RAS stands for Rajasthan administrative service, which is held yearly by RPSC, Rajasthan public service commission. The idea and the RAS exam syllabus pattern are similar to the UPSC exams, but the difference seen here is that RPSC provides services only in Rajasthan. At the same time, UPSC ensures that services are being provided over India at a central level. 

Now the candidates who are appearing for the RPSC exams have to cover the syllabus, including History, civics, geography, economics, civics, and current affairs of the Rajasthan state as given in the RAS exam syllabus.

RAS Selection Procedure

The RAS exam is conducted in three modes which are similar to the case of the UPSC exams. 

1. Prelims 

2. Mains 

3. Personal Interview 

Let’s talk more about these different conduct of the RAS exams individually.

RAS Pre Exam

RAS pre-exam is the first exam to go forward toward the mains exam. This paper is an objective type paper. 

However, the marks obtained in this exam are not counted for the final merit list because this exam is a screening test. And focuses on shortlisting candidates for the further part of the examination.

Let’s see the pattern and syllabus for the RAs pre-exam. 

Paper Pattern for RAS Pre-Exam. 

Subjects asked in the examGeneral Science and General knowledge 
Duration of paper3 hours 
Total questions150
Total marks200 marks 
Marking schemeNegative marking, ⅓ mark deducted per on giving wrong answers

 Syllabus for RAS Pre-Exam

The syllabus can be divided into two parts. 

1. General topics 

2. Topics based upon the Rajasthan state

General Topics Include 

● History 

○ World history 

○ Indian history 

■ Ancient history 

■ Medieval history 

■ Modern history 

● Geography 

○ World geography 

○ Indian geography 

● Political Science 

○ Indian politics 

○ Political system 

○ Constitution 

○ Administration and governance 

● Economics 

○ Indian economy 

○ Concepts of economy 

● Technology and general science 

● Mental ability and reasoning 

● Current affairs 

Topics related to the Rajasthan state

● History, heritage, art, culture, Traditions, and literature of Rajasthan

● Rajhastan’s entire geography 

● Rajhastan’s systems of administration and polity 

● Rajhastan’s economy 

● Current affairs of Rajasthan 

RAS Mains Exam 

After clearing the pre-exam, the candidates need to prepare for the mains exam. This exam is not like the pre-exams. This exam is a theory-based exam that is generally lengthy. 

The marks obtained in the mains exam are counted for the final merit list. The mains exam includes four papers, and unlike the UPSC examinations, it does not contain any optional subjects. Students have to work hard to crack this exam. You can join a RAS coaching to stay ahead of other students.

The paper pattern and syllabus for the mains paper. 

Paper pattern for RAS mains 

1. There are 4 papers in the mains exam 

GS General studies paper 1 

GS General studies paper 2 

GS General studies paper 3 

General Hindi and English 

2. Duration of paper – 3 hours for each paper 

3. Total questions – There are three types of question asked in the mains exam 

Short answer questions, 2 marks each 

25 questions in GS 1 

15 questions in GS 2 

25 questions in GS 3 

Word limit 15 words 

Medium answer questions, 5 marks each 

16 questions in GS 1 

14 questions in GS 2 

16 questions in GS 3

Word limit 50 words 

Long answer questions, 10 marks each 

7 questions in GS 1 

10 questions in GS 2 

7 questions in GS 2 

Word limit 100 words 

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Syllabus for RAS Mains Exam 

GS paper 1 

The GS Paper 1 includes subjects like 

1. History 

2. Economics 

3. Sociology 

4. Management, accounting and auditing 

GS Paper 2 

The GS Paper 2 includes subjects like 

1. Administrative ethics 

2. Science and technology 

3. Earth sciences 

GS paper 3 

The GS Paper 3 includes subjects like 

1. Politics 

– World politics 

– Indian politics 

– Current affairs 

2. Concepts and Issues of Public Administration and Management 

3. Sports 

General Hindi and English paper

This paper includes literature topics based on languages. 

1.Hindi grammar uses comprehension, translations, compositions, and letter writing. 

2. English grammar use of comprehensions, translations, compositions, and letter writing. 

Till now we’ve learned about the RAS pre and mains exams and the syllabus for the pre and mains exam. 

Let’s talk about the personal interview round.

Personal Interview

The interview round is 100 marks. The interview round is based on checking the candidate’s attitude, personality, Purpose in life, abilities, and suitably for administrative services. There are many RAS coaching in Jaipur that prepares students for the interview.

This is the final round of the RAS exams. If you clear the exam, you are selected to work in any administrative services offered by the RPSC. 

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However, according to the merit sheet, the jobs will be given to the topper of the exam to get the best post, and the others get the post according to their rankings. 

Eligibility for RAS Exam

However, before appearing for the RAS exam, candidates need to be eligible for the Exam. So some eligibility criteria are given below. 

1. The essential criteria here is that the candidate appearing for the RAS exam must be a degree holder from well recognized and established University or college 

2. The minimum age limit to appear for the RAS exam is 21 years, and the maximum age of 40 years. 

Non gazetted employees cannot appear for the Exam before 25 years of age and after the age of 45 years.


What educational qualifications are required to appear for the RAS exam? 

There are no such specific educational qualifications needed, but the candidate appearing for the RAS exam must be a degree holder from any reputed college or university. 

Which government body controls the authority of the RAS exams?

The department of personnel is the main body for controlling the RAS exams; they directly report to the chief minister of Rajasthan. 

The notification for RAS is given by RPSC in which month of the year? 

The RPSC gives the notification for RAS in April, and the pre-exam is conducted somewhere between May and June. 

How is IAS different from RAS? 

RAS stands for Rajasthan Administrative services, while the IAS stands for Indian administrative services. The UPSC and RPSC give the recruits for the IAS post and RAS post. 

Can RAS officers get promoted to IAS officers? 

This is truly possible as UPSC gives a 33% quota or vacancies for IAS through promotions, but the UPSC provides several conditions. 


This article contains all the information on the RAS exam syllabus for RAS pre and main examinations. 

I hope you learned something about the syllabus for pre-exams and the main exam in this article in a straightforward way. Thank you for reading this article, and all the best for those appearing for the RAS exams.

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