To be called a home, a house should emit positive energy. Each house has its kind of energy according to different traditional beliefs. A person living in home experiences the influence of a particular energy field, which ultimately affects them somehow. Consequently, understanding the connection between Vastu and our houses in creating positivity and good emotions is essential. Vastu shastra is a science that adds meaning to one’s life and brings peace and prosperity. Every Vastu advice is supported by scientific data, making it quite sure to be followed. Now let’s see some of the best Vastu Shastra Tips.


Vastu Shastra Tips

1. Vastu Tips for Wealth 

Vastu Tips for Wealth

● Keep the main door clean and decorative to attract money because it is the entrance for the energy in the house. Since purple is usually associated with riches, it would be advantageous to paint the house’s walls purple. If repainting all the walls seems challenging, plant money plant in a purple-colored pot.

● The cash vault or almirah, wherever you keep your cash, should be in the house’s south or south-west wall so that you can access it from the north.

● Another approach to attracting wealth is to place a mirror in front of where you keep your cash. It denotes that your money has been doubled!

● It would be best if you place water bodies on the north-eastern side of your home. Water Bodies represent the flow of positive energy. Something that features water, like a small water fountain, a miniature water garden, or another water feature, could be added.

● Fish aid in the purification of the home, so keeping an aquarium in the north-eastern part of the house can be beneficial, as long as you keep it maintained, aerated, and clean.

● Be careful while you fix any leaking taps or broken plumbing to mitigate your financial losses.

● Another simple Vastu solution for attracting money is to place a bird feeder in the house’s northwestern corner.

● Try to maintain a free movement of air in the house, and wind chimes on the doorways provide a greater riches flow. It is advantageous to place Goddess Laxmi’s portrait or idol near the entryway for financial success. A popular Vastu belief is that if you keep a flute in your house, it will keep money problems at bay. If you face issues with your studies or your profession, you can hang two flutes in your home.

2. Vastu Tips for Good Health 

Vastu Tips for Good Health 

● Always leave the middle of the house empty or with minimal furniture. Space in the middle of the hourse ensures the free flow of energy.

● In the house, an imbalance of the element of fire promotes sickness. To correct this imbalance, place a fire element, such as a candle, diya, or fireplace, in the house’s Southeast or Northwest directions.

● Avoid installing mirrors opposite the bed since reflecting a sleeping person causes an energy drain, leading to illness.

● Keep in mind that your bathroom and kitchen energies do not mix. Close the door if they’re on the opposite side of the room, and make sure the doors are constantly shut. Keeping a burning candle in the room where someone is not well or is sick. It helps their recovery.

● While drinking water, keep your face to the northeast or east for good health.

● Planting citrus fruit plants and placing them at the front door welcomes good health into the home. Place Lord Hanuman’s portrait to the south of the house to maintain good health, as he is the defender of our health.

So there were some of the best Vastu Tips for good health.

3. Vastu Tips for Bedroom

Even the most minor things can make a significant impact sometimes in changing your fortunes many times. Vastu Shastra explains how changing the interior of your bedroom can increase positive energy. This even helps in improving couples’ relationships.

● Avoid building a bedroom on the northeastern or southeastern sides of the house. The northeast side may lead to health issues, while the southeast side may lead to problems in marital life. Place your bed on the bedroom’s southwest side, and your head should be facing west. A southwest side-facing bedroom is considered to be an ideal bedroom for good health and success.

● It would be best not to place either a mirror or television in front of the bed. When you’re in bed, you should not look in the mirror. The reason might be that it can often lead to domestic issues and some conflicts.

● It would be best to paint your bedroom walls with any neutral, cool, or earthy color as this will give friendly vibes to you. It is not a good idea to put black paint on your walls.

● Avoid getting a temple, water paintings, or a fountain in your bedroom if you want to avoid emotional outbursts.

● To create an oasis of tranquillity, use soft lighting and scented oils.

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4. Vastu Tips for Positivity 

Vastu Tips for Positivity 

● Decluttering and cleaning a place can bring significant positive energy into a home. Clutter causes sluggish energy and obstructs beneficial energy flow. Things that are chipped, cracked, or shattered should not be kept. Make sure to clean out your cupboards, table, and drawers, and get rid of the things that are not in use anymore.

● According to Vastu, hanging paintings of a waterfall, a goldfish, or a running river will bring good luck and fortune. Place a painting of foreign currencies, flying birds, racing bikes, and cars if you’re looking for work in another country.

● If you have a bed box, make sure to clean it out and maintain it organized regularly. Make sure the house doesn’t have any cobwebs. Mix a few spoons of sea salt into the water and use it to wash the floor. The impacts of bad vibrations are said to be reduced by mopping the premises with saltwater.

● A peacock feather clears negative energy, corrects Vastu flaws, and instills positivity in your home. To attract riches, keep it in the southeast. For happiness, place a Ganesh statue and peacock feathers at the house’s main door.

● The Laughing Buddha aids in the removal of negative energy from home. If the house’s main entryway faces east, Vastu dictates that the laughing Buddha statue be placed there. Place the entryway in the northwest direction if it faces northeast.

● Negative energy is removed from the house by wooden tortoises maintained in the east or southeast corner.

● Clocks, according to Vastu, energize a path. As a result, make sure that all of the watches in the house are in functioning order. Remove all non-working watches from your home, as they indicate delays or stagnation in your wealth. Set all of the watches to the north or northeast.

So these were some of the best Vastu Tips for Positivity. Now let’s discuss Vastu tips for home without any delay.

5. Vastu Shastra of Places of Home 

● Vastu-Shastra emphasizes the importance of location or placement. Every room has been marked to be positioned in specific areas according to Vastu for the finest confluence of energy. For example, the house’s main entrance must face east, the Sun’s rising side. Allowing positive light to enter and grace your home is the goal.

● Kitchen with southeast orientation, it is optimal to cook facing east. This is the simplest method for achieving happiness. Construct bathrooms in the northwest corners, while bedrooms must be in the southwest corners.

● Following Vastu, recommendations might be arduous, impractical, and even impossible in some instances. But there’s no need to be concerned. These recommendations are more like guidelines than “do-or-die” requirements. In terms of Vastu, an expert’s advice usually goes a long way. We wish you a good life as well as a pleasant home.

When we plan home remodeling, we want to create a rooms that reflects unique preferences and style. The primary aim is to get happiness in the places we are located, regardless of whether the designs are optimistic, ultra-chic, or practical and useful.

As it is pretty much clear that Vastu is very important while making your home. It is always better to learn Vastu Shastra. You can also join a Vastu Shastra course as it doesn’t take a lot of time. Additionally, this is a course which you can do along with your studies or any other work. The Thought Tree, commonly known as T3, provides one of the best courses of Vastu shastra.

After completing your Vastu Shastra Course, you can attend unlimited batches for the next 1-Year as part of your T3 Membership if you want to revise something. This means you can take the Course as many times as you like throughout your membership year.

You will visit famous archaeological sites in Jaipur as part of your practical training to study the concepts and science of architecture. Teachers will discuss other notable landmarks in India and around the world.

In The Thought Tree’s Vastu Shastra Course, you will receive a 100% guaranteed internship with T3’s Vastu Experts, as well as the opportunity to work on Live Projects. This is done to make sure that the graduates understand the principles and get hands-on training.

After completing the course, you will receive a certification demonstrating your achievement in the field. Additionally, after the internship, you will receive an extra Certification to use to symbolize your competence and develop a loyal customer base.


1. Is it possible to fix Vastu’s flaws?

It is feasible to correct Vastu-related flaws. Sometimes all it takes is a few tiny tweaks.

2. What are the Vastu Shastra benefits of lemon? 

To ward off evil and negative energy, hang lemons and green chili at the door to your home, office, or shop. 

3. What is the most detrimental ‘Vastu’ defect in a home? 

The most negative and important defect in ‘Vastu’ is a subterranean water body in the Southwest portion of a house. This may result in the 3 D’s: Debts, Delays, and Disharmony in the family. Desecrating the North-East and the Center (‘Brahma-Sthana’) are important problems as well.

4. What precautions should we take before building the staircase? 

Positive energy moves in a clockwise manner, while negative energy moves counterclockwise. Build a staircase in clockwise orientation with an odd number of steps for a beneficial effect. 

5. Is it true that all residences located in front of T-junctions are poor, and if so, why? 

Try to avoid a building in front of the T-Junction. The strong energy from the road traffic pouring directly into the premises creates a tense and gloomy atmosphere. In comparison, a property facing south or west in front of a T-junction has greater negative consequences than one facing north or east.

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