In this digital age of multiple content websites online, it’s not enough to write what’s in your head. Combining exceptional talent with proper handling will make writing good. Writing content is a dream job for many nowadays. Some write for newspapers, magazines, marketing companies, etc. Some become prosperous writers like Jeffrey Archer. What masters these writers in their work and they must know how to start content writing.  

In this content world, the one entering it must have creativity, basic writing knowledge, clarity, engagement, delivery, and correctness. Well, in the beginning, one must be creative and knowledgeable. The rest of the stuff can be learned when you start gaining experience in the field. 

Those who are young to this content world must know what is Content writing and how to start content writing? Let’s learn something about Content writing.

What is Content Writing? 

Content writing is just a pun to send content. If you can create a lot of content and convey it in an attractive and informative language familiar to your readers. For example, a startup company wants to launch a new website to showcase their business, work, and differentiation in the field. Here, the content helps them to inform the world of their brand. 

As a content writer, you will get assigned ideas and themes to create content. This content can be offline, such as digital or stories, presentations, projects, technical documentation, research reports, etc., such as the content on websites, blogs, advertisements, social media platforms, etc. Content is at the core of marketing. 

Good content is an excellent balance of hard-working research, puns, sound expertise, undoubtedly good vocabulary, and grammar. Not only that, you don’t write high-quality content from scratch, but it requires sharp editing, paraphrasing, and adjustments to make sure every word is correct. With experience, you will know how to start content writing.

How to Become a Content Writer in India?

India is getting digitized. So it increases the scope of digital marketing companies and businesses. These companies rely on content creators and writers to familiarize their products with the public and help in making them a brand. In India, the scope of content creation is at its peak and still tends to move forward positively.

The most followed content writing jobs in India are Freelancing, Bloggers, SEO writers, Editors, etc. How can you get these jobs if you are new to this content world? Let’s find out. 

1. Meet the Qualifications 

Additional qualifications are required to write as an expert in the subject field. Higher qualifications will add to your ability to process information and add your expertise to it, and as you get older, you can supplement your content writing skills with them. 

Technical data can only be presented with sufficient analysis by technically qualified personnel. In the automotive manufacturing industry, the content of most parts must be written by engineers, and the doctor’s book requires proofreading by qualified subject matter experts. 

2.Getting a Certified Program 

You can replenish your graduate or graduate degree with certification programs and short courses in technologies related to writing, content marketing, and digital marketing.

There are various courses such as blogging, electronic rhetoric, technical writing, copywriting, SEO (search engine optimization), CMS (content management system), WordPress, keyword research, social media basics, etc. Such a process improves writing skills and abilities. Competition intensifies as the demand for content creation increases. 

Content Writing Course

The best option to start writing is to take up some course on content writing from reputed coaching institute. The Thought Tree(T3) is among those institutes. We at T3 have trained many students and professionals through its content writing courses. The Thought Tree provides a content writing course at an affordable price. So what do you get in the course? Let’s have a look at some specifications of content writing courses offered by The Thought Tree. 

● Certifications 

The Thought Tree offers certifications with their content writing courses so that you can become a certified content writer. These certificates are also helpful in providing a headstart to your content writing career. 

● 40+ Types of Content Writing 

The Thought Tree offers 40+ types of content writing. So that you can have experience of various content writing types. Some content writing types offered by The Thought Tree are Business Writing, Creative Writing, Technical Writing, Social Media Writing, Medical Writing, SEO Writing, Copywriting, Book Writing, etc. 

● Membership and Job Placements

As part of The Thought Tree Membership, anyone having T3 membership can avail of the facility to attend countless batches for 1-Year. They can have innumerable recurrences of the Certified Content Writing Course during the membership period. Having tie-ups with top corporations, The Thought Tree also helps students to get placed in the top companies in the market. 

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● Library 

The Thought Tree has a wide selection of books of all genres, academic reference books, and non-academic novels for book lovers. You can take these books home or read and discuss them with The Thought Tree teachers and founders in the office over a refreshing cup of coffee. 

These are only some of the significant benefits of the content writing course provided by The Thought Tree. If you join the course, you will get a clear picture of how to start content writing and become a pro in writing. Contact us to know more.

Tips on How to Start Content Writing

1. Research is the Key

How to Start Content Writing
How to Start Content Writing

If you want to become a content writer, then you need to be good at research. When a topic is assigned, then first go through several articles on the internet. Read the article thoroughly and analyze what is there in it and what else you can do to it better. 

After going through various articles, make a rough draft of what you have to write. Make sure that you don’t copy anyone else’s ideas. You have to take the reference about the topic by reading articles. Devote a reasonable amount of time in research and then start writing content.

2. Skills 

There’s no way to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and start writing content that doesn’t mind writing in the same style. During the period of your work, you will come across many writers who may have unique styles. You can take motivation from their technique, but you don’t have to follow their style. 

Well, the typeface is the writer’s identity. Many people know Neil Patel because he writes, not what. Every writer needs uniqueness in their work to learn how to start creating content online. 

3. Stick to the Point

how to start with content writing
how to start with content writing

It is good to discuss the relevant issues but don’t mix ideas into one content. Irrelevant content negates the user’s reading flow. For example, if you are talking about how to start creating content for your business, you can give tips to share on Facebook or Instagram to increase the scope. But that’s all. Don’t dive into Instagram marketing. 

Many writers don’t think of editing once to get rid of senses that don’t conform to the theme when they begin editing the content. You need to remove all sentences and words that don’t fit your theme. 

4. Be Creative 

How to Start Content Writing
How to Start Content Writing

What’s the difference if you’re already writing content that comes out on the internet? It has no way to start creating content online. 

All content contains three main elements: subject matter, thoughts, and presentation. The theme or idea is already decided, and before starting the content, you must know what to do. But the perspective is important. 

Making new changes to your content is creating your articles and blogs, unlike others. Its unique angle is necessary to get a reliable viewer. 

5. Keep It Simple 

How to Start Content Writing

An important aspect with many things about how to start creating content, mentioned in these points below. Let’s see what these are: 

● Most people may not get your complex sentence arrangement and vocabulary. When writing a sentence, keep the content simple in words with the audience in mind. Your child also needs to understand what you want to convey. 

● When forwarding news on any topic, do not exaggerate the truth and lower the new definition. Changing or exaggerating the truth can make it seem unreliable. 

● If you are a beginner, Keep in mind that everyone starts their content by explaining. However, it will provide more information if someone who already knows about the subject is involved. 

● Write clearly. That is, you have to shorten paragraphs, keep sentences neat, and read words. 


In this piece of article, we have seen what is content writing? How to Start Content Writing if you are a beginner? Scope of content writing in India. We have also mentioned The Thought Tree’s exclusive content writing course for beginners, advanced, and professionals.

On a serious note, Content writing is the most trending and demanding job around the globe, especially in India. 

Once you get into writing stuff, you will learn new stuff and improve yourself with time. Every popular writer was once a beginner too. Now it’s your time to shape the Content world and make it an even more demanding career around the globe. I hope you enjoyed the article and now you know how to start content writing. I’m sure that the tips I have shared must have found some space in your To-do lists.

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