millions of online users, businesses find reaching their audiences easier and driving traffic to their websites. Therefore, there are many possibilities if one chooses to be a social media writer as his career as a content writer.

3. News Writing

Career in Content Writing

News writers are people who turn basic reports into breaking news articles. These articles can be published online or as articles. People looking for a career in content writing as a news writer are generally asked for a journalism degree. Such a content writing profession requires writers to create articles with detail and easy-to-understand expression.

Skills like creative writing are among the most required qualities for those who want to make a steady career in the content writing field as a news writer. To land a content writing career as a news writer, one will need to have a solid vocabulary and produce quality content from facts and raw numbers. Overall, a career as a content writer as a news writer is a well-deserved position for a well-paid and well-paid content writer. 

There are many opportunities for students and aspiring news writers with professional writing skills, good vision, and a solid vocabulary. Having a background in English and Literature can also help you quickly seize these opportunities. While working as a news editor, one can find opportunities to work with reputable media companies. 

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4. Freelancing

Freelancers can take on virtual content creation tasks and get rewarded for completing them. Freelancing is an excellent option for a career in content writing, especially for students or content writers looking to start a content writing career. Anyone interested in starting a writing career can begin the experience before trying out the greater opportunities in a career in content writing. Freelancers are primarily aimed at people who work from home or who travel constantly. 

Anyone who wants to do it part-time can start a freelancer. This helps them work according to their flexible hours. Freelancers have their strengths and weaknesses. 

Able to maintain concentration and work according to a comfortable time zone but cannot be assigned a certain number of assignments. Freelance opportunities are not as good as those assigned to desk jobs. 

Starting a career in content writing as a freelance writer is a good thing, but you have to be careful with your profile, career evaluation to attract clients. It’s hard to get new assignments first unless you’re very popular or highly rated and freelance. 

To succeed in a content writing career as a freelance writer, you must communicate what you are good at. By classification, Indian writers can do well if they start their content writing career as a freelancer. 

This is because foreign companies and small startups have outsourced their projects in India, as the revolution in the interest of aspiring writers to become students and content writers in India has increased. 

5. SEO Writers

SEO refers to “search engine optimization”, an algorithmically developed technology used by search engines like Google to rank content. This technique is the result of a great deal of research, study, and analysis. The profession of creating content as an SEO content writer demands in-depth knowledge of keyword analysis, demand, and many other factors.

Those who aspire to become SEO content writer or who wish to pursue a career in content writing as SEO content writer can join SEO courses or Digital Marketing Course

● Aspiring content writers have many opportunities to become SEO writers. Many businesses and websites are completely content-based such as news and entertainment sites. 

● SEO Content Writing is one of the highest-paying jobs in the content writing industry and offers plenty of opportunities for newbies, students, and aspiring content writers.  

● Companies favour profoundly skilled SEO copywriters to list their blog posts on search engines like Google. 

Writing content as an SEO copywriter is a good choice and offers plenty of opportunities. Learning SEO can help you understand more precisely how it works. Starting a content writing career as an SEO copywriter seems challenging without learning the basic and advanced techniques. 

Overall, I can assure you that SEO writing is considered a profession that requires a little technical knowledge and mastery of keyword analysis. This may turn out to be one of the best jobs for those who can invest the time to educate themselves on this.

6. Blogs

Career in Content Writing

Blogging can be one of the most enjoyable jobs in writing content; people can pursue blogging as a profession. Almost all content writers have to go through blogs in some places in their careers. There are numerous opportunities in the industry that reproduce content so that people become bloggers. 

There is a great competition in the blog. 2 million blog contributions are published daily, and it is difficult to manipulate a specific matching article. 

Career when writing content as interesting bloggers as well as competitive difficulties. It should give a strong vocabulary, writing skills, and SEO skills to become a good blogger. 

There is enough scope for writers to become a blogger and build a sturdy career with blogs. Many websites are looking for bloggers who can write 12 posts for their website every day. Depending on your experience and expertise, you can earn a good amount like a blogger. People can create a successful blog to fund and further support the promotion of blogging companies. They can also have ample money.

7. Sketch and Scriptwriter

Apart from all of the above in your content writing career, you can start writing your sketches and scripts. Sketching and scripting are the most independent jobs in a career in content creation. These occupations either work on projects in which writers write scripts based on ideas from the crew, or they write their scripts and sell them to production teams. These are very creative professions and require creative thinking with excellent writing skills. 

You can create great sketches and scripts. Here you can win more projects and build relationships with reputable media organizations. 

Career Awards in Content Writing as a Playwright Opens the door to many great opportunities, including sketching and scripting for shows, film projects, and more. Vision is the most crucial factor in any career in content creation. 

● You can make decent money as a sketch writer, but it’s important to remember that good content gets the highest market attention. 

● Sketch and scriptwriting is an independent content creation career, so it has many challenges. The description of the career of these contents includes marketing strategies for the best growth. 

This work itself welcomes more opportunities and scope in the field of content creation. 


In this article, we have seen careers in content writing in India. Content writing is one of the best and upcoming fields globally. A content writing career is catching up speed in India as well. Marketers are relying on content creators and content writers to write content for their product and services. 

As I’ve mentioned, you can’t simply go for any content writing jobs. Always study about that particular job before applying. You are free to take up the content writing course offered by The Thought Tree. These courses are very beneficial and reliable. The course will also help you get exposure to the professional world overall. The Thought Tree gets your back covered by providing internship opportunities and then job placements. 

I hope you found answers to all your questions in this piece of article.



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