In the article, we will deal with the RAS exam pattern, the eligibility, and RAS Preparation Tips.

Rajasthan Administrative Services is a state-level exam in Rajasthan to select some students who clear the exam for running the state. 

Every year lakhs of students appear for the Rajasthan Administrative Services exam conducted by the Rajasthan Public Service Commission. 

There is hope in the student’s eyes for getting selected in this highly competitive exam, but only a few are successful who prepare with the right strategy and proper planning.


RAS exam is conducted every year by Rajasthan Public Service Commission to select deserving students for filling 400 – 450 estimated vacancies.

Before starting the preparation for such a high-rank exam, you need to know the eligibility and the exam pattern of the RAS exam.

Let’s start by discussing the exam pattern.

RAS Exam Pattern

We will not go into a deep discussion of the exam pattern.

To be general, it is conducted in three stages, the preliminary, the mains, and the interview.

RAS Pre-Exam Pattern

This is the first stage of the RAS exam where any student can appear in. RAS pre is just qualifying in nature, and marks are not added for the final merit list. 

There are 150 questions in all, and the total marks are 200. The time duration is 3 hours. The paper is a combination of General Science and General Awareness.

The question level is of graduation level, and the following is the syllabus for the pre-exam.

  1. History, Culture, Art, Heritage, Tradition of Rajasthan.
  2. Ancient, Medieval, Modern History of India.
  3. Geography of both India and the World.
  4. Geography of Rajasthan.
  5. Indian Constitution, Political System, and Governance.
  6. Administrative System of Rajasthan, and the Political System.
  7. The Economy of Rajasthan.
  8. Science and Technology.
  9. Mental Ability and Reasoning.
  10. Current Affairs of Rajasthan, National, International importance.

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RAS Mains Pattern

There are four papers in all, and the time duration is 3 hours for each paper. The marks obtained by students are essential for the final merit list.

There are short, medium, and long answer type questions. Let us now see a brief syllabus for the four papers of mains.

  1. General Science

Paper 1 contains 25 Short Questions, 16 Medium Questions, 7 Long Questions, so the Total Questions become 48, and the Total Marks are 200.

Syllabus: History, Economics, Sociology, Accounting.

Paper 2 contains 15 Short Questions, 14 Medium Questions, 10 Long Questions, so the Total Questions become 39, and the Total Marks are 200.

Syllabus: Science and Technology, Administrative Ethics, Earth Science.

Paper 3 contains 25 Short Questions, 16 Medium Questions, 7 Long Questions, so the Total Questions become 48, and the Total Marks are 200.

Syllabus: Current Affairs, Indian and World politics, Sports and Laws, Concepts of Public Administration, Yoga.

For General Hindi and English:

  • Comprehension, Essay Writing, Grammar, Translation.

RAS Interview

This is the final round of selection, and the students who clear the mains cut-off are eligible to appear in this round.

This is of 100 marks, and the final cut-off is prepared based on 800 marks in mains and 100 marks in the interview.

So far, we have covered the paper pattern in brief. Now we shall move on to the eligibility for the RAS exam.

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To be eligible, you need to pass the following criteria.

  • You need to be at least 21 years of age. Proper age relaxation is given to the different caste students.
  • It would help if you did your graduation in any stream from any recognized college.
  • You should have an Indian nationality to be eligible for the exam. However, it doesn’t matter who you are from which state. Other state candidates are treated as General caste, and the Rajasthan domicile students are given more priority over other state candidates.
  • There is no limit to the number of attempts. If you are under the required age, you can appear for the exam.

Now, let us see RAS Preparation Tips.

RAS Preparation Tips

RAS Preparation Tips
RAS Preparation Tips
  1. Study as per syllabus, not as per books. Books are generally not written according to UPSC. They contain more than what is required for the exam.
  1. Try to make one-page notes for the topics in the syllabus. Making well-arranged notes helps in better revision before the exam.
  1. Study for the language paper number 4 of the mains as this is the most scoring paper. This is considered to be the easiest and selection confirming paper.
  1. Know the syllabus as this is most important among all the other points. Don’t indulge yourself with too many books and study material. This leads to wastage of time and makes you lag in the queue.
  1. Making notes is an art, and not everyone is an artist. You may need some expert guidance on how to make notes. Many RAS coachings are in the market that provides the best guidance from the best teachers. 
  1. Revision is essential for getting selected and getting things in your mind. It would help if you revised the things more than you have learned them. Daily revision is a practice often used by the toppers. 
  1. Another important tip among the tips for RAS preparation is never listen to your surroundings; people may back-bite you, and they will always try to pull you back from your goal. Never get frustrated and stay away from such people and focus on your goal.

Moreover, don’t focus on other aspirant’s preparation as they may be better in some topics and you may be better in some other topics. Be who you are as every student is different and has different capabilities.

  1. It is important to keep track of current affairs. Especially, the current affairs of Rajasthan are important for the RAS exam. The newspaper doesn’t provide complete current affairs as they contain irrelevant information. You can read monthly current affairs magazines that are available in book stores.
  1. Test series are an integral part of the preparation as they allow the students to analyze their performance after completion and revision of the syllabus. Apart from this, the test series allows the student to know their rank among aspirants, which helps him improve the topics on which he is facing problems. Join a test series by some RAS Coaching.
  1. After the test series comes the previous exam papers, they are equally important as when you practice from the previous year’s paper; you know the details of the question, the paper pattern, and how the questions are designed such that you may not feel something new when you sit in the exam.
  1. Be accurate in your studies and preparation as don’t spend 15 or so hours for studies. This is just a rumour spread in society about the RAS exam. It is important to be continuous with your studies, and you can study daily for 7-9 hours with your complete mind towards learning.
  1. Be careful about your health and maintain a social life as with preparation for such a highly competitive exam you need to talk with people, play some games, spending time with your family. People say that the RAS aspirants don’t have a social life and study for the whole day. But the reality is that having a social life and spending time with your family are considered important for maintaining a regular study. It reenergizes you, and following these things makes you active, energetic and give you a fresh start for the next set of preparation.
  1. Eating healthy food and maintaining a healthy diet is the key to keep your body healthy. When you eat healthy food, you make your body fit, and we know that a healthy soul resides in a healthy body.
  1. Answer writing for mains is important, and you should know how to present your answer, getting maximum marks. Many students complain that they have written everything related to the question asked and didn’t get good marks. The reason behind this is their way of presenting answers was not good as there are not only marks for an answer but also for how you have presented your answer for the checking body.
  1. Many students think of it as a question in their minds about the need for coaching for the RAS exam. So, here is a tip for you. It is important to do self-study, and selection is taken by those who devote their time to self-study instead of just wasting their time on other activities.

Coaching also plays an important role, but it is not compulsory to join, and if you want to join, join best RAS coaching that helps for your preparation, not just wasting your time.

  1. At last, make a TimeTable for yourself and try to execute in your routine. Many of us make the timetable but forget or cannot execute and work according to it.

Remember that there is a slight difference between the students who clear the cut-off and those behind the line. The difference is in the timetable; the student who divides his time for proper sleep, study, entertainment gets an extra edge over other students.


We have discussed various tips for RAS preparation in the article and paper pattern and eligibility, in brief, to help you gain a lot of information from this article.

I hope this will save you time and make your preparation a better one. If you follow the tips and strategies, you will surely score good marks in your exam.

I would also like you to start following the steps needed to select and become a successful RAS officer. With the right coaching and proper study, you can also clear the exam on your first attempt. I recommend you join The Thought Tree for securing your future and feel in safe hands. You are surely going to love your preparation with them.

All the best for your preparation, may you become successful in your life.

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