Are you amongst the ones who are shy in speaking but good at writing?

Yes, many of us can write and explain things beautifully; I have a great option for you guys, Content Writing.

So, what is Content Writing? And are there different types of Content Writing?

We will deal with all such questions later in this article.

In general, Content Writing is mainly for people like us who love to express their views and thoughts and inspire others who read them.

When you search anything on Google, everything you read is a piece of content written by content writers. Content writing doesn’t mean writing anything and publishing, as you have a motive to write, and you need to rank higher on the search engine to make your writing worth it.

Also, there is not a single type of writing everywhere, instead content writing is a vast topic, and it has various forms.

In this article, we will look at what is Content Writing and the different types of content writing to help you choose the one that suits you and you are comfortable writing with.

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is researching, processing, writing, and editing a piece of writing written for a website, blog, script, etc. 

The main purpose of Content writing in terms of articles for websites and blogs is for Digital Marketing purpose.

Content Writing is an art, and everyone is not an artist of it. This means that every piece of writing is not referred to as Content unless it fulfills the requirements like engaging traffic for a website, attracting an audience on a video, etc.

Today there are many places where you can get some knowledge of becoming a content writer. But, there is nothing better than studying the whole thing, starting from basics and reaching to advance, and if it is along with job security, why would anyone leave this opportunity?

You might think it is impossible to get such facilities. But leaving behind such thoughts, The Thought Tree has come up with a content writing course that provides everything you can demand from coaching.

Now, let us move on to our discussion of the different types of Content Writing in the next section.

Different Types of Content Writing

Types of Content Writing
Types of Content Writing

1 SEO Content Writing

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the most famous and widely used content writing type. Under the different types of Content Writing, SEO is the most popular and the most useful type of Content Writing. In general, search Engine Optimization increases the target audience from different countries.

So, what is the definition of SEO?

Search Engine Optimization means implementing keywords and keyphrases in our content that helps us to drive more traffic by ranking higher in Google search rankings.

What is a keyword?

In SEO, a few keywords are used or included in the article, blog, or product description, which are helpful in getting a higher rank in the search results and increase the website’s visibility.

How to identify such keywords?

Usually, SEO experts or professionals of a company look for the keywords that people mostly use during their search. Then it is the work of the content writer to include them in the articles.

How to become an SEO Writer?

Becoming an SEO content writer has a great scope in this online world. You need to be precise and be able to write content that is well-explanatory. Also, writing short and informative paragraphs is important, and trying to avoid grammatical errors and plagiarism.

SEO attracts a lot of people, and it might have attracted you too.

Want to get complete SEO knowledge and become an SEO Content Writer? No worries, The Thought Tree provide SEO writing course to help you learn and become an expert SEO and start earning a good amount after completing the course.

2 Technical Writing

If you have a great knowledge of technology and want to let people know technical things in simpler ways, technical writing is for you.

Here, mostly, you write about computer hardware and software, engineering, electronics, robotics, and much more.

People from any field are good at writing these kinds of write-ups, but those who have a great understanding of technologies and the technical area are preferred over others.

If you are confident about your knowledge of technology and have a habit of learning about new technical things, you are a perfect fit for this position.

3 Social Media

Today, in this competitive era and people using their social media to a much larger extent, every company needs itself listed on social media to attract people.

A content writer writes to attract people’s attention to their products and visit their website and increase traffic.

Many people look at some companies on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

What does good social media writing include?

Good social media writing includes detailed and short write-ups, emojis, short promotional sentences, events, and messages promoting their brand.

Each social media platform has specified word or character limits. It means you cannot go beyond that particular text limit. Therefore, the word count of the content that you want to publish should fall within the maximum allowed text length. Not sure how to count your copy? Nothing to worry about, you can use a reliable online word count tool available on the internet.

4 Editorial and Academic Writings

In Editorial and Academic writings, the writer needs to write as per school or college guidelines and maintain the decorum of the book. In addition, since the books are written for schools, colleges, and higher education, the content needs to be updated regularly as per changes and the latest version of the operating system like Windows 8 for the online books.

Today, as everything is available on an online platform, the books also need to be written according to this, keeping in mind all the necessary things while writing as per the concerned students.

5 Website Content

Whenever someone starts a new online business, the first thing is making a website. Upon making a website, the owner hires a content writer for writing the content of the home page, landing page, about us page, contact us page, and more. 

These days the online business has got a boost, and everyone is shifting to online as there is no obstacle in the online website like there are many problems in offline set-up. 

With the increase in online websites, the demand for content writers has increased. Hence, it is the best option for anyone who has the right skillset.


6 Blogs

Let us understand this with an example. 

Now you know SEO content and web content, so if the web content is a human body, then blogs are the organs.

Blogs are generally primary category content written for a specific audience. The blogs are most helpful for including SEO to the website and increasing the website’s business.

The Blog has a great impact on the audience as it either maintains a good relationship by letting them know who you are, what kind of topics you cover, and what all you write.

If you write good blogs for your website, this increases the public and traffic on your website. Also, it increases your income as the views increase, making your web rank higher on Google search rankings.

Want to write blogs and start earning?

Various Content Writing courses make you an expert blog writer. The courses make you eligible to write great content, and you can write blogs for big websites, and they provide good money to their writers.

Since a blog writer’s requirement is never-ending, you can anytime switch to this profession.

7 Research and Report Writing

Herein, the companies need skilled content writers who possess the qualities of researching a lot and writing the best quality content by preparing a report.

The content writer needs to research the topic as per the company’s requirement and write its pros and cons, effect on people, and describe in long writing.

8 Copywriting

This is one of the easiest jobs in the content writer field, and we know if something is easy to learn, the competition is huge. 

You may find it difficult to get work in this copywriting job, but the work is really interesting.

So, what is the work of a copywriter?

The task of a copywriter is vast. One needs to write the jingles, often heard on televisions and advertisements. Also, as a copywriter, you have to write some punch lines for banners, billboards, and newspaper advertisements.

The main requirement to be a copywriter is creativity.

If you think you are creative and write creative, attractive, and eye-catchy lines, then my friend you are a perfect fit for this job.

Also, as a copywriter, you have to write some punch lines for banners, flipbooks, billboards, and newspaper advertisements.


In this article, we learned what is Content Writing and the different types of Content Writing. This will surely help you choose the types that you feel comfortable writing and make a career out of it.

Content Writing is way more interesting than it looks and is also vast in itself. Moreover, it provides various job opportunities, especially to young people with creative thinking. This is the best job opportunity for them and the ones who want to develop a new skill. 

Are you one like me who doesn’t love to go to an office?

If yes, you can work as a content writer and do work from home or work as a freelancer for many big companies. You can even write for US clients and companies and earn a handsome amount.

Many have already opted for content writing as their main primary job in this online world, and many are shifting to this career looking at long-term success.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join a content writing course at The Thought Tree, the best institute for content writing courses, and secure your present as well as future.

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